12 Best Karaoke Songs For Alto Female You Can Try

12 Best Karaoke Songs For Alto Female You Can Try

Don’t think that your altos voice is your obstacle in karaoke. Although this is a distinctive voice, if you find the songs that best match your voice, the results will exceed your expectations.

Here, let’s find out some information about good karaoke songs for altos!

What Are Good Karaoke Songs For Altos?

Choosing the right songs within your vocal range will help you feel more comfortable performing the music. 

At the same time, singing the right music in your vocal range will also help you achieve better results in your role. Here are some good karaoke songs for altos that you can refer to follow your voice:

#1. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Bad Romance is a 2009 song by Lady Gaga. The song has a vibrant melody with the right range of altos.

Therefore, it has achieved many high positions in the world charts, but it is also the song that many altos owners choose to perform when singing karaoke.

#2. At Last by Etta James

Although At Last only brought modest success during the broadcast, it is nevertheless a song that is known in the world at the moment.

The song clearly shows the singer’s deep, emotional voice. At the same time, it is one of the karaoke songs that many people with altos choose the most right now.

#3. Someone like You by Adele

Someone Like You is a song that clearly shows the altos vocal range through gentleness, creating a comfortable feeling when performing. The song is like a farewell to an ex-lover but still has the regret of the singer. 

At the same time, the song also shows courage by wishing them happiness in their next relationship.

Someone like you received a rating as suitable for performing in the altos vocal range.

#4. Gimme One Reason by Tracy Chapman

This song can be mentioned as a hit song for Tracy Chapman’s singing career. Gimme One Reason was released in 1995, and to this day, the song still receives a lot of love from everyone.

Gimme One Reason is still the choice of many today because it’s not too difficult to do. At the same time, you can show off your full vocal abilities.

#5. Where Did the Rock Go by Andrew Lloyd Webber

This song is also a typical karaoke song for altos. When doing this song, you can do some belting specific to your vocal range, especially 2 bars in particular.

If you choose Where Did the Rock Go to perform, you can show off your vocal control and acting skills to the fullest.

#6. One Fine Day by Carol King

This song was released in 1963 by Carol King. For a long time, the song made waves in the community of music listeners and singers. In 1980, when King covered the song, it once again occupied many important positions on the charts.

One Fine Day is a great song that alto vocalists can try. The piece presents a beautiful story worth mentioning.

#7. Rolling in the Deep by Adele

It can be said that Rolling in the Deep is the famous song that made Adele’s name. The song clearly shows the gloomy melody and sadness of each word. When you listen to this song, you can see that the altos and firestarter voices perform very well.

Rolling in the Deep deserves to be a good karaoke song for altos because it won many major Grammy awards and dominated the charts for a long time.

This song also helps owners of altos clearly express their voice and helps train the vocal cords. It can be said that choosing Rolling in the deep to show in your music allows you to shine altos voice.

#8. The Kiss by Faith Hill

The Kiss is a high-tempo song that topped many charts in many countries and received 2 Grammy Award nominations.

When performing this song, people with altos don’t need to try too hard when performing. At the same time, the song also spread the enthusiasm of the presenter to the audience.

#9. That Don’t Impress Me Much by Shania Twain

That Don’t Impress Me Much belongs to one of the best karaoke songs for altos. This song is also performed by Shania Twain – a singer with an altos voice. This song is still one of the most mentioned tunes about the singer with the above altos voice.

#10. What’s Up by 4 Non-Blondes

What’s Up is a song performed by the singer in the high vocal range. This song can be considered as a karaoke song for alto that many people still love. In fact, the song is written in the low contralto range, so it is quite easy to understand.

You can find the song in many places with a catchy melody and chorus.

#11. Love Gets Me Every Time by Shania Twain

Love Gets Me Every Time was originally titled ‘Darn Gone and Done It’, but because the name is difficult to pronounce, that’s why it got its current name.

This song is one of the best karaoke songs for altos because it is suitable for the warm deep voice. It’s the fit that puts the song in the perfect altos range.

#12. Believe by Cher

It can be said that believe is a song that helps Cher develop more on her career path. This song is suitable for alto vocal range although it is a bit difficult for some people.

However, if you want to try a song in the altos range, you can consider this song.

What is Alto?

Alto can be said to be a word that comes from the Latin term “Altus.” In Latin, Altus means high, so alto can also be understood as a high voice.

Is There Any Difference Between Male And Female Alto?

Whether you are male or female, you can sing as long as your natural voice. There is a bit of confusion when talking about this term: whether it is used for male or female voices. 

Although alto, also known as contralto, is a vocal range between soprano and tenor. Understandably, however, alto is often used to refer to female voices.

Many people disagree with the gender-based determination of voice pitch. This statement also makes sense since the recognition of voice is always based on the vocal cords. Because of this, choirs sometimes think that the alto to talk about female voices is unscientific.

You can identify alto with soprano, at the range from E3 to F5. Usually, the alto voice is often used to perform in choral music.

As mentioned above, the alto is also known as the contralto, which is also a true alto. Often people who own this voice will have sweet and very special bass notes.

What Do You Need Before Making The Best Karaoke Songs For Alto Females?

You can hardly make a karaoke song for an alto female unexpectedly and still get good results. To be able to do this, you’ll need a few things first.

#1. Vocal preparation

Preparation is always essential when wanting to do something, including singing karaoke songs for alto. If you’re going to take the music seriously, warm up before you start working. If you always do a good warm-up, your vocal range can improve dramatically.

First, warm up by warming up your voice. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Do movements that help your chest expand to its fullest extent while controlling your breathing.
  • Then you can train your mouth muscles with exercises similar to yawning. Doing this will help your palate open up, and your mouth will work more flexibly and soft.
  • Finally, do exercises that stretch your facial muscles to make them more flexible.

#2. Space

A comfortable space always helps your spirit become more comfortable. It is not by chance that singers or musicians often find suitable places to sing and compose.

Therefore, when you want to make a serious karaoke song for alto, go to the right places. Choosing the space will help you sing at full capacity and get the best results.

#3. Recording equipment

No matter what purpose you want to make karaoke songs for alto, a good recording device will always be what you should have. A recording device will help you listen to your voice and perform your music from a personal perspective.

Also, based on the recording, you can find your bad performance and correct it. Reflecting on your voice through the recording process will help you see your progress through each stage and bring better results for you.

#4. Vocalzone Pastilles

Sometimes, Vocalzone Pastilles is unnecessary, but sometimes, it is really necessary for many people. Using Vocalzone Pastilles to protect your throat will make your voice better and improve results.

At the same time, if you live in a hot, dry environment, the use of Vocalzone Pastilles will help prevent your throat from drying out. Invest in your throat because Vocalzone Pastilles are very cheap, and you can easily find them anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few related questions that we think may be of interest to you. Read through for more details.

1. How do I know if I am a soprano or alto?

You can tell if your voice is soprano or alto.

Pay attention in the process of singing, and you will recognize your voice. If you have a vocal range of 8 or 9 notes, you have an alto voice.

Besides, if your vocal range can go much higher than 8 or 9, it means you have a soprano voice.

2. How do I know if I’m an alto?

You can try by determining which range your voice is in. Alto is the lowest female voice, usually identified between F3 and F5. If your voice deviates slightly above or below this level, chances are you still have an alto.

3. Are Altos rare?

It is a fact that Alto’s voices are very rare. However, people with an altos voice often receive high praise in music because they have a unique, warm voice.


Above are some of the best karaoke songs for alto females that you can perform in the process of singing or acting in the good range of your voice. Hopefully, the above songs will help you find the right one, then choose your favorite karaoke song to perform to bring the best results.

Enjoy your own music!

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