15 Best Podcast To Listen To At Night For A Good Sleep

best podcast to listen to while going to sleep

Difficulty sleeping is a symptom that many people experience. After a tiring day at work, sleep becomes the most effective method.

If you have tried numerous methods that didn’t work, it’s time to experiment with a more natural sleep technique, such as listening to podcasts.

We’ve compiled some options for the best podcast to listen to at night in this post. Let’s check and add them to your playlist!

Best Podcast To Listen To At Night

Sleep podcasts are excellent at relieving insomnia. You can try these options one by one and see what works best for you.

#1. Get Sleepy

“Get Sleepy” is one of the most excellent podcasts on the list. This program, which has terrific authors, sound specialists, and voice actors, is undoubtedly the greatest.

These brilliant experts join together to compose relaxing audio for individuals who have trouble sleeping.

New episodes come every week. You won’t have to count sheep to fall asleep now that you have this audio on your playlist.

The narrators are both men and women. Their voices sound pleasant, making a soothing sound to your ears.

#2. You Must Remember This

Karina Longworth hosts the show and discusses the newest Hollywood news. She explores everything from Hollywood stories to star scandals, famous feuds, and rumors.

Wil Wheaton, Adam Goldberg, and John Mullaney are among the celebrities who have appeared in her narrative.

Listening to such bedtime stories in Karina’s sweet voice is a pleasure. These stories will make you sleep easier.

#3. Miette’s Bedtime Stories

This podcast is a fascinating program to listen to. Miett, the show’s host, has a beautiful voice, so it’s great for listening to before sleep.

When Miett tells a story, the audience gets entirely immersed in it. You must subscribe to this audio if you have difficulties sleeping.

She delivers various stories by numerous authors in each episode. She does, however, appear to have a special love for James Joyce, given that most of the series comes from his works.

#4. Tracks To Relax

The podcast “Tracks to Relax” is a mix of audio that can help you fall asleep.

This podcast comes in such a manner that you will undoubtedly sleep while listening to it.

The narrator’s voice is calming and comforting. Furthermore, the provided content is both gorgeous and relaxing.

If you have insomnia, you must listen to this playlist. We’re pretty sure that after referring to these audios, you’ll start feeling sleepy fast.

#5. Boring Books for Bedtime

These are really dull books for your bedtimes, as the title implies. The host discusses samples from renowned authors in a calm and relaxed manner.

The host reads passages from illustrious figures such as Aristotle, Galileo, Emerson, and others.

The host’s voice is too comforting and calm. It automatically shuts down your thoughts and puts you to bed.

It is without a doubt one of the greatest recordings to subscribe to if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

#6. In Our Time

“In Our Time” is a famous educational program covering a wide range of law, science, and religion.

There are six separate “In Our Time” audios to choose from. The main program is this one, while the others are about culture, philosophy, history, religion, and science.

This program isn’t originally a sleep podcast, but it may seem similar if you recall the sleepy feeling in class due to your professor’s lengthy lectures.

If you try this series, you will gain two benefits: you will gain knowledge and fall asleep.

#7. Nothing Much Happens

Kathryn Nicolai is a certified yoga instructor as well as a meditation expert. She has been telling bedtime stories since she was a toddler to assist her in sleeping.

Nicolai is now an adult. She wants to do the same for others by introducing this show.

Nicolai uses the podcast as a platform to convey stories she thinks up in her brain. “I have a library of easy tales to pop up to in my mind,” she shares.

Her purpose with her night stories and soft voice is to help individuals rest. Thanks to its effectiveness, the program now has more than a million subscribers worldwide.

#8. Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

This program focuses on detectives with their adventures. Adam Graham hosts the show, the founder and main author of “Laser and Sword,” hosts the show.

He also works on Pajamas Media and the Idaho Press-Tribune, blogs about political matters.

“Great Detectives” aspires to reproduce the “golden period of radio drama” atmosphere.

It will keep you thinking about the puzzles and twists of the events it presents, which is an excellent bit of a change from lying awake at night pondering what your life’s goal is.

#9. Game of Drones

Drew Ackerman, the producer and narrator of “Sleep With Me,” has introduced a new show called “Game of Drones.”

Ackerman keeps his narrative technique as his other show, but this time focuses on recaps and discussion on current “Game of Thrones” chapters.

This audio is special because it can convert an action-packed program into a boring but equally relaxing tale. This audio will, without a doubt, help you fall asleep.

#10. Slow Radio

The purpose of “Slow Radio” is to let listeners immerse themselves and take everything slow, making it a great night podcast.

In today’s fast-paced era of technology, we all need to take a break, take some deep breaths, and simply do things little by little.

This BBC Radio audio will help you enjoy life in the most peaceful and relaxing way possible. It involves listening to natural sounds while sleeping.

#11. On a Dark, Cold Night

If you suffer from insomnia and like horror stories, this program is for you. Kristen Zaza is your closest friend giving you nighttime ghost stories in the middle of the night while backpacking in the forests.”

“On a Dark, Cold Night” premiered in January 2018 and came with 92 episodes to date. On different review platforms, it gets primarily 5-star reviews.

People say it’s fascinating to follow the show, regardless of whether it helps them rest. On Zaza’s webpage, you may download the transcription of each episode.

#12. Balanced Black Girl

“Balanced Black Girl” is a program aimed to establish a safe platform for discussions about happiness, holistic wellbeing, and self-improvement from the viewpoint of Black women.

These ladies share about mental health, friendship and romantic relationships, and wellbeing to help you live a good life.

As you snuggle under your blanket, “Balanced Black Girl” is a wonderful, peaceful series to help you relax and discover yourself.

#13. Phoebe Reads A Mystery

Any true crime enthusiast must hear about Phoebe Judge, the clever creator of “Criminal,” one of the most fantastic podcasts accessible.

Judge’s very calm and comforting voice comes in second only to the show’s great content.

Judge reads a section from a crime novel every day, including works by Wilkie Collins, Agatha Christie, Mary Shelley, and Conan Doyle.

If you’re having difficulty getting to bed as soon as you want, this series is the perfect combination of warm, calming, and entertaining music to enjoy.

#14. The New Yorker Fiction

Deborah Treisman, the editor of the “New Yorker,” hosts this program in which she discusses passages from notable works of fiction and invites guests to discuss them.

It’s like getting your awesome aunt, who you wish to be when you’re mature, to tell you stories and then analyze them with her super cool friends.

#15. The Daily Meditation

Another series of guided meditations to keep you calm is “The Daily Meditation.”

This show is not asleep podcast, but it can help if worry and anxiety are the underlying causes of your insomnia.

Mary Meckley is the host of this show. Her mission is to share with people that meditation is a technique to reduce stress and a new way to solve life’s problems and all of its difficulties.


When it comes to having enough sleep, factors like eating nutritious foods and relieving anxiety are essential.

You can find the best podcast to listen to while going to sleep based on our list. They will help you fall asleep easier.

Matt Walker, a sleep scientist, explains how simple changes to your room temperature, light, and other factors may help you have a better night’s sleep. Click on this video to learn more.

Hopefully, you won’t suffer from sleeplessness anymore. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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