How To Get Over Fear Of Karaoke? Which Guideline Makes You Better?

How To Get Over Fear Of Karaoke

You must have been nervous or scared when singing Karaoke for the first time. It is a common fear of most people singing in front of a crowd. You worry about the words disappearing or singing out of rhythm.

To get over a fear of Karaoke, you can refer to the following ways:

  1. Sing in Karaoke boxes
  2. Go with friends
  3. Focus on the song
  4. Sing Karaoke with the crowd
  5. Choose a song you love
  6. Not the first to sing
  7. Be a great audience

Let’s scroll down and read our practical tips!

Why Does Karaoke Make You Afraid?

There are many reasons that a person feels afraid when singing Karaoke. Some of the main reasons include:

  • First time singing Karaoke
  • Lack of confidence in singing
  • Cannot sing
  • Shy and lack confidence in public

When we go to Karaoke, we usually go to groups of people. Crowds will make the game more fun, but they will also make many people feel afraid.

Some people, when participating in Karaoke for the first time, feel unfamiliar and feel scared. Karaoke novices are mostly like that!

It could also be because they can’t sing or have a lousy voice. They are always afraid that when they sing wrong themselves, the people around them will laugh at them.

How To Get Over Fear of Karaoke?

Singing Karaoke is an exciting entertainment activity, but sometimes it gives you fear. Maybe you’re worried about the melody of the song or your voice.

You can do better by reading our sharing!

#1. Sing In Karaoke Boxes

For those who join Karaoke for the first time or are still afraid of Karaoke, it is because you are so shy. Right! The shyness when presenting the voice in front of many people. It is also possible that the anxiety of not performing well makes you afraid.

For a more private and natural space, you should choose to sing in Karaoke boxes. You will feel safer here than singing in front of many people out there.

In short, being in a closed room with acquaintances will give you more confidence to overcome fear.

#2. Go Karaoke With Friends

People have the first psychology when meeting strangers is unnatural and a little shy. The same goes when going to Karaoke! I’m sure you will be timid if unfamiliar faces surround you.

Go Karaoke With Friends

Go Karaoke with your friends while you’re still worried about your voice. The people you know around will give you the ability to express yourself better.

You can’t be shy when they find out what’s wrong with your song. In short, the feeling of having someone you know helps you perform better!

#3. Focus On The Song

If the looks of people around you scare you, don’t make eye contact with them. Look up at the screen and the lyrics, focus entirely on it, and forget about the people around you.

Now you will not feel fear anymore. When you focus intensely on a problem, you will do better at it too. If your concentration is at its maximum, you can forget your fear and drift along with the song.

#4. Sing Karaoke With The Crowd

If singing Karaoke in front of many people makes you feel scared, why don’t you turn them into supporters?

When there are more people involved, your psychology will be more stable. At this time, it is not only you but you and many others. It gives a feeling of you not being alone, and you can move forward efficiently.

How To Enjoy Your Karaoke In The Most Fun Way

This approach works great when you are not confident about the voice or the song you will perform. When many people sing together, it will be challenging to find out whose voice is wrong.

If you get it wrong, other voices can overwhelm the mistake. From there, it gives you confidence. If you can’t get the crowd to sing along, you can invite a friend or two to join in as well. As long as you don’t sing alone when you’re scared.

#5. Choose a Song You Love

Everyone says the voice comes from the heart. When you feel the emotion or message in a song, you sing it better.

Love is significant, and you can ignore the low self-esteem because of this love. It’s like you love someone so much and are willing to do anything for them.

When you love a song, you will perform it with all love and courage. You’ll be better at focusing on the music and not the surrounding eyes.

When singing Karaoke, you do not need to remember the lyrics. It is available and displayed on the screen. However, the song’s melody is fundamental. You will be embarrassed when singing out of rhythm. 

Choose a song you used to sing. Even if you sing it in the shower, it’s better than if you didn’t sing this song before.

#6. Not The First Karaoke Singer

I’m sure most people get scared for the “first time”. Anyone who has to do a new activity for the first time will feel afraid.

Most people look at this first-person, and it puts a lot of pressure on it. You will also feel the increased fear when you are the first.

#7. Be a Great Audience

When performing, anyone wants the enthusiastic cheers of the audience. The cheering of the audience can help you gain confidence in your singing ability. That enables you to get over your fear of Karaoke.

When someone is performing, cheer up. Your cheering will make the atmosphere more vibrant. When it’s your turn to perform, the previous performers will cheer for you as well.

Should I practice karaoke first at home, so I don’t get scared?

You can practice karaoke to get rid of fear. But don’t practice alone. You should practice when there are a few people around. Fear of looks is the leading cause of karaoke fear. You have to face it to overcome it.

Will drinking one drink help me stop being afraid of karaoke?

Many people say that drinking makes you more courageous and not afraid of karaoke anymore. But it’s only accurate when you drink a moderate amount.

Drinking too much alcohol may lead to inadequate or excessive situations. You should know your drinking ability when taking this measure.

Should I sing a famous song when I first sing karaoke?

You should try a famous song for the first time if it makes you more confident. Try to stir up the atmosphere so people can sing along with you. The fear will disappear gradually.


Karaoke is not a dangerous activity. If you feel scared when singing Karaoke, you can do our tips. It can help you confidently overcome it all. Thanks for reading!

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