Audio Interface vs Mixer For Karaoke: Which One Is Better For Karaoke Experience?

do i need a mixer for karaoke

When it comes to karaoke setup, there is various equipment to prepare. Many people wonder about the differences between the audio interface vs mixer for karaoke. They also have no idea about which one to choose.

A karaoke mixer is in charge of taking different audio signals, then mixing and producing output signals. On the other hand, an audio interface transfers the signal between the inputs, then converts it into a digital form for your PC to recognize.

Each tool serves a specific aim. This article will discuss both functions in detail and give you some advice for the better option. Let’s read on to discover!

What Is A Mixer For Karaoke?

A mixer is a system that collects audio signals and mixes them before delivering them to the output channels.

audio interface vs mixer for karaoke

The audio can travel into the various input channels, where you may change volume, add EQ, and perform other effects. The complete mix travels to the speakers, or in some instances, the PC.

What Is An Audio Interface For Karaoke?

An audio interface is a piece of equipment that connects to your PC through a cable or USB. It transforms audio from the analog device attached to it to a digital form and vice versa.

Any device that accomplishes this task, such as USB mics or your sound card, maybe the audio interface.

What Is An Audio Interface For Karaoke

Audio Interface Vs. Mixer For Karaoke: Pros And Cons

An audio interface and a mixer take responsibility for different tasks. Do these tasks fit your karaoke expectation? Let’s check the benefits and drawbacks of these tools for a deeper comparison.

Karaoke Mixer

The mixer is a popular piece of equipment for a karaoke setup. 

A mixer’s bright sides are:

  • Flexibility: A mixer includes a lot of features. You will have additional outputs and inputs that you transmit through buses, direct oy, and aux send. It’s simple to transfer sound on a digital workstation with this feature. The tool can improve your singing experience as well.
  • Live shows: A mixer offers many tools for modifying sound effects. Hence, it would be an ideal choice for your live performances.

There are also some bad sides when it comes to the karaoke mixer:

  • Weak converter: A regular mixer can convert the sound. However, compared to the audio interface, it seems weaker despite its decent performance.
  • Bulky: Karaoke mixers often contain numerous details. As a result, the tool is too large to bring around.

Audio interface

The audio interface may not be as popular as the mixer for karaoke. However, it still has some interesting characteristics that you should consider.

An audio interface stands out with these features:

  • Good converter: An audio interface turns sounds into digital data. Hence, it has higher-quality converters than the mixer. Furthermore, changing the dip depth and sample rate of audio is a plus of an interface. With a favorite digital workstation, you may even customize the quality.
  • Expansion: Digital outputs and inputs are available on top audio interfaces. You may utilize preamps and converters to extend the audio network thanks to this functionality.

You can watch this video for more explanation on the differences between the audio interface vs mixer.

Audio Interface Vs Mixer: Which One Is Better For Karaoke?

A mixer wins this game. Although each tool has its own set of benefits, a mixer appears to be optimal for a karaoke setup.

A mixer’s key role is to mix sounds from multiple sources. This feature is essential for karaoke since there will be two or more audio sources, including the instrumental tracks and the vocalists via the microphone. You’ll need to enhance all of these sound sources for the karaoke performance to operate correctly.

Karaoke mixers work like DJ systems because they can both combine and modify the amplitude of audio sources. 

A mixer has numerous capabilities for adjusting the volume, tone, bass, and other sound characteristics. This function improves your karaoke experience while also aiding the vocalist in sounding better.

Do I Need A Mixer For Karaoke?

There are two options for a karaoke setup: DIY construction and karaoke machine. Only the DIY installation usually involves the use of a mixer. If you buy a karaoke machine instead of a mixer, the karaoke machine will act as a mixer.

If you choose the DIY setup, you must prepare other equipment such as speakers, microphones, and audio sources.

The karaoke machine is a more straightforward option. However, this approach will restrict your customization and ability to use other pieces of equipment to construct the ideal setup.

What Is The Audio Interface Best Used For?

If the mixer outweighs the audio interface in karaoke, the interface wins over its competitor when it comes to home recording.

Audio interfaces are less costly since they don’t include all of the functions that a mixer offers. Furthermore, while recording by yourself, you usually record one or two tracks at a time.

Also, while recording audio, you often want the most transparent signal available. The audio interface’s excellent conversion feature can assist in processing the original, raw audio track.


We have compared audio interface vs mixer for karaoke. Although each tool is beneficial in certain aspects, the mixer appears to be a better choice for karaoke. It enables users to adjust the sound effect to enhance the sound quality. However, if you choose a karaoke machine for your setup, you may not need a mixer. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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