How Often Should You Practice Pole Dancing? Details Answer

How Often Should You Practice Pole Dancing

Pole fitness dancing is a combination of dance, workout, and art, it requires hours of practice to improve.

Therefore, if you are wondering how often to practice pole dancing or how to improve quickly, this article is here to help.

What Is Pole Fitness Dancing?

Have you ever heard of pole fitness dancing? It’s a beautiful fusion of dance and acrobatics around a vertical pole.

This exercise requires a great deal of upper body strength, endurance, and flexibility, as you gracefully move around the pole.

Pole fitness has come a long way from its origins in strip clubs.

Nowadays, it’s a famous workout routine that provides numerous benefits such as toning your muscles, improving upper body strength, and enhancing flexibility.

These benefits can give you more confidence and help you feel more fit and sexy.

If you’re looking to transform your body quickly, high-quality training is critical. Start now and see the excellent results for yourself!

How Often Should You Practice Pole Dancing As A Beginner?

It is recommended to practice pole dancing for at least 30 minutes per hour during a training session. If you have higher expectations or specific conditions, feel free to increase your training time and frequency.

If you’re new to pole dancing, it’s recommended to practice or attend a class once a week for the first three months.

When starting any new form of exercise, your muscles need time to adapt to the different activity levels. This may take a few months, especially if you’re new to exercise in general.

However, if you’re already physically active, you may have an advantage in strength. It’s essential to learn proper form and technique to avoid injury and improve your learning speed.

If you’re already physically active, be careful not to overdo it and factor in your other workouts alongside your pole dancing practice.

It’s common for beginner pole dancers to experience bruising, muscle aches, and mild friction burns during their pole workouts. To allow your body to rest and heal, it’s recommended to leave a week in-between pole workouts.

After a few months of weekly pole dancing sessions, you can increase your practice hours. You may also consider investing in your own portable dance pole at home, which can help your progress.

How many times a week should I pole dance?

This is a popular question we’ve encountered in our studies, and the answer is not straightforward.

  • Starting with one per week can be beneficial if you’re not accustomed to physical activity.
  • As you progress, two per week would be ideal for beginner to intermediate levels to develop technique and strength without overexertion.
  • Once you’ve gained enough experience, three per week can help improve your skills, endurance, and strength.

At this point, many pole dancers consider investing in a pole for home training to manage their schedules better.

However, it’s crucial to take breaks and allow your body to rest. Remember to prioritize your safety and well-being while enjoying pole dancing.

How Often Should You Practice As An Intermediate Pole Dancer?

If you’re an intermediate pole dancer, you may be wondering how often you should practice to improve your skills.

After a few months of pole dancing, you may have fallen in love with the activity and may even save up to purchase your own dance pole.

However, it’s essential also to incorporate other strength-based exercises into your routine to enhance your overall fitness.

Some options include yoga, Pilates, aerial hoop, trapeze, silks and rope, circuit training, weightlifting, and CrossFit.

By diversifying your workouts, you can work your muscles differently, providing additional health benefits.

As for how often to practice pole dancing at the intermediate level, practicing at least twice weekly and incorporating at least one complementary workout session is recommended.

For intermediate to advanced pole dancers, here are some daily conditioning exercises: pull-ups, knee raises, climbing, and sit-ups using the pole.

Dedicate 5-10 minutes each day to practicing these moves and you’ll see significant improvement in your strength.

It’s essential to take at least one day of rest per week and to warm up and cool down properly before and after each pole session to minimize the risk of injury.

How to make a good pole dance training schedule?

This will be largely dependent on the level you are currently at. A pole dancing training schedule may vary for the newbie or beginner, the average or intermediate, and the advanced.

  • Purpose of practice :

This is related to your level, here you should ask yourself “What do I want to achieve in training”? Are you preparing for a competition or want to improve and get good at pole dancing fast?

  • Health & physical limitations:

Do you have health issues? What are you not allowed to do? Can your body handle rigorous training? These are some of the questions you might want to answer first.

It would be best to consult your doctor if you are currently taking maintenance meds or something. Expert advice is always of much value.

  • Daily routine & schedule:

What does your schedule look like? are you working? Studying? Stay-at-home mom?

Do you do pole fitness dancing at home or outside in local pole dance classes? How much time can you allot for your weekly pole dance practice?

After answering the above questions we can now move on to practical tips and help for your pole dance training schedule.


It’s essential to find a practice routine that works for you and your body.

With regular practice and conditioning, you can attain the strength and skill necessary to make pole dancing enjoyable.

Whether that means weekly classes or daily home workouts, listening to your body and adjusting with time is essential to success.

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