What’s the Real Difference Between Recording at Home vs Studio?

What's the Real Difference Between Recording at Home vs Studio

What’s the real difference between recording at home versus a professional studio? That’s a pretty common question. You will find convincing answers in this article.

Recording at Home

1. Advantages

  • Be the boss of everything: At your home recording studio, you’re the boss of everything. You don’t have to follow anyone’s orders. It also means that you will always have to try to do everything yourself to improve your skills.
  • Record anytime you want: You don’t need to schedule a recording because you work from your own home.  That means you can easily record in any free time.
  • Unlimited time: You will need a lot of time for the recording process. If you record in your home studio, you will have unlimited time to record. That can be really expensive in a professional studio.
  • Decorate your studio the way you want: At the home studio, you can decorate it however you want. This can make you feel comfortable while recording.

2. Disadvantages

  • Unlimited time

Unlimited time is really a double-edged sword! We know a lot of artists who spend years writing some songs and then they never release them.

Having an infinite amount of time to record will keep you from putting any real effort into each recording. If you do not set a deadline for anything, it will last for years.

  • No help

During the recording process, sometimes you need someone to point out your mistakes or support you.

Being alone when recording is a huge disadvantage. What if your device malfunctions without the help of a professional?

  • Lack of equipment

You can only equip yourself with some of the most necessary equipment for recording. Therefore, maybe your home recording studio will certainly not have enough sound equipment.

That means you won’t get the same high-quality recordings as in the studio.

  • Less professional

Certainly, a home studio can hardly be as professional as a professional studio. Fortunately, you can improve the quality gradually by investing in a home studio, audio equipment, and more.

  • You can annoy people around

Your recording may create noise. That can upset your neighbours. You wouldn’t want to upset anyone around you, right?

  • Echo/noise

If you don’t use acoustic treatments for your home recording studio, unwanted sounds will affect your recordings. This includes echoes from inside the studio and noise from the outside world.

Recording at Professional Studio

1. Advantages

  • All high-end devices at your fingertips

Professional recording studios always have high-quality audio equipment available. In addition, it is also ensured that it is perfectly soundproofed. Thus, your recording will go smoothly and you will get great recordings.

  • Unaffected by unwanted sounds

Professional recording studios always come with perfect soundproofing measures. That means it completely eliminates noise outside the studio and echoes inside the studio. Your recording will go smoothly.

  • Always have backup devices available

It’s terrible for equipment to crash while you are recording a chorus, isn’t it? If you don’t have backup equipment available, you will have to wait a long time to resume recording.

At a professional recording studio, you can ask for help at any time. So when a device crashes, you’ll be able to get back to work quickly.

  • It’s not your home

Working from home is great. But that’s not always the case with recording. Your recording will be at its best when you work in a place with the right vibe.

Recording at home can be comfortable, but being too comfortable can affect your creative inspiration. Working in a new environment can be the perfect inspiration for your project.

2. Disadvantages

  • Expensive cost

Cost is one of the factors that people have to consider before going to a professional studio. You will usually have to pay a few hundred to even a few thousand dollars to rent a studio per day.

  • You have to plan ahead

Since you don’t have a lot of time in the professional studio, you will need meticulous planning. This is to minimize studio rental costs. Obviously, this is not suitable for lazy people.

What Is Better between Recording at Home Vs a Professional Studio

You can absolutely create good recordings in your home studio. The home studio is great. However, a professional studio can give you more advantages.

Therefore, you should record at a recording studio if you have enough budget for that.

You can watch the video to better understand the difference between home studio vs pro studio

Pro Tips

Many artists practice in their home studio a lot before going to a professional studio to record their final recording.

They can experiment with different sound options and settings before heading to a professional studio. Hence, they can save costs.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make money with a home recording studio?

Yes, you can make money with a home studio. However, you will need to invest more in your home studio. No one wants to rent a studio that lacks audio equipment, right?

2. How much is it to record a song in a studio?

A song can cost anywhere from $50 to $500.

3. Can I record drums in a professional studio?

Yes, you can. You will make great recordings


To make the final decision, you need to consider your budget and personal preferences.

Recording at home is also great. You will learn a lot about the recording process because there is no one to help you. You can record anytime you want with no time limit

Recording at a professional studio can benefit your recording in many ways. You will be using modern equipment in a professional environment. Therefore, creating great recordings is easy.

It’s wise to try both, you will know which way suits you better.

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