Comparing Acoustic Guitar vs Electric Guitar sound

acoustic guitar vs electric guitar sound

Acoustic guitars and electronic guitars have completely different constructions. Therefore, it is not surprising that their sound is different.

So, what is different between acoustic guitar vs. electric guitar sound? Let’s find out through the following article.

Electric guitar sound

When you play an electric guitar, it does not sound as loud as an acoustic guitar. Electric guitars do not have a hollow body like an acoustic guitar. Therefore, to amplify the sound of an electric guitar, you need to use an amplifier and cables.

This is why electric guitars are smaller in size than acoustic guitars. However, the structure of the electric guitar is not simple.

Amplifiers play a considerable role in the sound of an electric guitar. As a result, you can more control over your sound. Also, compared to an acoustic guitar, you can create a wide variety of sounds.

Thanks to its advantages, the electric guitar is suitable for those who like to play rock, metal, blues, etc.

Most rock bands choose the electric guitar as the main instrument to boost the sound of the whole crew.

Acoustic guitar sound

Acoustic guitars have a hollow body. Therefore, it acts as an amplifier by itself.

When you play an acoustic guitar, you will not need an extra amplifier like an electronic guitar. It is proof that the size and construction have a significant influence on its sound.

Acoustic guitar sound

In addition, the wood material of an acoustic guitar also affects its sound.

In general, the sound you hear when you pluck your guitar results from all of the above. Over time, you can learn how to choose an acoustic guitar so you can get the sound you want.

Acoustic guitars are great for playing country, bluegrass, and folk music. Sometimes, you can also see many people using barrel guitars for rock music.

They are also great tools to assist you in composing your songs.

Are electric guitars more accessible to play than acoustic guitars?

Acoustic guitars are, on average cheaper than electric guitars. It is easier to play electric guitar than an acoustic guitar. Tuning an electric guitar is a more straightforward process. Meanwhile, the sound of the barrel guitar is louder and more melodious.

Buying first BEST Beginner Electric Guitar. What to know

In theory, playing an acoustic guitar is more complicated than an electric guitar. However, that does not mean that acoustic guitars are not suitable for beginners.

Which type of guitar to choose is entirely up to your needs. If you want to familiarize yourself with a few chords and learn how to pluck, an acoustic guitar is a great choice. You do not need to equip accessories such as amplifiers and cables. You can take your acoustic guitar anywhere you want

If you aim to improve your guitar skills, you don’t need to care about “which is easier to play?”. Being able to play a more complex instrument can take a long time. Instead, you will get great results. You only need to pick the correct type of guitar that suits your needs.

Which is the best choice for the beginner? Electric guitar or acoustic guitar?

Most people would recommend starting with an instrument that is easier to play. It’s an electric guitar. However, that is terrible advice.

Choosing the right guitar depends on your preferences. For example, if you are passionate about rock, you will need to select an electric guitar. On the other hand, should you want to play a country song, an acoustic guitar is a perfect choice.

It’s wise to know well what you want to achieve in the future as a guitar player. That way, you can choose the instrument that’s best for you. You can solve your problems in the process of improving your skills.

Once you have the type of guitar you like, you need to practice persistently for a long time. Over time, your skills will get better.

Can I play an electric guitar without an amplifier?

The short answer is no. Electric guitars cannot sound as loud as acoustic guitars. Therefore, you need to equip an amplifier if you want to play electric guitar.

Are electric guitars and acoustic guitars completely different?

They still have structural similarities. In essence, they often work on the same principle.


Hopefully, this article helps you better understand acoustic guitar vs. electric guitar sound. It is essential to know what you want to choose the right instrument for you.

All you should do now is keep practicing day by day. Your skills will soon improve.

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