Top 15 Saddest Mac Miller Songs of All Time, Will Break Your Heart, Ranked

Saddest Mac Miller Songs of All Time

Dive into the emotional world of Mac Miller with this list of his top Saddest Mac Miller Songs of All Time. These tracks will leave a lasting impact, from heart-wrenching lyrics to haunting melodies.

Mac Miller was a profound and inspirational artist whose music touched the hearts of many. In this post, we’ll take a look back at some of the Saddest Mac Miller songs of all time – ranked!

So settle in while we explore the depths of Mac’s soulful discography.

1. Good News

“Good News” by Mac Miller is a heartbreaking rap song that will break your heart.

This has been my favorite Mac Miller song since I heard it for the first time, and I can’t help but listen to it now and then.

The emotive lyrics tell of pain, anguish, and hope yet manage to keep a sense of optimism running through them.

The beat also adds atmosphere to the track, connecting the listener emotionally with Mac Miller’s words.

The unique combination of sorrowful lyrics and upbeat melodies makes this one of my favorite songs, which always makes me feel comforted and hopeful for the future.

2. God Speed

“God Speed” by Mac Miller is a heartbreaking song that will break your heart. This is my favorite song of his, as its deep and meaningful lyrics, combined with the sad beat, help to create the perfect mood for thoughtful introspection.

The chorus expresses resignation and sadness as he sings, “I’m just tryin’ to keep it together now/But I don’t think I’m gonna make it around.”

It’s clear from his words that this song is about grief, loss, and facing adversity, with Mac expressing how difficult it can sometimes be to keep going in hard times.

3. Rain

Rain by Mac Miller is a heartbreaking and emotive track that will move you to tears.

With its acutely personal lyrics, passionate delivery, and stirring music, it’s easy to see why this is one of Mac Miller’s most beloved tracks.

The song explores themes of love, loss, and regret as Mac reflects on what could have been if he had stayed with the love of his life while lamenting over how things are now.

With an ethereal production style combining jazz, folk, and rap elements, Rain creates a calming and gloomy atmosphere.

4. Remember

Remember, by Mac Miller, is one of the most heartbreaking songs. A reflective and emotionally charged melody and lyricism can make listeners pause and reflect.

As someone who loves this song so much, I can’t help but feel as if Mac left us with a final heartfelt reminder of his innermost thoughts and feelings before his untimely passing in 2018.

Even after all this time, it still brings tears to my eyes hearing him speak about his struggles of trying to find his place in the world, as he wished to be remembered for not giving up despite how challenging life can be.

5. Grand Finale

“Grand Finale” by Mac Miller is a heartbreaking rap song that will break your heart. It’s one of my favorite songs because of its beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics.

The song talks about Mac’s struggles, how he wished for a better life but dealt with hardships instead.

It’s an emotional journey through his pain and suffering, and hits me personally.

The song includes poignant lines like “Heaven couldn’t wait for me, so I guess this is goodbye,” which makes it feel more natural.

6. Funeral

“Funeral” by Mac Miller is a truly heartbreaking song. It’s my favorite song of his, and it always brings me to tears.

The lyrics are compelling, conveying the tragedy of loss and how it can shape our lives.

The way Miller speaks about death so candidly and openly allows us to reflect on the finality of life. Every listen reminds me to cherish those I love while they’re here.

7. Woods

Woods by Mac Miller is an incredibly heartbreaking and poignant track. The song depicts Mac’s struggles with depression, loneliness, and substance abuse.

His raw yet gentle vocals perfectly convey the emotional pain he’s feeling, while his clever wordplay emphasizes the complexity of those experiences.

The stripped-back instrumentation creates an intimate atmosphere that allows the listener to focus on Mac’s lyrics and emotions.

8. Objects in the Mirror

Objects in the Mirror, by Mac Miller, is a heartbreaking song that touches the heart of any listener.

This track showcases Mac’s vulnerability, honest lyricism, and somber production as he reflects on his struggles with drug addiction and depression.

Though a sorrowful song, there is a powerful message of hope for anyone suffering from similar issues.

The chorus invites us to confront our inner demons: “When I look in the mirror, I don’t see myself/Tell me who can I be if I don’t have no health?”

These lyrics offer comfort and support to those struggling, reminding them they are not alone.

9. 2009

“2009” by Mac Miller is a heartbreaking rap song that will break your heart.

It’s one of my favorite songs because it speaks to a special kind of loneliness and regrets we know too well.

Mac Miller bares his soul through every line as he ruminates on what could have been in the past and wishes for something better.

Though he paints a picture of sadness, his words also show hope. He believes life will get brighter with time, even when things seem bleak and despairing.

10. Circles

“Circles” by Mac Miller is an incredibly heartfelt and poignant rap song. It is a sad reflection of life and death and life’s many ups and downs.

The song captures the emotion behind Mac Miller’s death and allows us to empathize with him in his grief.

The song highlights how life can be cyclical and unpredictable, as it talks about the circle of life from birth to death, portraying the hardships we all experience along the way.

The instrumentals are gentle and beautiful, adding to the emotional intensity of the track.

11. Come Back To Earth

“Come Back To Earth” by Mac Miller is the saddest and most heartfelt song to break your heart.

I consider this my favorite Mac Miller song because of its powerful lyrics, soulful beats, and captivating instrumental accompaniment.

The song reflects Miller’s inner turmoil, which takes the listener on an emotional journey filled with self-reflection, regret, and longing for a long-lost love.

The song’s message speaks to me personally, as I can relate to it in more ways than one.

Its musical melancholic atmosphere touches me deeply each time I listen to it and never fails to leave me feeling inspired and hopeful despite life’s difficulties.

12. Colors And Shapes

“Colors and Shapes” by Mac Miller is a heartbreaking song that captures the melancholy of every emotion.

It’s easy to get lost in the poetic lyrics and moving soundscape as he details the struggles of heartbreak and loneliness.

The ambient guitar riffs add a perfect touch of vulnerability while his smooth vocals narrate an experience we can all relate to, feeling overwhelmed by life’s hardships.

Even in its sadness, the song finds strength in self-reflection and encourages us to rise above our pain to become more potent versions of ourselves.

“Colors and Shapes” is a sad reminder that music can be therapeutic – even when it hurts.

13. Smile

“Smile” by Mac Miller is an incredibly heartbreaking song. It’s one of the saddest rap songs I’ve ever heard, and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

The lyrics are filled with raw emotion that speaks to me. I return to the pain’s peak every time I listen to this song.

This song makes me reflect on life and how quickly everything can change.

“Smile” will break your heart every time you listen, but it’s one of my favorites because of its power and poignancy.

14. So It Goes

“So It Goes” by Mac Miller is a genuinely heartbreaking track. It’s one of those songs that will break your heart once you listen to it.

The lyrics are honest and sad, perfectly capturing the loss and sadness associated with moving on in life. The haunting melody and Miller’s delivery highlight the emotional beauty in his sorrowful words.

This is undoubtedly my favorite song by Miller – it has all the components of an impactful hip-hop tune yet conveys such raw emotion that it resonates beyond the music itself.

15. Once A Day

“Once a Day” by Mac Miller is an incredibly heartbreaking song. It paints a vivid picture of the pain and heartache of letting go of a loved one as he sings about how it feels to spend his days without them and the emptiness he feels inside.

Listening to this track will surely break your heart due to its ability to capture the genuine emotions of loss and grief vividly.

Nevertheless, it remains my favorite song of Mac Miller’s because it reminds me never to take the people I love and cherish for granted.


What was Mac Miller’s fav song?

Mac Miller’s favorite song was “Cinderella,” a track off his 2010 mixtape K.I.D.S.

It certainly gave many fans their first taste of his unorthodox brand of hip-hop which mixed comedy and clever wordplay with some serious themes.

Why did everyone love Mac Miller?

Mac Miller was a rapper and producer who captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

His music mixed bounce-heavy hip-hop beats with witty lyrics, soulful melodies, and relatable topics that resonated deeply with listeners.

His authenticity was inspiring, and his ability to blend many genres made him stand out from other artists in the industry.

He had a unique vision of what rap could be, pushing the envelope on musical boundaries.

He also embraced collaboration, working with various producers and musicians to create something extraordinary.

Mac Miller was genuine; he spoke from the heart in his music and public life, creating an unrivaled bond between him and his fans.

It is no wonder why he was so loved by people everywhere.

How many alter egos did Mac Miller have?

Mac Miller had four prominent alter egos in his music career: Larry Lovestein, Delusional Thomas, The Jared Logan, and Play Picasso.

  1. Larry Lovestein was Mac’s R&B side project, where he focused on more soulful sounds.
  2. Delusional Thomas was the darker side of Mac that produced eerie horrorcore hip hop.
  3. Jared Logan represented Mac’s comedy, rap, and satire.
  4. Play Picasso is his most recent alias, which showcased a mixture of rap and alternative music.

Each alter ego pushed Mac out of his comfort zone as an artist to show different sides of himself he would have never delved into before.

Is Mac Miller a tragic hero?

Mac Miller inspired many, and his story is often seen as a tragic tale of talent gone too soon.

As such, it’s no surprise that many have come to view Mac Miller as a tragic hero – someone with immense potential who ultimately succumbed to fate.

His music touched the lives of millions worldwide, and he achieved success at a young age, yet his struggles with addiction proved to be too much for him in the end.

His death serves as a reminder of how powerful and insidious substance abuse can be, and he will forever remain an important figure in the hip-hop community.

How did Mac Miller learn to rap?

Mac Miller started to learn rap when he was fourteen. He grew up in a hip-hop-loving family, and his older brother, Millroy, a rapper, taught him the basics.

Mac then wrote raps and performed them for friends and at school talent shows. He also started freestyling in cipher sessions with his peers and participating in online rap battles on YouTube.

As his skills improved, Mac began to perform locally at open mic nights and small gigs around Pittsburgh with idols such as Wiz Khalifa.


Mac Miller‘s music touched many people in a way few other musicians can. His work will live on through his art and the people he affected.

While there are far too many songs to choose from, the pieces above are some of the saddest from Mac Miller’s collection and should be listened to by all who wish to appreciate his talent and understand why he was so beloved by so many.

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