Guitar Electric vs Acoustic: Which is better for a beginner?

guitar electric vs acoustic

You want to learn guitar. But before you begin you will be faced with a basic choice.

Should you have a guitar electric vs acoustic guitar?

This is a difficult question for beginners to play guitar. In this article, we have some advice to help you choose the right guitar for you.

What is a guitar electric?

The electric guitar is the most popular and widely used guitar today. It features a hollow body and a sound hole in the body.

An acoustic guitar helps amplify the sound when plucked. With 6 strings, it makes a loud sound when playing chords. Its sound is relatively louder than an electric guitar but not as heavy.

guitar electric

However, one can also amplify the sound by adding a Pickup or Microphone unit to the guitar. It works by using pickup.

The pickup will convert the vibrations of the strings into electrical impulses. Through the pickups, the signals transmitted through the speakers create a characteristic sound.

Different sounds will appear with the effect of repetition and distortion.

What is an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitar is one of the types of guitar with a hollow body. Metal strings have a resonant sound for accompaniment.

play acoustic guitars

People use the guitar to play with many different types of music such as jazz, classical, etc. At the same time, it has many sizes, large and small, suitable for many different audiences.

Electric guitars use electronics to amplify the sound when the player plays the guitar.

At this point the sound will go to an amplifier or mixer. Then it plays back through a speaker system.

Electric guitars have a solid body and no sound hole. Although it tends to be heavier, it is thinner than an acoustic guitar.

What are the differences between guitar electric vs acoustic?

Can You Use Electric Guitar Strings On An Acoustic

There is no wrong answer to which guitar to choose. You can learn either or both. Some of the techniques and approaches are different, but the principles are the same.

We will clarify the difference between these two types of guitars for you to choose easily.

Playability and feel

The feel of the music is where there are some fundamental differences between acoustic and electric guitars. The difference would lead us to say that the electric guitar feels easier to play. There are some proofs for this.

First, electric guitar strings are thinner and lighter. On electric guitars, you’ll find string gauges that typically run from lows.

On an acoustic guitar, the sound comes from the vibrations of the strings. The player naturally amplifies the vibrations through the guitar body.

The guitar sounds and the melody is then emitted from the sound hole.

You can use acoustic guitar strings the same size as on electric guitars. But the sound will be very small and weak.

So on acoustic guitars, the strings run from a slight gauge. Also, you may find that the neck of an electric guitar is usually thinner. That makes it easier to hold hands.

Acoustic guitars have lighter strings and thinner necks than electric guitars.

Acoustic guitars have lighter strings and thinner necks than electric guitars. This feature will result in your hand being able to play lighter chords without having to use much force. You will learn chord forms faster.

Besides, electric guitars have lower action than acoustic guitars. The higher the action, the more force you will have to use. When playing for a long time you will feel fatigue.

However, there is a difference with acoustic guitars that electric guitars do not have. Acoustic guitars are maneuverable and quiet.

It is a reliable instrument even during a power outage. With sound, you don’t have to learn to adapt to loud volumes either.

Supporting accessories such as effect pedals, amplifiers, etc. are also not available. Here it’s just you and your guitar. It’s simple and streamlined.

Mobility and accessibility

Acoustic guitars are easier to maneuver and move than electric guitars. You can carry your acoustic guitar on your back and move it anywhere.

Street artists also often choose acoustic guitar to perform. You can even bring it to school, campsite,… as long as you want.

Meanwhile, to use an electric guitar, you have to connect very complicated wires to perform. It’s also why many people choose to approach an acoustic guitar over an electric guitar.

Acoustic guitars are easier to maneuver and move than electric guitars

Volume control

There are many opinions that the sound of an acoustic guitar is noisier than that of an electric guitar. An acoustic guitar has a hollow body and a hole in the body.

This unit helps amplify the sound when plucking. With 6 strings, it makes a loud sound when playing chords and is relatively louder than an electric guitar.

Electric guitars use electronics to amplify the sound when the player plays the guitar. The sound is then routed to an amplifier and played back through a speaker system.

That’s why electric guitars cause less disturbance to those around them.

However, you can plug in headphones to amplify the sound from the electric guitar. Then the electric guitar can allow you to hold the keys for a long time and the sound will reverberate much further.

Electric guitars are easier to play Barre chords than acoustic guitars. Electric guitar offers a better sound experience.

The performances captivated viewers through the skillful combination of singers, musicians, and choreographers.

But the electric guitar doesn’t need too much, just the sound. The distinctive barre chords add nuance and charm to the instrument. Therefore, it can be seen why electric guitars are loved and chosen by so many people.

Electric guitars are easier to play Barre chords than acoustic guitars

Stronger and more gritty sound effects are the biggest difference between electric guitars and acoustic guitars.

Electric guitar learners must have a good grasp of most electric guitars. This type of guitar has a solid body and has many colors.

Features help players easily control the instrument as well as choose the color according to their preferences.

The electric guitar sound comes through the amplifier and the sensitivity of the current is very high. All the mistakes when performing are very easily heard by the audience.

This is a control problem that acoustic guitars rarely pay attention to.

Ability to play solo and in groups

The electric guitar is suitable for solo play as well as for rock groups. You can easily see famous artists and singers associated with electric guitar images.

The electric guitar is suitable for playing solo pretty good songs. It has a distinct style of player. In particular, with rock groups, the electric guitar plays a spiritual role.

The electric guitar can be considered an indispensable member. It is the electric guitar that helps the powerful rock group radiate creativity and passionate charm.

Ability to integrate many other devices

Mechanical guitars are mainly used by hands to act on strings and keys. But, electric guitars can also allow you to plug in other devices like headphones or an audio amplifier.

Therefore, with an electric guitar you can comfortably play music. The sound from the electric guitar can still fill the room.

It can even create privacy, relax and enjoy the music you play when wearing headphones.


Should you choose to learn electric guitar or acoustic guitar?

It’s hard to judge which electric or acoustic guitar is better. Because it depends on a lot of different factors.

So, depending on your preferences, choose the most suitable instrument for you. Only when you really love and are interested can you learn in the most effective way.

If you love excitement, then the electric guitar will be the right instrument for you. If you are a beginner, an acoustic guitar will be more reasonable than an electric guitar.

Electric vs acoustic guitars: which is harder to learn?

Acoustic guitars are not for those who give up easily. This is the type of guitar that requires more effort, persistence, and practice.

The neck of an acoustic guitar is wider than that of an electric guitar, making it more difficult for learners to tune.

The special electric guitar neck design makes the strings very light. It is because of this point that requires electric guitar learners to be extremely careful or they will miss the note.

Electric guitar strings are quite smooth and gentler than acoustic guitar.

The fingertips are not affected much and cause pain when learning electric guitar. Electric guitars are easier to play thanks to lighter strings.

Electric vs acoustic guitar: Which is more expensive?

Can’t say which is more expensive than the other. Because both electric and acoustic guitars come in a wide variety of sizes.

If you choose an electric guitar, you will have to pay for more accessories such as an amplifier. But with an acoustic guitar, it costs you nothing more than the capo.

Above are the differences between electric guitar and acoustic guitar. We hope that this information will help you in choosing the most suitable guitar. Wish you will have a great experience with the guitar!

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