Banjolele vs Ukulele: Which One Outweighs The Other?

are banjolele and ukulele chords the same

Many people always think that the chord of Banjolele vs Ukulele is different.. However, these two instruments have similar chords, even the same chord shape.

The reason for the coincidence is that the ukulele and the banjolele have the same standard tuning system.

To learn more about this interesting similarity, let’s scroll down and read the shares below!

What Is A Ukulele?

The ukulele is a popular musical instrument with many people, especially children or those who like fun sounds. It has an excellent small design. The ukulele looks pretty similar to a guitar.

should I get a soprano or concert ukulele

However, it has many distinctive features. The ukulele is also known as the Hawaiian 4-string guitar. It began to appear in the 19th century as a Hawaiian version of the braguinha, cavaquinho.

Ukulele has a slight echo but is heard with a special timbre. Its sound is always funny and exciting.

Ukuleles have 4 types, each with a distinct structure:

  • Soprano Ukulele: Most popular, smallest size, has 12-14 keys.
  • Concert Ukulele: A little louder, bigger body, wider neck, 14-17 keys, warmer sound.
  • Tenor Ukulele: Louder than Concert Ukulele, has 17-19 keys. Tuned like the two above are A-E-C-G.
  • Baritone Ukulele: The largest, with 19-21 keys, the tuning is E-B-G-D. The sound is warm and full.

The tone, as well as volume of the ukulele, depends upon the size and structure of each type. Therefore, the style and volume are very diverse.

What Is A Banjolele?

Banjolele first appeared in the 1900s and became popular in the 1930s.

Banjolele is the perfect combination of ukulele and banjo. In addition to the name banjolele, you can call it banjulele or banjo uke.

The banjulele has a heavy barrel body and thick wood like a banjo. However, its neck is similar to the ukulele. It is a unique combination of two different types of guitars.

Because of the banjo-like body and ukulele-like neck, the banjo uke sound is exceptional. Its sound is not fun, strong like a banjo but has a softer, warm part.

Banjolele also has 4 nylon strings like the ukulele. However, the sound of the banjulele is a bit louder and funnier than the ukulele.

The ukulele is no longer popular, but it is still a suitable instrument for outdoor performances without an amplifier. Due to its unique construction, its sound is loud enough to cover an area.

Are Banjolele And Ukulele Chords The Same?

This is a question that many people who know how to play the ukulele ask when they want to try playing the banjolele.

The answer is definitely yes! Banjulele has the same neck and strings as the ukulele, so their chords are the same.

You can use any chord you learn on the ukuleles for the banjolele. It works perfectly and doesn’t cause any problems.

To see why we will have to go to the following analysis!

Why Do Banjoleles And Ukuleles Have The Same Chords?

The biggest reason why the chords of these two instruments are similar is that the banjolele’s tuning is identical to the ukulele.

The fact that musicians tune the banjo uke resembles the soprano ukulele and concert ukulele.

Basically, a banjo ukulele is a regular ukulele with a banjo body. It’s bigger than the original wooden ukuleles, but the tuning system is the same.

When audio amplifiers were not yet born, the musician devised this combination to have a bigger sound for the ukulele. So the sound of the banjulele is just louder than the ukulele without much change.

As the standard tuning system is similar, the chords you can use on the ukulele work perfectly well with the banjo uke.

What Are The Differences Between Banjolele vs Ukulele?

Ukulele and banjolele were similar in chords and tuning. So what are the differences between them?

Banjolele vs Ukulele

Structure and size

Banjolele has a larger appearance compared to the ukulele. Although the neck and strings are entirely the same. But the body of these two instruments also has many differences.

The banjolele has a rounder shape and is heavier than the ukulele body. The ukulele body is the same as the guitar body but smaller in size.

Banjolele contains a lot of heavy metal and wood in the body. In fact, the heavier this instrument is, the louder and louder it will sound.

However, because of its large weight, people often do not hold the banjo uke when playing. Players often choose shoulder straps instead of gently preserving them in hand like the ukulele.

Loudness and flexibility

The ukulele has a much smaller sound than the banjo uke, but the ukulele has better versatility.

As mentioned above, the banjolele appeared because the musician wanted to amplify the sound of the ukulele. Therefore, thanks to the specially designed body, its sound is thunderous.

But it is this body part that makes them lack flexibility.

Ukuleles have a more extended sound retention capacity than banjoleles. If you try to strum the same note on these two instruments, the ukulele will have a longer and longer sustain.

Banjolele is suitable for fun tunes. It’s perfect for music genres like bluegrass or country, old-time.

But with gentle melodies, banjo uke is not suitable. They can destroy the required tone due to their resonant sound. The banjolele’s loud sound will also drown out the musician’s singing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play banjo uke like playing the ukulele?

Sure you can. Banjolele and ukulele have precisely the same playing and chords. You can use ukulele instructions on banjolele.

2. Can the sound of the ukulele be as loud as the sound of the banjolele?

In the normal state, the sound of the ukulele cannot be as loud as the sound of the banjolele.

But you can overcome this situation by combining an audio amplifier with a ukulele. You will have the sound as loud as you want.

3. Does the sound of banjolele have anything special or not?

Although it has a banjo body, the banjo uke has the sound of a ukulele. But it will still get some essence from the banjo body.

Therefore, the banjolele always has a fun sound, a cheerful and resonant melody.


Banjolele vs ukulele have similar chords. Because the system of sound adjustment between these two instruments is the same. You can safely apply chords from ukulele to banjo uke.

We hope that the information we share above will be useful to you! Thanks for reading!

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