Is Ukulele Easier Than Piano? The Unexposed Secret for you

Is Ukulele Easier Than Piano

Is Ukulele Easier Than Piano? The short answer is yes! Ukulele is easier than Piano. You can see that the Ukulele has only 4 strings, but the Piano has 88 keys.

We can play the Ukulele with one hand and tune the strings with the other. But with the Piano you have to use both hands.

They all have chords. But Piano chords sometimes require a combination of different keys. When performing chords on the Piano, ten fingers need to work together in harmony. Controlling them is really not easy.

On the other hand, a Piano piece will also be much more complex than a Ukulele. Not only the keystrokes, but you also have to pay attention to the exact position of the notes.

Read the shares below to clarify the issues you have about these two instruments.

What is a Ukulele?

The Ukulele or Hawaiian 4-string guitar is a small, pretty design. Its special construction features make people give it such a name!

Ukulele consists of 6 parts: head, neck, tuner, body, back and bridge, and frets.

What is a Ukulele

Ukulele is used to accompany singing, sometimes solo. The echo is small, but the special timbre hears it. The tone and volume of the Ukulele depend on the size and structure of each type. Therefore, the tone and volume are very diverse.

People often use the Ukulele to accompany singing, sometimes solo. They have a small echo, but they sound crisp because of their distinctive timbre.

Ukulele also has quite complex chords. The Ukulele chord is a collection of all sounds arranged in a certain order.

Each song chord acts as a spice or a color. They help to make the music more airy and unique. Each chord in different variations gives that piece of music an appeal. Ukulele chords and song melodies are key elements in vocal accompaniment.

However, to perform chords, it is necessary to use a lot of techniques. With the Ukulele, you need to control the plucking hand, and the hand to adjust the strings, press the keys.

What should you know about Piano?

The Piano is a stringed instrument. It makes a sound when the hammer hits the strings which is a keyboard instrument. Players will use their fingers to touch each key to make the hammer strike in and out, thereby emitting a sound.

The Piano structure consists of 6 main parts: the box, the pedals, the action, the strings, the resonance board and the frame.

What should you know about Piano

There are two main types of Pianos on the market as electric Pianos and acoustic Pianos. In particular, acoustic Pianos include upright Pianos and grand Pianos.

To play the Piano well, you need to comply with quite a few requirements. The first is the key system, and the Piano has up to 88 different keys. It would help if you remembered the position and timbre of each key to create chords.

Although it is difficult to start, the Piano sound is extremely diverse and unique. It is the inspiration for most of today’s songs.

Why is the Ukulele easier than the Piano?

At first sight, with these two instruments, we can also recognize them. How to play the Piano will be somewhat more complicated than the Ukulele.

To clarify the answer, we will analyze causes such as keys and strings, chords, and how to play.

1. Keyboard and string system

A Piano’s key and string system are more complicated. Piano has 88 keys with different timbres for each key.

At the same time, the Ukulele has only 4 strings. Controlling the keys to producing the sound certainly makes a difference.

You can hardly remember all the tones of the 88 keys and their positions. For beginners, it’s really impossible.

For the Ukulele, it is easier. They only have 4 strings with tuning keys on the neck. You can learn them in a fairly short time.

2. Chords

The sounds of these two types of instruments can both be single sounds or chords.

If you just want to make discrete sounds, the Piano has an advantage over the Ukulele. The keys of a Piano will always sound of their own. But the Ukulele is different, the strength and weakness when plucking the strings will change the sound.

If it is to produce classic discrete tones, it isn’t easy with the Ukulele.

However, with chords, the Ukulele seems easier than the Piano. To create Piano chords, the player needs to use multiple keys at the same time. This isn’t easy when 10 fingers work and select keys.

To create chords on the Ukulele, you just need to control the hand on the neck. Changes in the tension of the strings can create chords.

In some pieces of music, the pianist must constantly use chords with sometimes up to 10 keys at a time. You need to work hard to play it well.

3. How to play

From the size to the sound system, everything is different. So the playing style of these two instruments is different.

The hand pianist uses both hands and ten fingertips to play the instrument. This is not really strange because the Piano has 88 keys. To produce the necessary sounds, you need to combine their harmony.

While the Ukulele player will use one hand to pluck the strings, the other hand adjusts them on the neck. This is completely simple and easier to control than with two hands.

However, don’t worry too much about the difficulty. What you need to do is practice hard, study theory, and follow your passion. As long as you love what kind of guitar!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Ukulele or Piano more suitable for children?

Ukulele would be a better choice for the kids. It’s not as big as a Piano, and tiny hands don’t have to struggle to glide over the wide keys.

The Ukulele diminutive size and simple wiring make it more bearable for children.

2. Ukulele vs Piano type causes hand pain more?

Like the guitar, when you play the Ukulele, you have to act on the strings. It can be the cause of pain in the fingertips.

The Piano is different, you need to glide smoothly on the keys and touch them. It does not cause any damage to the fingers.

3. The price of the Ukulele and Piano, which is more expensive?

Definitely the Piano, it has a very large body and it is also very difficult to make parts of it. You need to use more materials for a Piano.

As a result, Pianos cost a lot more than Ukuleles!


The Ukulele is an easier instrument than the Piano. Not only about the system of keys and chords, even how to play the Ukulele is easier.

However, you should not because of a little difficulty that you give up learning the Piano. Its timbre system is extremely good and rich. If you’re a music lover, learn both!

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