Why play the ukulele. Is it worth learning the ukulele?

Why play the ukulele. Is it worth learning the ukulele

Do you want to find an activity to fill up your free time? Do you feel interested in playing some musical instrument but just don’t know what to start with?

If you are still wavering among piano, guitar, ukulele, and loads of other instruments, then ukulele should be the best answer.

So, Why play the ukulele. Is it worth learning the ukulele?

Below are the 7 most important reasons why the ukulele is a perfect choice for everyone:

#1. Ukulele is easy to learn.

If you are looking for an instrument that is easy to learn and won’t make you frustrated after several days, you should try playing the ukulele.

It looks similar to other stringed instruments, but actually, it’s not difficult at all.

Normally, a standard guitar has 6 strings, but there are only 4 in a ukulele. This makes it easier to memorize chord shapes and scales.

Besides, ukulele strings are made from soft nylon materials, which are gentler on your fingertips and never cause finger pain like guitars.

Those strings are very easy to hold and press down compared to guitars or basses.

That’s why even children or beginners can get used to plucking after one or two days, but it takes weeks or even a month for guitars.

#2. Ukulele is fun and friendly.

Why play the ukulele

You can choose to play ukulele as an entertaining activity to reduce stress, promote self-expression, and create a healthier lifestyle.

It takes only a short time to get acquainted with the instrument, so you can try covering your favorite songs or even writing your own music after memorizing the chords.

People at every age will greatly benefit from having fun, stress-free activities in their lives, and nothing is greater than enjoying your precious time with this powerful instrument!

#3. It’s cheaper.

Ukulele is fun and friendly

When you start something new, normally you must consider every aspect, whether it’s going to affect your time or budget.

Compared to the average price of all instruments in general, the ukulele is quite affordable. Even the best ukuleles are relatively inexpensive.

For example, if you are seriously learning guitars, you will have to invest at least $200 – $300 to get a good one, plus the cost for amplifier and cables if you want to go with an electric guitar.

The price is even more expensive if you decide to purchase a piano. Only the electric keyboard can cost you from $500 – $3000 depending on what kind of model you get.

Ukuleles have a wide range of price. Because of their small sizes, the general price is quite reasonable.

Usually, you just need $75 – $150 to possess a great one. If you want to start with something good-enough and less costly, there are a lot of other options sold at approximately $50.

Of course, there are still several ukes costing even less than $20, but you should be careful because they may not stay in tune. You had better invest at least $50 to get a good ukulele for beginners.

#4. Ukulele suits almost every song.

reasons why the ukulele is a perfect choice

Ukulele appears a lot in band performances because it has the ability to adapt to almost every music type.

If you are afraid that your favorite songs may not suit the ukulele, don’t worry! Even the songs with complicated chords can be paired down or simplified easily on that small instrument.

Unlike guitars or pianos covering a huge range of notes, the ukulele only has 4 strings. That means its range is limited, making it more approachable and easier to adapt songs.

If you are finding some resources for learning to cover your favorite songs, Youtube can be a useful channel with a massive amount of free lessons led by passionate players all over the world.

#5. It’s portable.

Of course, you can deliver any instrument to your favorite place if you want. But ukulele can be considered the most convenient one to carry.

Normally, its size is just 1/8 of a guitar’s average size. So you will be able to hold it easily and bring it to anywhere just by your hands.

Because it is so small, so easy to take with yourself, it would be the best choice for camping or road trips together with your family and friends.

In fact, there are many other portable instruments like violins, but the ukulele is still the best.

It is cheaper than most other instruments, so you can comfortably bring it along without being afraid of breaking or damaging it.

Just have fun with the gangs!

#6. It produces unique sounds.

Perhaps you have been too familiar with the sounds covered by guitars or pianos because they are too popular in the instrument world.

If you are looking for something new, something different from other instruments, don’t hesitate to give the ukulele a shot!

You can search for available songs covered with a ukulele on the internet. You will see a fresh, interesting, and unique type of music that everyone’s going to love.

Although the number of strings is fewer than other similar instruments, ukuleles can still produce various sounds from simplified notes and chords.

If you don’t believe, watch out a ukulele cover of the song “Can’t take my eyes off of you”:

#7. It can be a foundation before you learn how to play other instruments.

If you are interested in guitar, bass, or violin but don’t dare to invest money and time on it, ukulele is a great starting step.

Ukulele is designed and operated in a similar way to most other stringed instruments.

We still create a note by pressing one string down and create a chord by strumming multiple notes at the same time.

However, working with the ukulele would be much easier than the rest.

Once you master your ukulele skills, you can immediately transfer those skills to the guitar.

Even many chord shapes you have met when playing ukulele will appear later on the guitar, just with different names.

So, Is it worth learning the ukulele?

Investing in a ukulele is a wise decision. Later on, you can use the knowledge studied with a ukulele to develop your guitar skills.

Even if you don’t want to go further, at least you got a chance to know such an amazing instrument without costing too much.

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