7 Best Portable Stripper Poles For Home Spinning

Best Portable Stripper Poles

Pole dancing is no longer associated with libertine nightclubs. Nowadays, it is more commonly practiced in dance studios and gyms. Surprisingly, you can install a pole in your home for convenient spinning.

Looking for the best portable stripper poles for home spinning? Look no further! This guide will help you find the perfect Best Stripper Poles for your at-home workouts.

1. MegaBrand Portable Fitness Dancing Pole – Best Dance Pole for Carpet

The MegaBrand portable dancing pole is a versatile product that can be easily assembled and stored away when unused. Its package includes individually wrapped parts, which make it convenient to use.

The swivel base allows for a quick and easy installation process. If you feel the grip is not perfect, don’t worry. Give it some time to settle in. Once you start spinning, it becomes stable and steady.

The product has a height range of 7’4″ – 9’3″, making it suitable for spaces that are not too low or high. If your house meets the dimensions, it can be a valuable investment.

However, the warranty for this product is reportedly shorter than the general standard, which is a potential downside.


  • Affordable price
  • High weight capacity
  • Smooth spinning
  • Detailed installation instructions


  • Short warranty period

2. Pro-Fit 50mm Professional Dance Pole – Best Dance Pole for Popcorn Ceiling

The 50mm diameter pole deviates from the commonly used 40mm and 45mm sizes. It requires a trained grip and is intended for experienced dancers seeking a challenge.

If you feel confident in your abilities, consider the benefits it offers. The pole stands out on the market due to its lighting system. With the LED light in stay-on or show mode, your performance will be greatly enhanced.

Even without the light, the pole is a worthwhile investment. Made of chrome with a smooth finish, it offers both durability and a comfortable grip.

Additionally, this pole is portable and easy to install without tools. It has optional extensions for added height and can be conveniently stored in a bag.


  • Easy to install and portable
  • Optional extensions for added height


  • Not suitable for new pole dancers due to its size.

3. Yaheetech Professional Stripper Pole – Best For The Money

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a great pole for dancing, Yaheetech is here for you. This adjustable pole, ranging from 7 to 9 feet, provides more options.

While it may not have the sleek look of stainless steel, the chrome plating is durable enough to resist corrosion and rust. The materials used are also solid and long-lasting.

However, one downside of Yaheetech’s stripper poles is the fixed height range. You cannot extend or reduce it beyond its limit, making it less versatile.

It can support up to 440 pounds, but be aware that during installation, it may cause damage to your ceiling and floor. Adding more weight will only worsen the effect.


  • Easy to install
  • Resistant to rust


  • It may not be suitable for beginners
  • Difficult to remove once installed.

4. VIVOHOME Professional Spinning Dancing Pole – Best Strip Pole for Home Fitness

At VIVOHOME, they take pride in the exceptional quality of materials used to create their spinning poles.

The perfect balance of chrome and steel creates a pole that feels great to the touch and provides excellent grip. This inspires us to practice every day.

The primary pole has a fixing rod for height adjustment, and the package includes extension poles that add up to 20 inches.

A key allows easy switching between spinning and static modes, providing versatility during exercise or performance.

This professional dancing pole is intelligently designed for various applications, making it suitable for seasoned dancers, beginners, athletes, and yoga enthusiasts.


  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • Height-adjustable
  • Two modes for versatility


  • The 45mm diameter may be challenging for beginners
  • Installation is not easy

5. Serenelife Professional Spinning Dancing Pole – Best dance pole for plus size

The Serenelife Professional Dancing Pole is incredibly flexible and comes in metallic hues instead of the usual cold grey.

It has even included gloves in the package, which is a nice touch.

This is a portable dance pole that is very simple to install and take down, with no complicated devices or tools needed. While installing, you can use the extension parts and adjust the overall pole height as required.

For a slender pole that can hold up to 610 pounds, the manufacturing must be precise, and Serenelife delivers on that. The joints are smooth and won’t scratch your palms, and the two ends attach to the corresponding surfaces with ease.

Serenelife not only focuses on the structure but also the pole’s exterior, ensuring that it is protected with a finish resistant to rust and corrosion.


  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion-proof finish
  • Suitable for various user groups
  • High durability


  • The pole is slightly short
  • There may be some resistance while spinning.

6. LUPIT POLE Professional Pole Dancing Pole

For those looking to enhance their dancing pole’s endurance, the chrome finish offered by LUPIT POLE is a popular choice.

Their sleek poles are sturdy enough for individuals of all sizes and genders, making them ideal for intense workouts like spinning and inverted moves.

The quadruple ball system ensures no stiffness or resistance, while the poles’ weight won’t strain the ceiling or floor.

Customers appreciate the lack of drilling required for installation, and the package comes with all necessary equipment, including silicone rings, to stabilize the dome and minimize damage.

The only potential drawback is the price, which may be steep for some. Additionally, the product does not specify weight capacity, which may concern less experienced users.


  • Chrome finish
  • No drilling is required for the installation
  • Durable for force and bending


  • Fairly expensive
  • Weight rating not specified

7. Beethunder Stripper Dance Pole for Home

Looking for a versatile dance pole that can be used in a variety of settings? Look no further than Beethunder!

Their sleek black poles with a round base are perfect for dance studios, gyms, stages, bars, and even your home.

The package has a detailed manual that makes installation and disassembly a breeze.

And the best part? No drilling is required! With a maximum height of 10 feet, you can quickly put up the pole, practice your moves, and take it down for easy storage.

But that’s not all. The pole’s core is made of fine steel and finished with chrome, making it sturdy and comfortable.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, you’ll find that Beethunder’s dance pole is the perfect fit.


  • Durable materials ensure long-lasting use
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Adjustable height range for added versatility


  • It might not be ideal for beginners
  • The weight limit is unspecified

Tips on Choosing The Best Portable Stripper Pole For Your Home

If you are looking for the best stripper pole for home use, the best portable stripper pole, or the best pole dancing pole for home use.

You may encounter various blogs that have collections of stripper poles.

I suggest not relying solely on recommendations from the best ones, as some of them may be financially incentivized (including some of my top picks).

When it comes to pole dancing, selecting the appropriate pole is a critical decision that should not be taken lightly.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you carefully review and comprehend each pole manufacturer’s specifics and select the secure and ideal pole for your pole dancing needs.

Please take note of the following reminders when selecting the best stripper pole for your home:

1. When selecting a pole company, it’s crucial to research its reputation regarding the quality and reliability of its products. Choose a company with an excellent reputation to ensure the best results.

2. Please take into consideration the weight limit of the stripper pole. It’s essential to ensure that the pole can bear your weight and any additional weight exerted on it, particularly when dancing on it.

3. It is essential to consider the material it is made of. Metal, plastic, and fiberglass are all common options, each with advantages and disadvantages. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each material and choose the one that best fits your needs.

4. Before purchasing a pole, ensure it is suitable for the height of your ceiling. Although most poles are adjustable, confirming that the maximum size meets your requirements is crucial.

5. It is important to choose a stripper pole that can be easily assembled and disassembled. If you intend to move the pole frequently, selecting one that is simple to set up and take down is advisable.

Things To Consider for Choosing The Best Stripper Poles

Choosing a stripper pole based solely on its appearance is not recommended. Although one may seem more appealing, it is crucial to consider various other essential factors before purchasing.

To assist you in selecting the stripper pole, there are essential factors that you should take into account.

1. Static and Spinning mode

There are two modes available for stripper poles: static and spinning.

When using static poles, they remain stationary while you dance around them. Although user-friendly, they offer little versatility for your routine or movements.

Static poles can be an ideal option for those who are just learning to dance and are concerned about balance or footing.

For experienced pole dancers seeking a challenge, spinning poles provide greater freedom and the ability to perform advanced tricks.

Balancing on these poles is more complex than static stripper poles, and improper installation can lead to potential danger.

There are poles available that have both spinning and static sections. These poles provide the benefits of both types, the flexibility and movement of a spinning pole and the stability of a static one.

2. Materials

When selecting a pole, it’s crucial to consider the material it’s made from.

The material should be solid and resistant to breaking. With numerous types of poles available, you have several options.

For durability and safety, opt for a pole constructed from high-quality materials such as chrome, stainless steel, or brass.

  • While chrome may be easier to clean than other metals, it’s also prone to scratches.
  • Though brass may be pricier than chrome, it’s more robust and has a longer lifespan.
  • Stainless steel is also an excellent choice since it doesn’t rust or corrode when exposed to water sources like rain or snow.

In short, choosing a good pole should sustain heavy usage over time without breaking down or sustaining damage.

3. Enamel powder coating

When searching for high-quality poles, choosing ones made with powder enamel coating is essential. This material offers a non-slip surface that enhances grip and safety.

Powder enamel poles are typically constructed with powder-coated steel or aluminum. They boast a non-slip powder coat finish that helps prevent slipping.

4. Color

The world of stripper poles provides a diverse selection of options available in different colors and designs. From traditional chrome to gold, black, and even rainbow, there is something to suit every taste.

When choosing the perfect pole, it’s best to consider a color that complements your decor or aligns with your personal preference.

5. Diameter

It’s essential to consider your skill level and the size of your hands.

For beginners with smaller hands, a pole with a smaller diameter, such as 45mm, may be more suitable. This is especially true for petite women struggling to grip thicker poles.

On the other hand, more advanced users with larger hands may benefit from a larger diameter, such as 50mm. These poles can offer increased stability and support during performances for experienced dancers.

6. Weight

A heavier pole will provide excellent stability and have a longer lifespan.

The weight of poles can vary depending on the model, but ideally, it should fall between 33 to 40 pounds for optimal stability.

While a lighter pole may be more convenient to move around, it may also be less stable and more prone to wobbling during exercise.

To determine if a pole is too light or heavy for your needs, hold it in front of you with both hands and give it a jiggle up and down.

If there’s no movement, then the pole is right for you. However, if there’s a considerable amount of activity, then it may not be suitable for your needs.

7. Height

If you’re working with limited space, the height of the pole you choose becomes even more critical.

It’s best to go for a pole that’s tall enough to allow for movement and flexibility but not so tall that it becomes difficult to use.

If you plan on using the pole for professional purposes or as part of your home gym routine, a pole that extends from about 5 feet (1.5 meters) off the ground up to 10 feet (3 meters) is ideal.

There are two main types of poles: adjustable and non-adjustable.

Adjustable poles can be adjusted to different heights, while non-adjustable poles can only be set at one height. Make sure to choose the right type of pole for your specific needs.

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to measure the ceiling height.

8. Compact

If you only use the pole occasionally or need something that can be easily moved, a removable and portable pole would be the best choice for you.

However, if you use it frequently, a fixed pole would be more suitable.

How to determine the height of your ceiling

Here’s a guide on how to choose the size of your ceiling.

#1. Prepare

To proceed, you will require a laser roulette or construction tape, a stepladder or chair, chalk or an object, and a second person to assist you.

#2. Determine the location of the stripper pole

Before installing the pole, it is crucial to accurately determine its location and ensure that the floor and ceiling are suitable for installation.

Additionally, make sure that there are no obstacles, such as sprinklers or lighting fixtures, that could impede the pole’s placement.

#3. Use chalk or an object to mark the spot on the floor where the pole should be placed

Make adjustments as necessary to achieve your ideal position.

This will enable you to practice your moves without worrying about hitting your head on anything while spinning around.

#4. Measure

To determine the height of your pole, place a chair or stepladder next to the marked spot on the floor.

Ask a helper to stand on it while holding up a roulette at eye level on the ceiling.

Be sure to avoid measuring the height of the ceiling against the wall, as it may vary depending on your location in the room.


What is the best dance pole for beginners?

Finding the best dance pole for beginners can be a daunting task.

To ensure you get the right one, consider your budget, the room sizes, and available products.

The most important factor when selecting a pole is that it should be strong enough to support your weight during spins and inversions.

Look for a pole with adjustable heights so you can adjust as needed and practice safely.

A professional-grade static or spinning pole made of stainless steel would be an excellent choice as it’s sturdy yet easy to maneuver.

Don’t forget to check customer reviews before purchasing to ensure you get the highest quality product at the most reasonable price.

I’ve heard that starting with a static 50mm chrome pole is best for beginners.

However, it can be inconvenient if you have to keep buying new ones as you advance. It’s better to start with one in a studio where you can switch poles according to your progress.

What size pole is best for pole dancing?

The best pole size depends on various factors, such as height, weight, fitness level, and personal preferences.

If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended that you start with a pole that has a diameter of 45mm to 50mm. As you gain more experience, you can move up to slightly larger poles.

For intermediate to advanced dancers, a pole with a diameter of 50mm to 53mm is generally preferred. However, individual preferences should still be taken into account.

When selecting a pole, it’s essential to consider the material it’s made of. Higher-density materials like titanium or stainless steel may feel more comfortable during spins than lighter-weight ones like aluminum or chrome.

Is a 40mm or 45mm pole better?

When deciding between a 40mm or 45mm pole, the purpose of the pole should guide your decision.

If you use the pole for a vault, a 45mm pole will provide more stability and strength when transferring weight between your hands.

However, if you plan to use the pole for gymnastics rings or other swinging apparatuses that require flexibility, a 40mm pole will offer increased maneuverability while still providing good support.

Should I get a 40mm or 45mm pole?

Deciding between a 40mm or 45mm pole is a personal decision that depends on your individual needs.

A 40mm pole is more lightweight and versatile, ideal for moderate jumps and spins.

In contrast, the increased diameter of the 45mm version can provide additional stability during higher jumps and more daring maneuvers.

Do pole dancing poles damage the ceiling?

Dancing poles can cause damage to the ceiling if installed improperly. However, if done correctly by a professional, they should not cause any harm.

What are the disadvantages of steel poles?

Steel poles are renowned for their strong foundation and enduring toughness. When chrome and iron alloys are added, their sturdiness is further enhanced, resulting in a sleek and appealing appearance.

However, this glossy finish can also present a challenge. The slick nature of the pole surface can make it challenging for inexperienced users to maintain a firm hold.

How long do steel poles last?

Steel poles last for years and years. However, if you want steel poles to have a longer lifespan, it’s essential to choose a stainless finish.

Otherwise, the humid weather can cause the steel to rust and deteriorate faster than it should.

Which Stripper Pole did I choose?

Based on my careful consideration of various aspects, I believe the MegaBrand Portable Fitness Dancing Pole is the ideal choice for pole dancing, providing excellent value.

It is reasonably priced, not too cheap or expensive, so there is no need to worry about the quality of the materials or the investment breaking your budget.

It allows for smooth spinning and helps you stay fit if you are prepared to overlook the limited warranty period.

Why is pole dance so expensive?

Pole dancing is a beautiful art form that demands strength, skill, and technique. When done correctly, it can serve as a complete full-body workout.

However, due to the extensive effort and time invested by qualified instructors in teaching the art, the cost of pole dancing classes can be relatively high.

Moreover, students may need to purchase or rent specialized equipment like poles, mats, and costumes to practice pole dancing at home, which incurs an additional cost.

Additionally, studios often charge membership fees for those looking to join their programs, along with additional costs for private lessons and special events.

All of these factors work together to make pole dancing a pricey activity.

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