The Ultimate Guide On How To Adjust Amplifier For Karaoke

how to adjust karaoke amplifier

The amplifier plays an important role in a karaoke system. But it is a rather complicated device and not everyone knows how to set up a karaoke amplifier.  

To properly set up this device, you need to connect the amplifier to the karaoke system. Then, you will adjust the master channel, microphone, echo, and music buttons. 

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide to adjust karaoke amplifiers. Keep reading and you will find the answer!

What Is A Karaoke Amplifier?

A karaoke amplifier is a device in the karaoke system. It has the function of receiving input signals from the microphone (singings) and music tracks. Then, it processes these signals and amplifies them through the speakers. 

Therefore, the sound quality of a karaoke system depends mainly on the amplifier. If the amplifier can process the input signals well, the produced sounds will be better.

How To Adjust Amplifier For Karaoke?

Below are the detailed instructions to adjust your karaoke amplifier. You can follow these steps to have the best sound quality for karaoke. 

how to adjust amplifier for karaoke

1. Connect your amplifier to the karaoke system

Before making any adjustments, you have to connect the amplifier to your karaoke system. You can follow the instructions below.

  • The audio wire of the amplifier has two ends of white and red. Plug these ends into the matching connectors of the karaoke machine. Hook up the other ends of the wire to the mixer’s stereo connector. 
  • Connect another output cable of the mixer to the input of the amplifier. Just plug the white end into the white jack and the red end into the red jack. 
  • To connect speakers to the amplifier, take off about 0.5 inch cover of the speaker wire. Then, connect one wire of the speaker to the positive end of the amplifier. The other wire needs to connect to the minus end. 
  • Move to the back of the speaker. Tie the 2 wires on the other end of the amplifier’s cable to the matching knobs. The left speakers will connect to the amplifier’s left cable. 
  • If you want to connect other musical instruments, plug them into the 6mm jack.

Similarly, the amplifier’s right cable is for the right speaker. You can watch this video to better visualize how to connect.

2. Adjust the Master channel button group

After completing all the connections, it’s time to make some adjustments. And we start with the Master channel buttons first.

In the Master channel buttons group, you turn the Volume 11 o’clock. You need to keep the LO, MID, HI buttons at the position of 12 o’clock. You can only change the volume when necessary and remember to follow the dB rule. 

 3. Adjust the Microphone button group

First, you need to plug the microphones into the amplifier. Then, adjust the volume of the mics according to their sensitivity. Normally, the VOL button is in the position of 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock. Make sure that the PAN button always stays at 12 o’clock. 

Then, adjust the LO button. Speak into the mic to test the bass. Remember to keep the bass at the proper level. Too much bass will cause buzzing. Turn the LO button clockwise to adjust the bass level. This button often stays at the corner of 11 – 12 o’clock. 

After that, move to the HI button. Speak into the mic and adjust the treble level by turning the HI button clockwise. It’s better to set the HI button lower than the standard. You should leave it at the 10 o’clock position. 

The final button to adjust in this group is the MID button. People usually turn this button to the corner from 12 o’clock to 1 o’clock. 

4. Adjust the Echo button group

This group is to modify the echo of the voice. You need to be careful in this part because too much echo will cause howling.

In this group, the ideal position of the VOL button is 11 o’clock. The LO button is in charge of the bass level of the echo effects. It will be usually at 10 o’clock to be compatible with the LO button of the mic.

The HI button of the Echo group has the effect of compensating treble for microphones. In this way, the singer can reach high notes more easily. You should set this button at 11-12 o’clock.

Besides, there are also the RPT button and the DLY button. The RPT button controls the repeat level. The DLY button controls the delay level or the speed of the voice. You should position both buttons at the 12 o’clock corner.

5. Adjust the Music button group

The Music buttons are the final buttons you need to adjust. Depending on the songs and music, the VOL button will be at different positions. But the usual position of this button is 9-10 o’clock.

You should keep the LO button at 10 o’clock or lower to prevent buzzing. To harmonize your singing with the background music, turn the MID button to the 11 o’clock corner. The position of the HI button can vary from 11-12 o’clock angle.

You should only adjust the Music group after adjusting all the Microphone buttons. 

Some Notes When Adjusting Amplifier For Karaoke

  • If you feel a heavy voice, increase the MID of the Music group. 
  • For a smoother voice, adjust the HI button a bit to the right in both Microphone and Music groups. 
  • To have a more condensed voice, slightly increase the Echo in the Microphone group. Then, do the same thing with the LO button in the Music group. 
  • It’s better to set the volume of background music lower than the mic volume. In this way, your voice will be clearer. 
  • Always turn the buttons slowly to avoid sound feedback or howling. Howling can cause damage to speakers.
  • In case of sound feedback or howling, slightly decrease the VOL or Echo in the Microphone group. 
  • Using good-quality microphones is an effective way to avoid howling or sound feedback.
  • The amplifier must be the last device you turn on in your karaoke system. Also, you must turn it off before turning off all the other devices. 

This rule is to prevent the amplifier from amplifying the electrical impulses of other devices. Amplified electrical impulses may damage your speakers.

How To Choose A Karaoke Amplifier?

Currently, there are a lot of karaoke amplifiers with various models and brands. So, you may find it a bit confusing to choose a suitable amplifier. Here are some aspects you should consider when buying a karaoke amplifier.

1. Compatibility

You will need to connect the karaoke amplifier with other devices in your karaoke system. So, the amplifier has to work well with these devices. You should consider the connection mode you need or the number of speakers you will use. 

2. Audio dynamics

Some amplifiers can control tone and bass. But the dynamics of a karaoke amplifier depend much on the quality of other system’s devices.

Besides, an amplifier with more features will cost you more. So, you should consider your available karaoke system and budget to make the right choice. 

3. Sound quality

Generally, the quality of produced sounds of a karaoke amplifier varies by its price. More expensive amplifiers will produce higher sound quality. 

However, only the amplifier will not be enough to create good sounds. The quality of other devices has to be good, too. Thus, you need to choose a good amplifier, but it should be in harmony with other equipment.  

4. Capacity

You should consider your needs to pick a karaoke amplifier with a suitable capacity. If you often use the amplifier in a large space, you will need a large capacity amplifier. Home karaoke usually uses medium and small-capacity amplifiers.

5. Warranty

It’s better to pick a karaoke amplifier that comes with a warranty. In this way, if your amplifier has any problems, you can save a lot of money repairing it. 

6. Weight

The weight of a karaoke amplifier is also an important aspect to consider. Many people think that the heavier the amplifier is, the better it is. But this concept is not true. 

Many lightweight amplifiers have much higher quality than heavy ones. So, if you need to bring your amplifier with you frequently, you should buy a lightweight one.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, through this article, you have learned how to adjust a karaoke amplifier. The karaoke amplifier has a great influence on the sound quality of your karaoke system. Thus, you should choose a suitable amplifier. If you have any questions about karaoke amplifiers, please leave a comment. 

Thank you for reading!

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