Top Rated 9 Best Music Streaming Services for Students in 2022

Top Rated Best Music Streaming Services for Students

The love for music is one of the most commonly found interests among most people in the world. And this is especially true for those in their most formative years as these are the times when people get to explore their tastes in life the most.

Right from our earliest years at home and school, children and young adults have always made it a point to discover their favorite music and sounds.

People’s tastes can range from jazz to hip-hop,  instrumental to lyrical, downtempo to upbeat, and a lot more. But no matter the differences, people from all walks of life have consistently enjoyed and celebrated their love for music.

But over the years, the way people discover and listen to music has evolved. Today, technology enables individuals to easily connect with favorite artists and listen to the music they love most.

Through the internet and smartphone technology, students can utilize various applications and platforms to carry their music on the go.

Nowadays, one can easily find several music streaming applications and platforms all over the Internet. But even though there are so many options, it may sometimes get difficult to find the right ones that meet the needs and tastes of every different individual.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the Top Rated Music Streaming Services for students.

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In no particular order, here are the 9 Best Rated Music Streaming services for students.

1) Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the most popular platforms for music lovers, with over 90 million tracks and compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

Apple Music offers high-resolution tracks at no extra charge with extended subscription tiers to access CD quality too.

Apple is known for its student discounts and free trials, so one can easily use its services (for three months) before selecting it as their preferred source.

General subscriptions start from $10 per month.

2) Tidal

Another great platform for immersing oneself in the sounds that bring them joy is Tidal. The Platform offers great sound quality and an intuitive interface.

Rather than using music aggregation, Tidal analyses its users’ listening preferences to create and deliver better listening experiences.

For a conscientious music fan, this platform is the best way to have high-quality streaming experiences. Tidal also features an extensive catalog, immersive content, broad device support, and improved discovery tools.

Subscription plans start from $10 per month. Tidal also provides regular student discounts.

3) Spotify

Another excellent source of discovering new artists and music is Spotify. This well-known platform provides all its listeners with a music library of more than 82 million tracks. Spotify’s standout feature is its discovery algorithms which make new music more findable (accessible). Spotify also compiles great weekly playlists. Overall it’s one of the best streaming services out there.

Subscription plans range from $10 to $16 per month.

4) Amazon Music

Today, most people know about and have used Amazon’s services in one way or another. So, when Amazon launched its music app, people did not hesitate for too long before checking it out.

One of Amazon Music’s most excellent features is that it automatically pops up lyrics on the app screen. The Amazon Music experience is the best for Amazon Prime users as they can explore more music and listen to higher-quality soundtracks.

Subscription plans range from $8 to $10 per month.

5) YouTube Music

YouTube doesn’t require any special introduction in terms of discovering just about anything. The platform is known for its quality MP4 content which people never seem to stop streaming.

This means that the platform is not only great for listening to music but also for watching musical and lyrical videos.

YouTube music is a sister app of YouTube that solely provides audio listening experiences with over 60 million tracks to choose from. The app also features well-curated radio stations instead of just music playlists.

YouTube Music can be acquired for free by getting a YouTube premium subscription ($12).

6) Deezer

One more source of exploring music in an affordable yet effective way is the Deezer platform. Deezer has a free tier for mobile-only users with over 90 million tracks to choose from.

The app has become so popular that it has a more extensive subscriber base than quite a few other platforms mentioned on this list.

Deezer’s most unique feature is enabling its users to upload their music catalogs from other similar platforms at no extra charge.

Subscription plans range from $10 to $15 per month.

7) Pandora

Most popular in the United States as of yet, Pandora is a fantastic streaming radio platform to suit everyone’s taste.

offers a wide range of music genres and sounds and is very flexible in its subscription plans as compared to its competitors in the industry.

Subscription plans start from $10 per month with around $5 extra for add-ons.

8) iHeartRadio

For those who like listening to the radio, the iHeartRadio music streaming platform is probably the best choice.

The platform combines the experience of listening to live radio channels within its streaming service. With iHeart radio, one can listen to some of the best radio stations across the US, along with getting access to an endless number of podcasts and songs.

The best radio stations are easy to access with a free plan, but with the premium subscription, you get iHeartRadio’s full music and album library. One can also create unlimited playlists and download songs offline.

Subscriptions plans: iHeartRadio Plus – $4.99 per month & iHeartRadio All Access – $9.99 per month.

9) Qobuz

If you prefer high-resolution audio streams at all times, Qobuz may just be the right streaming service for you.

Without any additional hardware or MQA decoders, Qobuz’s playlists sound great on most audio devices like phones or speakers.

The platform has a selection of 70 million tracks and is well suited for jazz and classics lovers. The App interface is also clean and fun to use.

Subscription plans start from $13 per month.

The Bottom Line

The process of streaming and listening to music has certainly taken the game to a whole new level. But to get the best out of the streaming experience, students should research the type of platform that suits their needs the most.

Students are also recommended to keep an eye out because some platforms offer free subscriptions or free trials for up to three months.

One can also find several festive discounts and family packages that can further save their cost for streaming the best music.

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