19 Most Popular Best Suicideboys Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Most Popular Best Suicideboys Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

If you’re a fan of alternative hip hop, then you’ve probably heard of the dynamic duo known as Suicideboys.

Known for their dark and edgy style, this rap group has gained a loyal following with their unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Suicideboys?

Grab your headphones because we’ve compiled a list of their best songs to get you hooked from the first beat.

So please sit back, relax, and get ready to discover some great songs in our list of Best Suicide Boys Songs.


“PARIS” by $uicideboy$ is a standout track that perfectly captures the essence of this rap duo.

With hauntingly raw lyrics and dark, intense beats, it’s no wonder many consider this their best song yet.

The opening lines set the tone for the rest of the song as they rap about their struggles with mental health and addiction.

As we delve deeper into the verses, we are taken on a journey through their minds as they grapple with hopelessness and despair in Paris.

2. Runnin’ Thru the 7th with My Woadies

“Runnin’ Thru the 7th with My Woadies” by $uicideboy$ has quickly become a fan favorite.

This track perfectly captures the dark, gritty sound the duo is known for while incorporating catchy hooks and energetic beats.

The haunting lyrics paint a picture of living in a dangerous world surrounded by drug use and violence but finding solace and companionship with your closest “woadies.”

3. Venom

“Venom” by $uicideboy$ is a powerful and haunting track that dives deep into the minds of Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth, two members of this underground rap duo.

Released in 2016 as part of their album “Eternal Grey,” this track immediately hooks you with its dark beat and raw lyrics.

The song explores themes of addiction, self-destruction, and inner turmoil, which are all too familiar to the group’s fanbase.

With intense delivery and clever wordplay, Ruby and $Crim paint a vivid picture of their struggles with depression.

4. Carrollton

“Carrollton” by the rap duo $uicideboy$ is undoubtedly their best song yet.

The track, featured on their debut studio album “I Want To Die In New Orleans,” showcases the duo’s razor-sharp lyrics and haunting production style.

With dark and gritty verses, the song highlights the struggles of growing up in their hometown of New Orleans, specifically in the Carrollton area.

The raw and emotional delivery of Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth’s verses perfectly capture the pain and despair of living in a poverty-stricken neighborhood.

The beat, produced by Budd Dwyer, adds an eerie ambiance to the song that complements the lyrics perfectly.

5. For the Last Time

“For the Last Time” by $uicideboy$ is undoubtedly one of their best songs, showcasing their unique blend of dark and sinister lyrics with an energetic and catchy beat.

The song starts with a haunting piano melody, creating a somber atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of the track.

As Ruby da Cherry and Scrim’s verses kick in, they deliver powerful and impactful lyrics that reflect on their struggles with addiction, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

With lines like “I’m drowning in my sorrows / No tomorrow for me” and “I’m too scared to go to sleep / And face what lies beneath,” the duo paints a raw and honest picture of their inner demons.

6. $Outh $Ide $Uicide

“$outh $ide $uicide” by the rap duo $uicideboy$ is a must-listen for any fans of alternative hip-hop.

This track showcases their signature dark and edgy style, with haunting production and intense lyrics that leave a lasting impact.

The track starts with a menacing beat, setting the tone for the raw and unfiltered verses.

$uicideboy$ effortlessly switches between rapping and singing, creating a dynamic flow that adds depth to their storytelling.

7. Magazine

Regarding underground rap, $uicideboy$ is a force to be reckoned with.

Their unique blend of punk and trap music has gained them a dedicated cult following, and their song “Magazine” perfectly represents their style.

The track starts with a melodic guitar riff, giving off a sense of nostalgia before the hard-hitting beats kick in.

But what sets this song apart is the hauntingly beautiful chorus sung by Ruby da Cherry, one half of $uicideboy$, which creates an eerie yet captivating atmosphere.

8. LTE

“LTE” by $uicideboy$ is a powerful and haunting track that showcases the duo’s unique sound and lyrical prowess.

The song starts with a melodic guitar riff that smoothly leads into the hard-hitting beat, capturing the listener’s attention.

The top-notch production gives the track a dark, eerie atmosphere that perfectly complements the lyrics.

Ruby da Cherry and $crim deliver raw and honest verses, discussing their struggles with addiction, mental health, and fame.

9. New Chains, Same Shackles

“New Chains, Same Shackles” by $uicideboy$ is a powerful and gritty track that delves into the harsh realities of living in the fast lane.

The New Orleans duo’s raw and intense lyrics paint a vivid picture of the endless cycle of drugs, violence, and self-destruction that plagues their city.

Their signature aggressive flow and haunting production make for an electrifying listening experience as they rap about being trapped in their toxic behaviors.

10. Fuckthepopulation

“Fuckthepopulation” by $uicideboy$ is an intense and hard-hitting track that embodies the rebellious and nonconformist attitude of the duo.

With their signature aggressive delivery and dark, provocative lyrics, the song sheds light on societal issues such as greed, corruption, and the power dynamics in modern society.

This track’s raw energy and unapologetic nature stand out among their extensive discography.

The pulsating beats and heavy bass only add to the edginess of the song, making it a must-listen for hip-hop and alternative rap fans.

11. Champion of Death

“Champion of Death” by $uicideboy$ is a compelling song that showcases this rap duo’s raw talent and passion.

The haunting beat and the aggressive and menacing lyrics create a sense of darkness and chaos, drawing the listener in from the first note.

Despite its dark subject, an underlying message of resilience and strength emerges as the track progresses.

With clever wordplay and intense delivery, $uicideboy$ prove themselves masters of their craft, crafting a masterpiece that will leave any listener in awe.

12. O Pana!

“O Pana!” is a standout track by the dynamic rap duo $uicideboy$. It showcases their raw talent and unique sound, making it one of their best songs.

The hauntingly atmospheric beat and their energetic and aggressive flow make for an intense listening experience.

The lyrics are dark and introspective, delving into themes of drugs, violence, and depression.

Despite the heavy subject matter, there is a sense of camaraderie in how they deliver each line, almost as if they share their experiences with a close friend.

13. Gloss of Blood

“Gloss of Blood” by $uicideboy$ is a powerful and haunting song that showcases the duo’s signature dark and nihilistic style.

The lyrics paint a vivid image of violence and self-destruction, with references to drug use, death, and desperation.

The production is equally eerie, with distorted vocals and haunting melodies that create an eerie atmosphere throughout the track.

However, what sets this song apart is the raw emotion behind it. The $uicideboy$ are known for their honest and unfiltered lyrics, but “Gloss of Blood” takes it to another level.

14. Dead Batteries

“Dead Batteries” by $uicideboy$ is a powerful and poignant song that highlights the struggles of mental health and addiction.

The lyrics are raw, honest, and relatable as they paint a picture of two individuals who feel lost and hopeless in their minds.

The slow and melodic beat adds to the song’s somber tone, immersing listeners in the emotional journey.

15. Do You Believe in God?

“Do You Believe in God?” by $uicideboy$ is a popular song that explores the age-old question of whether or not there is a higher power out there.

The rap duo made up of Ruby da Cherry and $crim, uses their signature dark and gritty style to delve into this topic, expressing their thoughts and feelings towards religion and faith.

They touch upon the struggles of navigating through life without a clear answer about the existence of God while also acknowledging the comfort and sense of belonging that comes with belief in a higher being.

16. And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around

“And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around” by $uicideboy$ is a popular song that speaks to the value of deep and meaningful relationships.

With a mix of melancholic and aggressive vocals, the song captures the raw emotions of gratitude toward those who have stayed by their side through thick and thin.

The lyrics touch upon love, loyalty, and loss, making it relatable to listeners from all walks of life.


“ANTARCTICA” by $uicideboy$ is a popular song that has gained immense recognition within the hip-hop community.

The duo, composed of Ruby da Cherry and Scrim, created a powerful, raw track showcasing their unique sound and style.

“ANTARCTICA” reflects the cold and lonely nature of their emotions. Despite the heavy subject matter, the song is delivered captivatingly with hard-hitting beats and intense vocals.

18. Kill Yourself (Part III)

“Kill Yourself (Part III)” is a popular song by the rap duo $uicideboy$. It is a very raw and emotional track that delves into the dark realities of mental health struggles.

The duo, consisting of Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth, use their harsh yet melodic voices to convey the pain and hopelessness of these intense emotions.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of inner turmoil and self-destructive tendencies, showcasing the vulnerability of individuals struggling with mental health issues.

19. My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames from Hell

“My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames from Hell” by $uicideboy$ is a popular song that resonates with many fans of the hip-hop duo.

The title alone paints a vivid picture of their music’s intense and dark themes.

The song delves into the struggles and imperfections that haunt us, comparing them to the burning agony of hellfire.

With raw and gritty lyrics, $uicideboy$ expresses their vulnerability and inner demons, making it relatable to listeners struggling with self-doubt and flaws.

20. 2nd Hand

“2nd Hand” by $uicideboy$ is a popular song among fans of the New Orleans-based rap duo.

The track, released in 2015, tells the story of the two members, Ruby da Cherry and Scrim, as they navigate through their struggles with drug addiction and mental health issues.

With haunting lyrics and a unique blend of trap beats and emo influences, this song has captivated listeners with its raw honesty and reliability.

It is a powerful reminder of the harsh realities many young people face today.


$UICIDEBOY$ is an American hip-hop duo consisting of cousins Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth, also known as Scrim.

They emerged from the underground rap scene in New Orleans, Louisiana, 2014 with their unique blend of horrorcore and trap music.

Their music often features dark lyrics and heavy beats, drawing inspiration from their struggles with depression, drug addiction, and poverty.

The duo has gained a dedicated fan base for their honest and raw approach to music, tackling taboo topics such as mental health and substance abuse.

Despite criticism for their controversial name and lyrical content, $UICIDEBOY$ has succeeded with multiple chart-topping albums and sold-out tours worldwide.


What is Suicide Boy’s most-played song?

Suicide Boy’s most-played song is “Paris,” released in 2016 as a part of their album Eternal Grey. ‘

The duo, including Ruby da Cherry and $crim, created a hauntingly beautiful track that quickly became a fan favorite.

The song starts with an eerie melody and then builds up to $crim’s aggressive rap verses, while Ruby’s emotional vocals add depth to the lyrics.

What song is the suicide boys known for?

The two artists rose to fame in the underground rap scene with dark lyrics and hard-hitting beats.

However, they gained mainstream recognition with their song “Paris” from their 2016 album ‘Eternal Grey.’

This iconic track showcases the duo’s signature sound – raw and aggressive flow paired with hauntingly melodic instrumentals.

Who inspired the Suicide Boys ‘ music?

The Suicide Boys, a rap duo consisting of Ruby da Cherry and Scrim, draw inspiration for their music from various sources.

As they grew up in New Orleans, the city’s rich jazz, blues, and soul music history has heavily influenced their sound.

They have also cited artists like Three 6 Mafia, Gucci Mane, and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony as significant inspirations for their dark and gritty lyrics.

Their love for horror movies and video games is also seen in their song titles and references throughout their discography.

Who writes SuicideBoys songs?

Both members are responsible for writing their own songs and have been doing so since the beginning of their careers.

They draw inspiration from their personal experiences with drug addiction, mental health struggles, and the darker aspects of life.

Their lyrics are raw and unfiltered, reflecting their genuine emotions and thoughts.

What music genre is Suicideboys in?

Suicideboys is a hip-hop duo primarily known for their unique blend of genres such as trap, horrorcore, and cloud rap.

Their music is often categorized as underground hip-hop due to their raw and gritty sound, but it also incorporates elements of punk, metal, and even Memphis rap.

The group’s dark and ominous lyrics combined with heavy bass beats create a distinct style that has resonated with fans across the globe.


Suicide Boys have proven time and time again that they are masters of their craft.

With hauntingly relatable lyrics and powerful production, their music has captivated audiences worldwide.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their sound, these best $uicideboy$ songs will impact you.

So turn up the volume and let yourself get lost in the dark world of the Suicideboys. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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