20 Great Songs About Ex Best Friends that Capture Your Emotions, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

_Great Songs About Ex Best Friends

Looking for songs that capture the complexities of losing a best friend? Look no further! This list features the best songs about ex-best friends that will resonate with you.

Losing a best friend is never easy. Unfortunately, it can happen as we age and change. Thankfully, there’s plenty of music available to help make the transition easier.

These songs about ex-best friends will touch your soul while helping you remember you’re not alone.

Whether you’re looking for catharsis or something beautiful to overcome this difficult time, these songs will be there for you when you need them most.

1. Selena Gomez – People You Know

Selena Gomez’s “People You Know” is an emotional and reflective song from her album Rare, with modern Pop production giving it a euphoric feel.

Through the track’s moody guitar plucks and dramatic backing chords, Selena expresses how relationships can drift away until people no longer recognize each other.

Despite its cheerful style, the track still carries a sadness and wistfulness that resonates through her lyrics and vocals.

It’s an excellent heartache anthem for those going through breakups with once-best friends.

2. Grimes – Flesh Without Blood

Grimes’ song “Flesh Without Blood” is a fantastic example of why she’s such an incredible artist.

The track is about the end of a close friendship and the emotion that comes with it.

Through thoughtful lyrics and relatively chilled beats, Grimes creates an atmosphere that can only be described as bittersweet.

She speaks on coming to terms with rifts between friends while recognizing that sometimes things in life don’t work out.

3. Taylor Swift (Feat. Colbie Caillat) – Breathe

“Breathe” by Taylor Swift (feat. Colbie Caillat) is an emotional song that speaks of the pain of a fractured friendship.

The lyrics, which honestly portray the hurt and betrayal involved in a former best friend turning their back on you, are accompanied by a stunning instrumental production showcasing elements of both ballads and pop hooks to evoke emotion.

This powerful track will undoubtedly resonate with those who have experienced similar heartache as it accurately captures the sorrow and sense of loss associated with broken friendships.

4. FINNEAS – I Lost a Friend

“I Lost a Friend” by FINNEAS is a heartfelt track that captures the raw emotion of losing an ex-best friend.

With heartwarming lyrics and tranquil production, this song takes listeners on an emotionally-driven journey of reflection.

From the sad verses to the intense chorus, it’s clear that FINNEAS has poured his soul into this song.

Whether or not you’ve experienced a similar loss, this song will remind you of what it feels like to part ways with someone close and how meaningful those connections can be.

5. Charli XCX (Feat. Sky Ferreira) – Cross You Out

The song “Cross You Out” by Charli XCX, featuring Sky Ferreira, is one of my favorite songs.

It’s a perfect ode to former best friends and captures the high-stakes emotions that can arise from such friendships.

The lyrics compare friendship to a game of chess, and they express the mix of hurt and regret that often comes with ending a close relationship.

The melody is gentle yet captivating, creating an atmosphere of hope, even sadness.

6. Allie X – Sarah Come Home

Allie X’s “Sarah Come Home” is a beautifully composed, emotionally moving song about the dissolution of a once-close friendship.

Lyrics like “Please come home” tug at your heartstrings as Allie X’s delicate vocals narrate her longing to rekindle the relationship.

As someone who has gone through similar experiences, I find “Sarah Come Home” incredibly relatable and deeply resonant.

7. Rina Sawayama – Bad Friend

Rina Sawayama’s “Bad Friend” is a clever and raw breakup song about the end of a platonic relationship, making it quintessential listening for anyone going through the end of a crucial one-sided friendship.

The lyrics are heartbreakingly honest and relatable – from dealing with unfair expectations to staying up all night remembering what was lost – nothing is hidden away.

Rina Sawayama wrote this song as a tribute to herself for being brave enough to walk away from an unhealthy friendship and serve as a reminder that we should never settle for something less than what we deserve.

8. Caroline Polachek – Look At Me Now

Caroline Polachek’s “Look At Me Now” is an empowering and captivating anthem for anyone going through a difficult breakup or change of heart with someone.

The song radiates strong emotions on how relationships can end as abruptly as they began while rising to anthemic heights about embracing the newfound freedom after such a challenging journey.

9. Selena Gomez – Lose You to Love Me

Selena Gomez’s song “Lose You to Love Me” is one of my favorite songs and vividly portrays my ex-best friends.

In the lyrics, Selena recounts how she had to lose her former best friend to love herself and move on. Her honest and raw emotions make it an anthem for anyone who has gone through such a situation.

This single captures the heartache of two people who were once close but no longer friends. The song is heartfelt and powerful, leaving listeners feeling understood, seen, and validated in their struggles with loss.

10. Paramore – Tell Me How

Paramore’s song “Tell Me How” is a heartfelt track about the difficulty of losing an ex-best friend.

The story told in this song is one that, indeed, many of us have felt at some point in our lives, though it can be challenging for those going through the end of a close relationship.

The emotion conveyed in Hayley Williams’s emotional vocal performance comes to life with the driving drum beat and passionate guitar riffs.

Her raw lyrics express how hard it is to see someone you once called your best friend become nothing more than a distant memory and how you still wish to hear their voice but know that will never happen again.

11. Caroline Kole – Ex Best Friend

Caroline Kole’s song “Ex Best Friend” perfectly captures the complicated feelings and sadness of losing a best friend.

The lyrics tell the story of two people who used to share everything but have gone their separate ways and can no longer be close like they once were.

The chorus reflects on how quickly things changed between them while also questioning if they can ever return to how it was before.

There is an underlying regret for letting things get so bad between them, as well as hope that they may be friends someday.

12. Taylor Swift – You’re Not Sorry

“You’re Not Sorry” by Taylor Swift is a song about an ex-best friend—someone who was the person we thought would be in our lives “forever and ever,” but unfortunately wasn’t.

It captures the hurt of this loss and the struggle to accept that things changed and won’t return to what they were.

The lyrics deal with feelings of regret and loneliness while also expressing resilience.

With its heartbreaking melody, it’s a great anthem for anyone who has had their heart broken by someone or something they thought was forever.

13. Alec Benjamin – How It Feels To Be Replaced

Alec Benjamin’s “How It Feels To Be Replaced” is a heartfelt song about when your best friend becomes someone else.

Through his melancholic vocals, he conveys the guilt for not being there enough to make their friendship last and the pain of being replaced.

His lyrics also explore the idea that it can be harder to lose a friend than a romantic partner because you share more intimate details and close memories with them.

With a haunting melody and raw emotion, this song is an anthem for anyone heartbroken by a former best friend.

14. Tate McRae – Dear Ex Best Friend

Tate McRae’s song “Dear Ex Best Friend” is heartfelt about letting go of a past friendship.

The lyrics capture the hurt and sadness of realizing that an ex-best friend was never a true friend, no matter what you shared or how much effort you put in.

Listening to this song is like having a conversation with your own heart. It can be hard to admit when someone in your life isn’t who you thought they were, but Tate McRae reminds us that it’s essential to recognize when it’s time for closure.

15. Jetpack Jay – Dear Best Friend

“Jetpack Jay – Dear Best Friend” is one of my favorite songs about ex-best friends.

It captures the heartbreak of a friendship gone wrong and expresses the wish for things to return to how they were.

The song contains lyrics such as “Don’t know when I lost you, don’t want to be without you / If I could just have one more chance, would we be like before?” which helps us understand why it can be so hard to let go of someone who was once so close.

The message of “Dear Best Friend” is ultimately one of hope that we can rebuild our broken friendships with understanding and patience.

16. “RIP” – Olivia O’Brien

“RIP” by Olivia O’Brien is a heartbreaking yet honest ode to the loss of an ex-best friend.

With lyrics like “Say goodbye to innocence, and all that we believed,” O’Brien captures the overwhelming sadness of saying goodbye to someone who used to be your closest companion.

She reflects on moments that once felt safe, such as hearing their favorite song on the radio or driving down a road they used to take together.

This song beautifully demonstrates the complicated and often painful experience of losing someone you once considered your best friend.

17. “I Have Questions” – Camila Cabello

“I Have Questions” by Camila Cabello is an emotional ballad about ex-best friends.

It captures the raw emotions of betrayal and loss that come with such a heartbreaking breakup.

The lyrics explore the thoughts of betrayal, confusion, anger, sadness, and emptiness that arise during this difficult time.

With her powerful vocals and an incredibly moving video, Camila effectively conveys these mixed emotions through her music.

18. “Bad Blood” – Taylor Swift

“Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift is one of my favorite songs about friendship gone wrong.

It tells the story of a rocky relationship between two ex-friends with lyrics such as “Now we’ve got bad blood, you know it used to be mad love.”

This song has relatable lyrics that speak to anyone in a similar situation and expresses the uncomfortable and hurtful feelings associated with a betrayal of trust.

19. Complicated – Avril Lavigne

“Complicated” by Avril Lavigne is a classic song about ex-best friends. The piece explores the pain of seeing someone you used to be so close to moving on and not caring anymore.

Through insightful lyrics, the song unpacks the heartache of losing a friend and how even though everything may seem “complicated,” there is still hope for the future.

Filled with raw emotion and a catchy melody, “Complicated” is one of my favorite songs as it perfectly captures what it’s like to lose a friend you once shared everything with.

20. Real Friends – Camila Cabello

“Real Friends” by Camila Cabello is a song that resonates with me. It’s about an ex-best friend who fell out of touch and the pain of the resulting emotional distance.

The song captures so much of the sadness and confusion that comes from this kind of breakup, with lines like “I guess I was naive to think you were mine” and “It was never easy for me without you, but I guess I learned how to be strong alone.”

The chorus is especially poignant in its helplessness: “Maybe if I call you up, it might be alright / But real friends don’t love from a distance.”

This song serves as both an homage to former friendships and a reminder to cherish the ones we have now.


What is ex-best friend called?

An ex-best friend used to be your closest friend but no longer are.

This could happen for various reasons, such as different opinions or values, drifting apart due to distance, a disagreement between friends, and even one person feeling betrayed by the other.

It can be difficult when an ex-best friend is someone you once felt so connected to because it can make healing and closure hard to find.

However, it’s important to remember that although friendships sometimes come and go, the memories and experiences you share can still stay with you forever.

Should I talk to my ex-best friend?

Deciding whether or not to talk to an ex-best friend can be a difficult decision.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and what you feel comfortable with. If you still have feelings for them or are still friends, it may be worth considering talking to them again.

On the other hand, if your past relationship was strained and could lead to further hatred, it might be best to leave things as they are.

Whatever your decision is, make sure that it feels right for you and will benefit both of you in the long run.

Is it OK to like your best friend’s ex?

It is understandable to have feelings for a friend’s ex, but it’s essential to consider all the potential consequences before acting on those feelings.

It could be an awkward situation between you and your friend if they find out, and it could also create tension between you and your new love interest.

Think about how your friend might feel if they found out. Would it strain the friendship? If so, it may not be worth risking the relationship.

This is a personal decision that only you can make to do what makes you happy while respecting those around you.

What to do if you like your ex’s best friend?

If you’ve developed feelings for your ex’s best friend, the best thing to do is take a step back and evaluate the situation.

Talk to someone close to you to get a different perspective and consider if it’s worth potentially damaging the friendship between your ex and their best friend.

You should also consider whether or not this would hurt your ex and how it would cause tension among your group of friends.

Above all else, remember that feelings can change, so make sure to move forward with caution.

How does losing a best friend feel?

Losing a best friend can feel devastating. Nothing can entirely replace the bond shared between two people. It’s not one you can find again.

As your friendship has likely been built on trust and kindness, you may suddenly become lost without that presence in your life.

It might be difficult to understand why things changed or what happened, and you’ll have to learn how to move forward without them by your side.

Although the pain of losing a best friend is often intense, finding ways to cope will help you heal through this challenging experience in the long term.

What is the pain of losing a best friend?

The pain of losing a best friend can be devastating. It’s like losing a family member and a big part of yourself simultaneously.

You have so many memories together, and that bond you shared was so special, making it hard to comprehend that they’re no longer there or will ever be again.

Grieving this loss is a process that everyone takes differently but may include guilt, anger, confusion, and sadness.

Your life will feel different without them, lonely in ways you never thought possible.

The pain can seem unbearable at times, but gradually, with some time and patience, it gets easier to live with as time passes, but it will never be forgotten.

Can I date my ex-best friend?

Dating your ex-best friend can be tricky. It’s important to remember that an ex-best friend is still a person with feelings and emotions.

Before getting back together, it’s vital to consider whether there are unresolved issues or hurt feelings in the past that could affect your relationship going forward.

It may also be essential to consider how the relationship may change your dynamic with other friends you have in common.

Only you can decide what is right for you and if taking this step would better both of you in the long run.


It is never easy to go through a friendship breakup. Whether it was a mutual decision or not, these songs can offer a sense of comfort and solace during this difficult time.

Even though it can be painful to revisit the memory of your ex-best friend, sometimes listening to music with these same feelings expressed can be cathartic in its own right.

Music has always been considered one of the most vital forms of therapy, and we hope you find some peace in singing along to these great songs about ex-best friends.

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