Should I Learn To Play Guitar Or Ukulele First?

Should I Learn To Play Guitar Or Ukulele First

Should I learn to play guitar or ukulele first?

There are some views that say “Cute people play ukulele, stylish people play guitar”. If you want to learn quickly and achieve playing music easily. With the least amount of effort, start with the ukulele.

However, in some cases, for personal reasons, it may be easier to learn guitar. Because the keys of the ukulele are quite small. People with larger hands will have difficulty playing chords.

Now we will go to learn more about these two types of guitars to find the right answer! Let’s get started!

The difference in sound between a ukulele and a guitar

In terms of range and tone, the guitar gives you a wider range of sounds. The guitar can reach a much lower tone than the ukulele because its handle is significantly longer.

With guitar, you can do what you want. It is a playful, acoustic tune or a rocking concert with friends. Guitar will bring you sounds with uplifting emotions.

difference in sound between a ukulele and a guitar

With guitar, you have more options. You can choose to buy an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. Both of these guitars give you unique and beautiful sounds.

As a beginner, you will probably judge that the sound of the ukulele has no variety. When you really go deep and master the ukulele you will find its sound very unique.

Ukuleles are usually suitable for playing music on the beach. However, depending on the size of the ukulele you buy it will have different timbres.

With its small size and limitations, you will start playing quickly and without much effort.

However, when you give it enough love you will realize that you can play a variety of music on the ukulele. There were a few musicians who played heavy metal songs on the ukulele.

Price between Ukuleles vs Guitars

If you are looking to learn piano quickly with little effort. Along with the low initial cost, choose the ukulele.

For a low-quality ukulele, you only need to pay $20. However, even a good quality ukulele won’t cost more than $60-$80. It’s great, isn’t it?

If you want to buy a new, quality guitar you only need to pay from $150-$200. Whereas with this level you can only own an old guitar.

Size between ukulele and guitar

Size is an important consideration when choosing between a ukulele and a guitar. A small ukulele is more convenient for beginners to use than a large one.

However, if you have a large hand you should start with the guitar.

Ukulele vs Guitar: Which is Easier to Learn

The largest-sized ukulele is still smaller than a standard guitar. With such a small size, practicing with the ukulele will be much easier.

You can also take it with you easily with the ukulele’s super-small size. You can play whenever you want. Play right in a small space, something you can’t do with a guitar.

Ukuleles are small enough, light enough, and convenient enough that you can always carry them with you and ready to use at your leisure.

Ukulele vs Guitar: Which is Easier to Learn?

This is indeed a topic that many people have debated for a long time. Many people will probably tell you that the ukulele is actually easier to learn. However, that’s not always the case.

It is safe to say that learning the ukulele is a lot easier than the guitar.

Because the string tension of the ukulele is lower, at the same time it has only 4 strings, making it easier to manage. So it makes it easier for beginners to play.

And there are a number of reasons that personally make it easier for you to learn the guitar. The keys of the ukulele are quite small.

This makes it harder for people with larger hands to play chords. So if you really have a big hand and want to start learning how to play. Let’s start with the guitar.

Advantages and disadvantages of ukulele and guitar

1. Advantages


  • Smaller, more portable
  • Fast learning curve for beginners
  • Higher tones, fun
  • Cheaper to buy new


  • Play a variety of music styles
  • Easier for people with larger hands
  • Wider tonal range
  • Diversity for online and in-person lessons

2. Disadvantages


  • Harder to play for people with big hands
  • Smaller sound range
  • Fewer options for lessons


  • Significantly more expensive
  • Amazing learning curve
  • No flexible

Final Words

We hope that the information we have just shared has been able to help you decide what kind of momentum you should learn as a beginner.

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