Can A Baritone Ukulele Be Tuned To GCEA?

Can A Baritone Ukulele Be Tuned To GCEA

Can A Baritone Ukulele Be Tuned To GCEA?

The short answer is yes. Tuning a baritone ukulele to GCEA isn’t complicated if you know exactly what you are doing. However, you will need to use the right strings. 

If you try to adjust the DGBE strings, you can make them stretch too much. That could damage your instrument or strings.

What exactly is GCEA Tuning?

Put, both DGBE and GCEA are the most common standard ukulele tunings.

Ukuleles come in four standard sizes, including Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. In which Soprano, Concert, Tenor come in G-C-E-A tuning.

Meanwhile, it is common to tune the Baritone ukulele to D-G-B-E (similar to the top four strings of acoustic guitars).

The sound of a Baritone ukulele is quite similar to an acoustic guitar. As a result, people often consider the Baritone ukulele to be a miniature version of the guitar.

Why should I tune my Baritone ukulele to GCEA?

After you know the GCEA well, it’s time to know why you should tune your Baritone ukulele to GCEA. Let’s check out the five reasons why you should tune your Baritone ukulele to GCEA.

#1. Change the sound

When you tune the Baritone ukulele to GCEA, your instrument will sound unique. Specifically, it produces a warmer sound with a larger vocal range.

#2. Better for a high-pitched voice

Tuning GCEA produces a noticeably sharper sound for a Baritone ukulele. D-G-B-E tuning is best suited for low-pitched voices. Meanwhile, GCEA tuning is the perfect choice for voices that produce high pitch sounds.

Therefore, it is wise to turn the Baritone ukulele to GCEA if you have a high-pitched voice.

#3. Produces sharper sound

By turning the Baritone ukulele to GCEA, the instrument will produce a sharper sound.

Although with DGBE tuning, your Baritone ukulele may produce a warmer sound. It has the same function as an acoustic guitar.

However, if you are looking for a detailed and crisp sound, GCEA turning is a great choice for you.

#4. Best for playing the basic chord

Although the Baritone ukulele sounds similar to an acoustic guitar, its basic chords are not the same. Therefore, learning the basic chords of the ukulele is not as simple as many people think.

To make learning the basic chords easy, many people choose to re-entrant tuning. If you turn the ukulele to GCEA properly, you can learn basic chords quickly. In addition, you will also be ready to play some ukulele songs.

#5. Best for beginners

Baritone ukuleles are the largest ukuleles. There is no denying that they are the right choice for beginners. Baritone ukuleles are miniature versions of the acoustic guitar. Their sound is even similar.

Many beginners love baritone ukulele with GCEA tuning.

How to turn a Baritone ukulele from DGBE to GCEA?

It would be greatest if you began with buying a new set of strings. This set of strings needs to be suitable for higher-scale Tuning.

If you choose a high (or low) GCEA string set 

Once you’ve purchased a high (or low) GCEA string set, string them together on your ukulele. You have to string them properly and adjust accordingly. If you’re careless, everything could get worse.

If you choose a high CEA string set, all you get is a clear and crisp sound. Meanwhile, if you choose a low GCEA string set, your instrument will sound warmer.

Therefore, the choice of wire completely depends on your needs.

If you choose a high DGBE string set ( or high D strings )

You can get a high GCEA tune. You must string and tune these strings properly to get the best results. It is wise to ask a ukulele expert for help.

Between the two methods above, you should choose the first. However, finding a GCEA string set is not easy. High D strings are also a great alternative in case you can’t find a GCEA string set.

Make sure you choose high-quality strings to get the best results. Using poor-quality strings can negatively affect your instrument.

Some good high GCEA strings for baritone ukuleles

1. Aquila 117U Lava series Baritone ukulele strings

The manufacturer has made these strings set specifically for baritone ukuleles. Their material is high-quality, super nylgut material.

In addition, the manufacturer has also marked the strings with different colors so that users can string them more easily.

2. Aquila 23U Nylgut Baritone ukulele string set

There is no denying that Aquila Nylgut 23U is one of the best strings available today. Aquila Nylgut 23U is very durable and fits all Baritone ukuleles.

GCEA vs. DGBE: Which is better?

There is no exact response to this question. That completely depends on your personal preference.

Should you be looking for a warm and mellow sound, the DGBE tuning is a great choice for you. The sound you get will be similar to that of an acoustic guitar.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a crisp tune, consider GCEA tunes.


Hopefully, this post contains useful information for you. Turning the Baritone ukulele to GCEA is not complicated at all.

You must understand exactly what you are doing. In addition, you also have to buy a suitable set of strings to get the best results.

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