Is It Worth Going for a Music Production Major?

Is It Worth Going for a Music Production Major

The question of whether to go to university for a music production major interests both those who are already taking their first steps in the industry and those who only dream of such a career.

Of course, you are wondering if the game is worth the candle since studies are usually not cheap and take a lot of time and effort. We believe that you should certainly try, and in this article, we are exploring why!

Along the way, you will work side by side with amazing people and end up with a lot of cool opportunities. Of course, you will need a lot of energy and time, so here’s a solution on how to get both of them.

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Output For Creativity

Let’s agree, that many of us need a push to use our talents to the fullest. When there is no way to use them, they are hidden inside, and we don’t even think about how many abilities we have.

Believe us, getting into a music production major is no easy chore; a lot of tasks will make you scratch your head.

Brainstorming will literally become your best friend. The college will prepare you for what lies ahead – namely, fruitful work on several projects at once.

Tools for Self-Expression

Modern society seems to discourage people who are overly emotional. Many mistake over-sensitivity for weakness and recommend keeping everything inside. And when you can’t share what’s on your mind, it’s easy to go mad. But fortunately, you will definitely become yourself in college since you will be surrounded by like-minded people 24/7.

Here, emotionality isn’t considered excessive; on the contrary, it is necessary. And it will surely be essential to pass all the tasks and master the academic program. The best works of art are certainly created when the author is one hundred percent sincere, so be prepared to express yourself freely.

Find Your Voice

The modern listener is quite fed up with various content. There is more music today than ever, so it’s hard to surprise anyone. And as practice shows, the key to popularity is standing out from the crowd. What you need first of all is to find a unique style to hook the listeners and make a really high-quality product.

Well, education will definitely come in handy when finding your voice. The more you study, listen and observe, the more you learn about the industry as a whole. After all, experience is always needed.

Get Inspired by the Works of Others

It’s easy to find references to those who inspired your favorite musicians and whose works shaped their tastes.

More and more experts say that nothing truly new is being created, and each product is a mix of what the performer has listened to before.

In college, you perfectly broaden your horizons, which means you are gathering a base for your future projects.

Study Hard

The music industry is quite complex and demanding. Therefore, if you are going to create a really cool product, you need to understand all the details and pitfalls.

By learning from people with rich experience, you will be able to use their wisdom. And this gives you more opportunities to grow than if you were studying on your own.

Use Great Software

This is the problem that many musicians face. They may have an outstanding idea, but without the right preparation, you are unlikely to implement it well.

The software can be hard to figure out on one’s own, and it’s easy to get frustrated with your abilities. Many even think that they have chosen the wrong area and decide to radically change it.

That’s why so many choose to go to college: they won’t be alone on the journey. With the right guidance, anyone will master all the tools without unnecessary stress.

Collaborate With Classmates

The job of a music producer involves constant collaboration with people. But it shouldn’t be just a usual interaction. If you want to succeed, you need to understand what teamwork really is.

At first glance, working in a team is fun and easy. But it also requires high emotional intelligence, patience, and the ability to read others on a deep level.

Master these skills, and you will start making decisions in a group, fight writer’s block together, and maintain a creative spirit.

It’s much easier to cope with difficulties when you realize you are alone. Plus, a sense of friendly competition will get you in the right mood to move forward.

Explore the Market

Creativity and inspiration are necessary, but you also need to think about basic issues, like earnings. Being well-versed in this challenging industry (things are the same in any field, be it tech or medicine, etc.), you won’t be like a ship without a lighthouse.

Many beginner musicians and producers face deceit, unreliable managers, and weird deals. But if you understand the specifics, you can bypass all these obstacles.

Become an Entrepreneur

No doubt, it sure is cool to have an entrepreneurial streak from birth. Such people certainly know their worth and how to achieve what they want. However, not everyone is so lucky; the rest need to learn it from scratch.

Create an idea, implement it and turn it into a real business venture – that’s what the highest level is. A talented entrepreneur literally has a built-in idea detector and sees potential in others.

Study entrepreneurship in college and found your own label or studio. You may want to seek out young talents and give them a ticket to a bigger future. These are just a couple of examples of what you can do after graduation.


Many are fans of Elvis Presley without even thinking about what his success depended on. Possessing a sensual voice, he mixed country, rock and roll, and blues. Something beautiful came out of bold experiments.

So why not take inspiration from the King?

Perhaps it is easier to try different styles at the beginning of the path when you don’t have a huge fan base and public attention. Being in the studio or classroom with the same learners, you will be free to try whatever you want.

Stay Up to Date

The world is evolving at an incredible pace. Every day, it becomes harder to keep up with the latest innovations.

But one way or another, the music producer must navigate all this like a fish in water. And especially in cutting-edge technology.

And when you get a music production major, you will have access to the latest recording instruments.

To Wrap It Up

Perhaps the main reason why people decide on getting a music production major is useful acquaintances. It will be easier for you to break through if you have a broad circle of contacts. After all, the world is a big village where everyone knows each other.

And the sooner you meet professionals, the better. Perhaps they will become your mentors and partners, or on the contrary, competitors and ill-wishers.

Anyway, you need to keep them all in sight as music is an industry where you are constantly around people.

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