32 Top Best Mac Miller Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Top Best Mac Miller Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Welcome, fellow Mac Miller fans! Whether you’ve been a loyal listener since his early mixtape days or have recently discovered his music, one thing is sure: Mac Miller’s talent and impact on the rap and hip-hop scene cannot be denied.

From catchy melodies to introspective lyrics, he has left a lasting legacy through his music.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane with the top best Mac Miller songs of all time that have kept us bopping and reflecting for years.

Get your headphones ready because this list will bring back nostalgic memories and maybe even introduce you to hidden gems.

Let’s dive in!

1. Self Care

“Self Care” is one of Mac Miller’s most famous songs and holds a deeper meaning that resonates with listeners.

The lyrics touch on the importance of self-care and caring for oneself mentally and emotionally.

Miller talks about finding inner peace and learning to love oneself despite the struggles and challenges one may face in life.

The hauntingly beautiful beat adds to the raw emotions portrayed in the lyrics, making it evident that this song holds a special place in Miller’s heart.

2. The Spins

“The Spins” by Mac Miller is considered one of his best songs.

The song’s lyrics are deeply personal, touching upon themes of addiction and the struggles that come with it.

Mac Miller’s raw and honest delivery and catchy beat make this song stand out in his discography.

The chorus, “Sometimes I wanna get away but / Sometimes I’m afraid of the spins,” represents the conflicting feelings that arise when trying to escape from reality through substance abuse.

3. Best Day Ever

“Best Day Ever” is widely considered one of the best songs by late rapper Mac Miller.

Released in 2011, the track showcases Miller’s signature laid-back flow and introspective lyrics.

The catchy chorus and nostalgic beat make it a fan favorite, but the true beauty of this song lies in its deeper meaning.

Through his lyrics, Miller reflects on his journey as an artist and finds gratitude for the highs and lows that have shaped him into the person he has become.

4. Donald Trump

“Donald Trump” by Mac Miller is a catchy hip-hop track that hails Donald Trump’s success as an inspiration for his ambitions.

The lyrics paint a picture of the luxurious lifestyle and wealth that Trump embodies, with lines like “I got so much money I should start a bank.”

However, Miller also acknowledges the polarizing nature of the business tycoon turned president with lines such as “take over the world when I’m on my Donald Trump shit.”

Overall, the song can be interpreted as an ode to Trump’s success and ambition and a commentary on his controversial rise to power.

5. 2009

“2009” is undoubtedly one of the best songs by the late rapper Mac Miller.

Released in 2018, it quickly became a fan favorite and remains one of his most popular tracks.

The lyrics are deeply personal and introspective, showing a vulnerable side to Mac’s typically upbeat and confident persona.

The song’s chorus is particularly poignant, with Miller singing, “I don’t need to lie no more,” as he embraces vulnerability and honesty.

6. Weekend (Feat. Miguel)

“Weekend” by Mac Miller featuring Miguel is one of the standout tracks from Miller’s fifth and final studio album, “Swimming.”

The song opens with a groovy bass line and chill beats that perfectly capture the carefree vibes of a weekend.

As Miller raps about wanting to escape from the stresses of everyday life and spend his time partying and enjoying himself, Miguel’s smooth vocals add a sultry touch to the track.

Combining rap and R&B elements, “Weekend” is a refreshing blend of genres that showcases both artists’ unique styles.

7. Nikes on My Feet

“Nikes on My Feet” by Mac Miller is an energetic and catchy song that captures the essence of a youthful spirit and carefree attitude.

The lyrics blend clever wordplay and relatable verses, making it hard not to sing along.

The upbeat melody and Mac Miller’s smooth flow create an inescapable vibe that keeps you moving.

Through his lyrics, Miller talks about his love for Nikes, a brand synonymous with street culture and style, symbolizing his rebellious yet playful nature.

8. Blue World

“Blue World” by Mac Miller is a captivating track that showcases the late rapper’s lyrical prowess and musical versatility.

The song, released posthumously on his 2020 album “Circles,” has been hailed by fans as one of his best works.

Miller’s smooth delivery and clever wordplay in the lyrics draw listeners in from the very first verse.

He raps about the ups and downs of life in a blue world, using playful yet introspective metaphors to express his thoughts.

9. Rain (Feat. Vince Staples)

“Rain” by Mac Miller is a great song with profound lyrics that showcase the artist’s raw talent and vulnerability.

The sad yet soothing melody sets the tone for the song, while Miller’s smooth delivery of the lyrics adds to its emotional impact.

The song talks about dealing with inner turmoil and finding solace in the pouring rain, which serves as a metaphor for purging one’s emotions.

10. Good News

“Good News” by Mac Miller is a remarkable song that captures the essence of his artistry and personal struggles.

The lyrics are introspective and raw, reflecting his fame, success, and addiction journey.

He bares his soul in this track, acknowledging the highs and lows of life while ultimately seeking solace in acceptance and growth.

11. Ladders

“Ladders” by Mac Miller is a captivating song that showcases his artistic prowess and lyrical depth.

The song’s lyrics delve into perseverance, self-reflection, and striving towards success.

Through clever wordplay and metaphors, Miller paints a vivid picture of climbing ladders in life, using them as a symbol for reaching new heights and overcoming obstacles.

The song’s chorus, “Somehow we gotta find a way/No matter how many miles it takes,” is an empowering reminder to keep pushing forward despite any challenges or setbacks.

12. Knock Knock

“Knock Knock” by Mac Miller is a catchy and upbeat song that will put you in a good mood.

The lyrics are playful yet reflective, showcasing Mac Miller’s unique blending of fun rhymes with deeper meaning.

He raps about his rise to fame and how he never let the negativity or setbacks get in the way of his success.

The chorus, “knock knock, let me in,” can be interpreted as Miller’s determination to knock down any barriers or obstacles.

13. Here We Go

“Here We Go” by Mac Miller is a standout track from the late rapper’s acclaimed album “Swimming.”

The song opens with a smooth, soulful beat and Mac’s signature laid-back flow.

As he raps about making moves and chasing dreams, it becomes clear that the lyrics reflect his journey in the music industry.

The chorus, with its catchy hook, “Here we go again,” serves as a reminder never to give up and keep pushing forward no matter what challenges may arise.

14. What’s the Use?

“What’s the Use?” by Mac Miller is a dynamic and groovy track that effortlessly blends hip-hop, jazz, and funk elements.

This song’s lyrics reflect Miller’s struggles with substance abuse and his journey towards self-improvement.

The catchy chorus, “What’s the use of going home if you ain’t got no love? / What’s the use of going home if there ain’t nothing to do?” reflects Miller’s internal struggle with finding purpose and fulfillment in life.

15. Small Worlds

“Small Worlds” by Mac Miller is a powerful and reflective song that delves into the complexities of life and relationships.

The lyrics paint a picture of a world where everything seems interconnected, where actions have consequences and choices have repercussions.

Miller’s delivery is raw and honest as he reflects on his fame, addiction, and love struggles.

The chorus “Some people say they want to live forever / That’s way too long, I’ll just get through today” is a reminder to cherish the present moment and not get lost in the grand scheme of things.

16. Diablo

“Diablo” by Mac Miller is a powerful and reflective song that showcases the late rapper’s genius in storytelling.

The lyrics speak of his struggles with addiction, fame, and the ups and downs of his career.

Miller’s flow is smooth and confident as he opens up about his inner demons and how they have affected his life.

He talks about his love-hate relationship with success, questioning if it’s worth sacrificing one’s sanity for.

17. My Favorite Part (Feat. Ariana Grande)

“My Favorite Part” by Mac Miller is an incredibly captivating song that never fails to put a smile on my face.

Every aspect of this track is sublime, from the soothing melody to the heartfelt lyrics.

The smooth vocals of Mac Miller and guest singer Ariana Grande blend in perfect harmony, creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere.

18. Polo Jeans (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

“Polo Jeans” by Mac Miller is undoubtedly a great song that captures the essence of the late rapper’s style and talent.

The smooth, laid-back beat combined with Miller’s effortless flow makes it a must-listen for any hip-hop fan.

The lyrics paint a picture of living a luxurious lifestyle, sporting designer polo jeans while navigating the ups and downs of fame and money.

19. Therapy

“Therapy” by Mac Miller is a powerful and emotionally charged song that showcases the late rapper’s vulnerability and introspection.

The lyrics delve into Miller’s struggles with mental health, addiction, and fame, giving listeners a raw and honest glimpse into his inner turmoil.

Through his poetic verses and catchy chorus, Miller expresses the need for therapy for self-care and healing.

20. Dang! (Feat. Anderson Paak)

“Dang!” by Mac Miller is a gem that shines bright in his discography.

This great song features Anderson Paak and perfectly blends old-school funk with contemporary hip-hop.

The catchy beat, infectious chorus, and smooth lyrics make it impossible to resist grooving along.

21. Angel Dust

“Angel Dust” by Mac Miller is undoubtedly one of his greatest songs.

From the moment the beat drops, you are immediately captivated by Miller’s smooth flow and clever lyrics.

The song talks about his struggles with addiction, and it hits close to home for many listeners who can relate to the battle of trying to stay sober.

22. Cut the Check (feat. Chief Keef)

“Cut the Check” by Mac Miller is a great song that showcases the artist’s unique blend of hip-hop and jazz influences.

The track features laid-back instrumentals and clever wordplay that perfectly capture Miller’s signature style.

The catchy chorus, with its smooth flow and relatable lyrics, makes it a perfect anthem for anyone chasing their dreams and striving for success.

23. Objects in the Mirror

“Objects in the Mirror” is not just another song by Mac Miller. It’s a masterpiece.

He seamlessly combines soulful lyrics with dreamy beats, making it a stand-out track in his discography.

The song speaks about Miller’s struggle with self-reflection and his journey to find inner peace and happiness.

His raw and honest vulnerability shines through as he sings about overcoming his mistakes and embracing self-love.

24. It Just Doesn’t Matter

“It Just Doesn’t Matter” by Mac Miller is a song that encapsulates the carefree and nonchalant attitude of the artist.

With its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, the song invites listeners to let go of their worries and embrace life in the moment.

The lyrics speak about not getting caught up in what others think or say and instead focusing on living life to the fullest.

25. Ave Maria

“Ave Maria” is a captivating and emotional song by the late American rapper Mac Miller.

It showcases Miller’s skills as a lyricist and his ability to blend different genres of music effortlessly.

The track starts with soothing piano notes that instantly set the tone for an introspective journey.

Miller’s raw and vulnerable voice is accompanied by hauntingly beautiful choirs in the background, creating a surreal experience for listeners.

His catchy flow and thought-provoking lyrics paint a vivid picture of his inner struggles and reflections on life.

26. Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday” is a lively and upbeat song by the late American rapper Mac Miller.

Released in 2018 as part of his fifth studio album, “Swimming,” this track quickly became a fan favorite for its catchy beat, clever lyrics, and signature smooth flow.

The song starts with a mellow piano instrumental and then transitions into a more upbeat rhythm accompanied by Miller’s melodic vocals.

The lyrics speak about celebrating one’s life and success, embracing the moment, and living in the present.

27. Congratulations (feat. Bilal)

“Congratulations” by Mac Miller is an incredibly heartfelt and soulful song that showcases true talent and vulnerability.

Released in 2016 as part of his album “The Divine Feminine”, this track celebrates love and all its ups and downs.

Miller’s smooth flow and poetic lyrics beautifully capture the rollercoaster of emotions from being in a committed relationship.

28. Brand Name

“Brand Name” by Mac Miller is an exceptional song that showcases this young artist’s raw talent and undeniable creativity.

From its catchy beat to its thought-provoking lyrics, every aspect of this track will leave a lasting impression on listeners.

The clever wordplay and references to popular brands make it enjoyable and relatable for anyone who has ever felt trapped in the consumerist culture.

29. Keep Floatin

“Keep Floatin” by Mac Miller is undeniably one of the greatest songs in his discography.

This upbeat, catchy track perfectly showcases Miller’s infectious rap flow and smooth vocals.

The lyrics are relatable as they talk about coping with life’s struggles and finding ways to keep your head above water.

30. Circles

“Circles” by Mac Miller. Released posthumously in 2020, this song is a beautiful blend of hip-hop and introspective lyrics.

It showcases Miller’s vulnerability and struggles with mental health, making it a deeply personal and relatable track.

The laid-back beat and soulful vocals create a mesmerizing atmosphere, while the poignant lyrics paint a picture of someone trying to find their way in an endless cycle.

31. The Question (feat. Lil Wayne)

“The Question” by Mac Miller is a powerful and captivating song that showcases the artist’s lyrical genius and musical abilities.

With his signature smooth flow and introspective lyrics, Mac Miller delves deep into themes of self-reflection, uncertainty, and the search for answers.

The soulful beat and haunting background vocals add to the song’s overall mood, creating an immersive listening experience.

32. Fight the Feeling (feat. Kendrick Lamar and Iman Omari)

“Fight the Feeling” by Mac Miller is a heartfelt and reflective song that beautifully captures the struggles of battling inner demons.

With his smooth flow and poetic lyrics, Miller delves into his personal journey of overcoming adversity and finding inner peace.

The track opens with a mellow beat and Miller’s soothing vocals, setting the tone for the vulnerable and raw emotions he pours out in each verse.

Through honest and introspective lines, he acknowledges his past mistakes and how they have affected him and is determined to overcome them.

About Mac Miller

Mac Miller born Malcolm James McCormick, was an incredibly talented American rapper, singer, and producer.

He rose to fame in 2010 with the release of his debut studio album “Blue Slide Park,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Miller’s unique blend of introspective lyrics and catchy beats quickly gained him a devoted fan base and critical acclaim.

Throughout his career, he released five more albums, each showcasing his growth as an artist and exploring different genres such as jazz and funk.

However, Miller’s life was tragically cut short when he passed away in 2018 at 26 due to a drug overdose.

Despite this devastating loss, Mac Miller’s music continues to live on through his loyal fans and serves as a reminder of his raw talent and personal struggles.

He will always be remembered as a beloved musician who left a lasting impact on the music industry and inspired many with his honest portrayal of life through his music.


What is Mac Miller’s biggest hit?

He had numerous hit songs throughout his career, but his biggest hit would be “Self Care.”

This song was released in 2018 as part of his fifth studio album, “Swimming,” which received widespread critical acclaim.

What song made Mac Miller famous?

One of the songs that helped pave the way for Mac Miller’s rise to fame was “Donald Trump,” released in 2011.

This catchy and upbeat track became an instant hit with its clever lyrics and infectious beat. It quickly gained popularity, reaching number 75 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Is “2009” Mac Miller’s best song?

“2009” is a song by American rapper and songwriter Mac Miller, released in 2018 as part of his album “Swimming.”

Many fans and critics argue it is one of his best songs.

With its smooth and nostalgic beat, accompanied by Miller’s introspective lyrics, the song showcases his growth.

Why is Mac Miller’s music so good?

Mac Miller’s music is exceptionally good because of his unique blend of catchy beats, relatable lyrics, and raw emotion.

His flow and delivery are unmatched, making it impossible to resist bopping your head along to his songs.

But beyond just the infectious beats, Mac Miller’s music also has substance.

He often touches on personal struggles such as drug addiction and mental health issues, giving listeners a glimpse into his inner thoughts and vulnerabilities.

This honesty and vulnerability in his music resonates with many fans and creates a strong connection between the artist and the audience.

Additionally, Mac Miller’s talent for storytelling allows him to paint vivid pictures through his lyrics, making each song feel like its own story with a beginning, middle, and end.

His musical versatility is another aspect that makes his music stand out – from upbeat party anthems to introspective tracks. He can do it all effortlessly.

What is considered Mac Miller’s best album?

It’s difficult to determine just one album as the best from the talented late rapper Mac Miller.

Each of his albums has a unique style and sound that resonates with different fans.

Many consider his 2018 album “Swimming” his greatest work yet.

The album reflects on Miller’s struggles with addiction and mental health while still maintaining a strong sense of self-awareness and growth.

Does Mac Miller have a good voice?

From my personal experience and the opinions of others, it can be said that Mac Miller has a unique and captivating voice.

His raspy yet smooth tone adds depth to his music and makes it stand out from other artists.

Throughout his career, he has shown versatility in his vocals, quickly switching between rapping and singing.

His voice also powerfully conveys emotion, connecting listeners to his lyrics.

How popular is Mac Miller?

Mac Miller, the late American rapper and producer, has gained a massive following since his introduction to the music industry in 2010.

He rose to fame with his debut studio album “Blue Slide Park,” which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart.

His unique style of blending hip-hop and jazz elements in his music captivated fans worldwide, making him a household name among millennials and Gen Z.


Mac Miller’s music has touched the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, and his legacy continues to live on through his timeless songs.

From introspective lyrics to infectious beats, he was a master at his craft.

As explored in this post, countless incredible songs in Mac Miller’s discography showcase his talent and versatility as an artist.

I hope this list of the best Mac Miller songs has given you a deeper appreciation for his artistry.

Let’s continue to honor him by keeping his music alive and spreading love and positivity, just like Mac always did through his music.

Rest in peace, Mac Miller – future generations will forever cherish and remember your music.

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