Top 30 Popular Sad Drake Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Popular Sad Drake Songs of All Time

If you’re in the mood for melancholy music, look no further than Drake’s catalog of sad songs. Here are the top popular sad Drake songs of all time that will make you feel all the feels.

From heartbreak to loss, Drake has a way of capturing the pain of life in his music. Discover the most popular sad Drake songs that will tug at your heartstrings.

1. I Get Lonely Too

“I Get Lonely Too” by Drake is one of his most melancholy tracks. He expresses his loneliness and struggles with being alone.

Throughout the track, Drake’s delivery is reflective and sincere as he speaks on his desire for companionship amidst feelings of isolation.

The song goes into further detail on the subject matter, painting a vivid picture of Drake’s loneliness and showing how he remains resilient despite it.

2. The Resistance

The song ‘The Resistance’ by Drake is a powerful and emotional track that speaks to the struggles of life.

This track serves as a testament to his resilience; when you think he’s down for the count, he manages to rise above adversity with the sheer strength of will.

It is a must-listen for any fan looking to understand the deeper meaning behind some of their favorite sad Drake songs.

3.  From Time

“From Time” by Drake is a sad yet mesmerizing song. It depicts longing and loneliness with solemn chords, slow and contemplative drums, and gentle piano touches.

The lyrics are reflective as they explore the feelings associated with failed relationships and crushed dreams.

Drake’s voice carries a particular emotion that powerfully conveys his feelings without overpowering the song.

As he sings about time being the ultimate healer of all pain, it’s hard not to feel the rawness behind each word he speaks.

In a world full of heartache and sadness, “From Time” is a touching reminder of how much love can hurt.

4. The Real Her

The Real Her by Drake is a heartbreakingly beautiful song that speaks to the emotion of heartache.

The track starts with soft piano and strings playing in the background while Drake’s powerful vocals take center stage as he croons about regret, longing, and lost love.

With his introspective lyrics, Drake dives deep into his emotions and struggles as he reflects on his failed relationship.

The chorus perfectly captures the tragedy of a broken heart as he sings: “I’ll never get another chance/the real her don’t wanna dance/I’m standing here alone again/all these sad songs just keep playin’.”

This hauntingly beautiful song conveys a raw honesty that connects listeners to the story being told in this heartfelt ballad.

5. Own It

The song “Own It” by Drake is a melancholic, soulful exploration of the highs and lows of relationships.

He croons about the pain of letting go and moving on while also expressing how the beauty and joy within these relationships can still be cherished even after they end.

6. Too Much

“Too Much” by Drake is a bittersweet song that touches on sadness and loneliness.

It features some beautiful production and Drake’s laidback but melancholic delivery.

The opening lines set the tone: “When does it ever get easy? / When do the skies turn blue?” The lyrics explore themes of heartbreak, depression, and feeling overwhelmed by life’s struggles.

His vulnerable vocals perfectly match the somber instrumental in creating an emotionally powerful track that captures those moments when life feels too much to handle.

7. Find Your Love

“Find Your Love” by Drake is a beautiful, heartfelt love song that will speak to anyone who has ever felt the intense longing for unrequited love.

The lyrics perfectly explore the conflicted feelings associated with pursuit and rejection that so many have experienced in their own lives.

8. Do Not Disturb

“Do Not Disturb” by Drake is a melodic and melancholic hip-hop track about the artist’s emotional struggles.

The beat is smooth and somber; Drake’s voice is soft and sorrowful as he tells of his pain and insecurities.

The song reaches a triumphant climax with the memorable hook: “I need somebody, yeah, I need someone to love me.”

It’s an emotionally charged song that speaks to anyone who has experienced heartache, making it one of Drake’s most beloved sad songs.

9. Teenage Fever

“Teenage Fever” by Drake is a sad yet captivating track that captures the essence of growing up.

This heartfelt song can be appreciated by anyone who has ever felt the emotions of teenage life.

With its subtle yet soulful 808 productions, Drake’s lyrics capture the heartache and confusion associated with growing up, making it an incredibly relatable hit for teens everywhere.

The perfect mix of nostalgia and joy makes this song an absolute summer classic, so turn it on and feel all those teenage feels!

10. Club Paradise

Club Paradise by Drake is a sad yet uplifting hip-hop track about the ups and downs of life.

The song perfectly captures the feeling of loneliness, despair, and loss while also conveying a sense of hope that things can get better in the future.

Drake’s soft and harmonic vocals lend an emotional depth to the song, accentuated by his clever wordplay.

11. That’s How You Feel

“That’s How You Feel” by Drake is a profoundly emotional and reflective song.

The track is filled with lush tones and delicate piano chords that help to create a sense of tenderness and vulnerability.

Drake reflects on his more difficult moments, making this a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever felt down or out of place.

With lyrics like “Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down,” he captures the highs and lows we all experience and reminds us of our shared human struggles.

Fans have praised the track for its openness and relatability, showing how impactful one song can be when it speaks from the heart.

12. Jaded

“Jaded by Drake is a sad and reflective song about heartbreak and loss.

The song has a slow tempo fits perfectly with the reflective mood it conveys.

Drake talks about how he’s been hurt, betrayed, and jaded in this somber track that speaks of accepting the pain that comes with love.

The lyrics are honest, emotional, and raw, making this song one of Drake’s most powerful ballads.

Jaded is an emotionally charged R&B single from his fifth studio album Scorpion. It shows how Drake’s lyrics can still impact even on a heavier subject matter like heartache.”

13. Peak

“Peak by Drake is a beautiful track from his critically acclaimed album “Scorpion.”

A passionate, mellow piano melody is the perfect backdrop as Drake reflects on heartache and loss.

The passionate lyrics describe the pain that comes with loving someone but being unable to be with them.

He shows vulnerability throughout the track while expressing his admiration for that person.

With its slow tempo and heartbreaking message, Peak by Drake will resonate with anyone who has experienced love’s struggles and sorrows.

14.  Don’t Matter to Me

“Don’t Matter to Me” by Drake is a powerful and reflective song that speaks to feeling left out and misunderstood.

The song is reflective, touching on themes of loneliness, depression, and heartbreak.

The beat changes throughout the song as Drake delves deeper into his emotions. His voice’s a sense of longing as he sings, “Your love don’t matter to me anymore.”

This melancholy yet optimistic track pulls at the heartstrings. It serves as an anthem for anyone who feels they don’t matter or fit in.

15. Take Care (feat. Rihanna)

Take Care by Drake is a heartbreakingly beautiful song. It speaks of loss, loneliness, and longing in a way only Drake can capture.

The song opens with a sample of Florence and the Machine’s “Cosmic Love,” which helps add to its melancholy tone.

Throughout the track, Drake croons about caring for someone despite knowing they may not be around for much longer.

His lyrics are heartfelt and powerful, making it easy to get lost in this sad love story.

The soulful production accompanying his words goes a long way in helping to convey the genuine emotion behind the song and make it an unforgettable experience.

16. Trust Issues

Trust Issues by Drake is a heartbreaking, soul-stirring song about the difficulty of trusting someone after getting hurt in the past.

The lyrics tell a story of heartache, fear, and isolation as Drake reflects on his experiences with trust issues.

The song captures the deep pain and vulnerability associated with mistrust with its poignant words and haunting rhythms.

If you’ve ever struggled with trust in relationships, this is one song that will resonate deeply.

17. Hotline Bling

“Hotline Bling” by Drake is an emotional rap song that captures the heartache and anxiety of being betrayed in a relationship.

The haunting melody stands out amongst the rest of Drake’s catalog, with its melancholy synths, smooth bass line, and gentle percussion beats.

The lyrics reflect on a former lover who isn’t around anymore and has been interpreted as a metaphor for loneliness or even depression.

Despite the sadness in the track, it still manages to be uplifting through its raw honesty and relatability. It serves as a reminder to never give up on love despite the pain that can come with it.

18. I Get Lonely

“I Get Lonely by Drake is a heartbreaking song that hits close to home for many people.

The melancholic beat, paired with his powerful lyrics, creates an atmosphere of loneliness and longing.

The whole track oozes melancholy as Drake tries to figure out how to cope with being left alone and wanting someone back in his life.

The chorus repeats two sad lines, “I get lonely, soooo lonely,” letting the listener know exactly what he feels without further explanation.

It is a song that perfectly captures the emotions surrounding heartbreak and longing for companionship.”

19. My Side

My Side by Drake is a sorrowful yet cathartic song. Drake perfectly articulates the grieving process after a painful breakup, from its gentle guitar, plucks to its blue rap bars.

He laments the memories of his past love but also looks back at himself for the mistakes he made along the way.

With lines like “I’m tired of being patient, I’m in an empty space,” Drake conveys his emotions in a raw and honest manner that so many people can identify with.

The track is a reminder to not get too stuck in your sorrows but instead, use them as fuel to learn and grow from your experiences.

20. Feel No Ways

“Feel No Ways” by Drake is a heartbreakingly beautiful song about the struggle of letting go of someone you love.

His heartbreaking lyrics and captivating production make for an emotional journey that will leave listeners with a tear in their eyes.

The song’s chorus speaks to the contradiction of feeling hurt and lonely yet loving the person who caused the heartache.

Drake captures vulnerability with his writing and includes upbeat production to give fans hope that even when we feel low, there are brighter days ahead.

“Feel No Ways” is a potent reminder that sometimes it takes sadness to appreciate true happiness.

21. Nothings Into Somethings

“Nothing’s Into Somethings by Drake is a powerful and moving song that speaks to the power of turning disappointment and pain into something new.

The lyrics are incredibly heartfelt, vividly depicting how it feels when nothing seems to work out right.

He also reflects on how he eventually found happiness again after going through tough times, showing that there is always hope, even in the darkest places.

22. Signs

The song “Signs” by Drake is an emotional and reflective track about heartache, loneliness, and the struggles of moving on.

The lyrics are poignant and honest – Drake seems to be coming to terms with a difficult breakup.

The beat is slow and gentle, consisting mainly of subtle synths, soft drums, and light piano chords that help to emphasize further the heartache being discussed in the song.

Combining intimate lyrics with mellow production, “Signs” is one of Drake’s most powerful sad songs.

23. Let’s Call It Off (feat. Peter Bjorn and John)

“Let’s Call It Off” by Drake is a perfect song to play when feeling down.

It has a sad, mellow vibe that speaks directly to the heartache of an unresolved relationship.

The lyrics are raw and honest, with Drake reflecting on what he wishes he could say to his former partner.

The steady rhythm creates a sense of longing and loss for what could have been.

This creates an intimate atmosphere as if two people were sitting together talking over their differences, yet knowing it will soon be over.

24. Keep the Family Close

“Keep the Family Close” by Drake is an introspective and reflective song about how his family has been there for him during tough times.

The song talks about how, no matter what, he will always keep his family close to him.

He acknowledges their tremendous love and support in his life, even though it has not always been easy.

Additionally, the song speaks to a more profound message of appreciating those with you in times of need without forgetting to take care of yourself and ensure you don’t get caught up in drama or let your relationships become strained.

25. Down Hill

“Down Hill by Drake Sad Songs” is a melodic, melancholic track from Drake’s latest album, Scorpion.

The song captures the feelings of nostalgia and heartache we can all relate to when reflecting on relationships or moments that have passed us by.

The production is masterfully crafted with swelling strings and delicate harmonies as Drake reminisces over lost love and wonders where things went wrong.

The song shifts between gentle melancholy and intense emotion as he delves deeper into his sorrowful thoughts, giving listeners an emotionally charged listen that speaks volumes in only four minutes.

If you need therapeutic music to wallow in your sentiments, look no further than “Down Hill by Drake Sad Songs.”

26. Shot For me

“Shot For Me” by Drake is a sad song many people can relate to.

The lyrics tell a story of heartbreak and feeling unwanted, which we can all relate to in some way or another.

The song’s rhythm is melancholic and draws you right in as if every word is an unavoidable truth.

It speaks of longing for someone who doesn’t want you anymore but wanting them so severely still because you love them regardless.

Drake conveys this deep emotion by expressing his feelings about being left behind in powerful words that genuinely resonate with listeners.

27. Marvins Room

Marvin’s Room by Drake is an emotional hip-hop track full of heartbreak and pain.

Released in 2011, the song paints a vivid picture of a man consumed by loneliness as he reflects on a failed relationship.

Drizzy’s vivid storytelling and raw emotion take us through his struggle and longing for someone who can help him out of the dark space he has created for himself.

It’s easy to relate to this song as it speaks to how complex relationships can be and how hard it is to move on when memories linger and won’t go away.

28. Hate Sleeping Alone

“Hate Sleeping Alone” by Drake is a sad ballad about loneliness and the fear of being alone.

The song opens with Drake singing, “I can’t help but lay awake, I just can’t sleep by myself,” setting the tone for the somber subject matter.

With emotionally charged lyrics like “It’s way too quiet, and my thoughts are running wild” and “No more holding me tight, no one keeping me smiling.” Drake conveys the reality of feeling isolated and helpless.

While some may listen to this song and feel despondent, others can be comforted knowing they are not alone in their struggles.

29. Karaoke

Drake’s “Karaoke Sad Songs” is an uplifting and inspiring track highlighting the beauty of feeling low.

It celebrates the idea of not being alone in those moments, allowing us to unite collectively through our shared emotions.

The song masterfully navigates between sadness and optimism, showing how we can find solace in both.

Drake offers hope through his lyrics encapsulating how sorrow can become part of a journey if we look for it as an opportunity to lean on each other and grow together.

30. Doing it Wrong

“Doing it Wrong” by Drake is a song that captures the sadness.

The unique production and songwriting style makes it stand out from other tracks.

It talks about how difficult it can be to maintain relationships when things don’t go as planned and how life will never improve.

The lyrics are riddled with emotion, exploring the pain of heartache and loneliness and yearning for something better.

31. Brand New

“Brand New” by Drake is an incredibly moving and emotive song that encapsulates feelings of loneliness, heartache, and despair.

The track features a haunting instrumental score with sparse piano chords combined with heavy bass and ethereal synths to create a gloomy atmosphere.

The lyrics convey his raw emotions towards these experiences, touching on regret, isolation, and vulnerability, which perfectly compliments the gloomy production.

32. Look What You’ve Done

“Look What You’ve Done” by Drake is a song that’ll pull at the heartstrings of any listener.

This melancholic hip-hop/R&B song offers an emotional introspection and reflection into Drake’s life as he remembers his struggles during the past few years.

The sad lyrics touch on everything from successes to failures, relationships to family issues, all culminating in the realization that he’s overcome those hardships despite it all.

33. Lose You

“Lose You” is a poignant song by Drake that captures the emotion of heartbreak after a relationship ends.

The melancholy track tells the story of an ex-lover leaving and all the pain and regrets it causes.

His lyrics are honest and genuine, recounting all the memories he lost with his lover’s departure.

Drake reflects fondly on what was before, acknowledging it won’t return. Despite its sadness, “Lose You” speaks to any listener who has experienced the loss of love.

It’s one of those sad songs that will help you endure tough times.

34. Redemption

“Redemption by Drake Sad Songs” is a powerful track that combines the emotion of Drake’s vocals with a deep electronic beat.

The song speaks about overcoming hardship and heartbreak and how music can strengthen and comfort through difficult times.

The lyrics are raw and honest yet optimistic, reminding us that better days are often ahead, even after heartbreaking negativity.

It captures the essence of resilience and redemption meaningfully, making it an anthemic tune for anyone needing to work out of a dark place.

35. Sooner Than Later

“Sooner Than Later” by Drake is an infectious and emotional hip-hop track that speaks to the power of letting go and facing your emotions head-on.

The song opens with a haunting synth line that serves as the foundation for a complete emotional arc featuring honest reflections on the sadness of life and ultimately providing words of encouragement to stay strong in the face of struggles.

Drake’s special delivery drives home his message with raw emotion, while intricate percussion work provides dynamic shifts throughout the track.

If you’re looking for an anthem to help you make sense of tough times and move forward despite life’s challenges, “Sooner Than Later” is worth checking out.

36. Jorja Interlude

“Jorja Interlude by Drake Sad Songs” is a passionate and introspective track, perfectly encapsulating all the emotions of heartache and longing.

Drizzy’s deep, somber crooning is a perfect fit for this sad song, helping to portray his internal struggles and the pain of unrequited love.

The slow beat of the track helps to bring out the raw emotion in Drake’s voice as he narrates his own narrative of heartbreak.

It’s a powerful reminder that no one is immune to sadness, and even if your life appears idyllic on the outside, we all have our inner battles to fight.




Here are some faqs related to sad Drake songs.

What’s Drake’s biggest hit?

Drake’s biggest hit is “God’s Plan” from his fifth studio album, “Scorpion,” released in 2018.

The song topped the charts for eleven weeks and was the most streamed song in 2018.

It earned Drake the record for most simultaneous entries on the Billboard Hot 100, with twenty-seven songs featured.

The song has brought Drake great success, getting him two Grammy nominations and numerous awards from various organizations.

It also made history for being the first video to reach one billion views on YouTube, cementing its place as one of Drake’s greatest hits.

How many #1 songs does Drake have?

Drake has had an impressive number of #1 songs – a total of 18 to date.

He has the honor of having the most number-one singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart as a lead artist, with 12.

Featured artist appearances count towards his total, bringing it up to 18 – more than any other solo artist in history.

Drake also holds the record for being the first and only artist to reach 1 billion streams across all major streaming platforms within six months.

Why are Drake songs so popular?

Drake’s songs are top-rated for several reasons. For starters, his lyrics are relatable.

He can talk about everything from heartbreak to success, and he captures the emotions that everyone experiences in their own lives.

He has an uncanny ability to get people to feel the emotion behind every song, making it even more enjoyable to listen to.

Additionally, Drake’s beats are catchy and smooth. His production always sounds excellent and incorporates many different influences from different genres of music, helping him stand out from the rest.

Finally, Drake is a master at marketing himself; he knows just how to capture his audience’s attention with teasers and videos before releasing new songs, which adds another level of anticipation when listeners hear his latest music.

Combined with these factors, it’s no wonder Drake’s songs are so popular!

Does Drake have any good songs?

Yes, Drake has many good songs. Here are the top 10 best Drake songs of all time:

  1. “Hotline Bling,”
  2. “One Dance,”
  3. “Started From the Bottom,”
  4. “God’s Plan,”
  5. “In My Feelings,”
  6. “Hold On, We’re Going Home,”
  7. “Nonstop,”
  8. “Controlla,”
  9. “Passionfruit,”
  10. “Best I Ever Had.”

How popular is Drake in the world?

Drake is one of the biggest stars in the world right now. He has 6 Grammys to his name and has broken countless chart records.

His albums have gone double platinum or more in almost every country, and his singles dominate radio playlists worldwide.

In 2019 alone, he broke multiple records on Spotify and Apple Music for the highest streams ever achieved for an album in its first week of release.

Additionally, Drake’s accompanying tour supporting his latest album was one of the most successful tours by any artist this decade.

All these factors and many more make it clear that Drake is incredibly popular worldwide.

Who is more popular than Drake?

Beyoncé is more popular than Drake. The music powerhouse has had numerous number-one singles in the US and UK and multiple Grammy and Emmy awards.

She’s also one of the most-followed celebrities on social media, with a colossal 126 million followers on Instagram alone – that’s more people than the entire population of Mexico!

Plus, her 2018 Coachella performance was viewed by over 500 million people worldwide, making it the most streamed music event ever.

In short, when it comes to popularity, Beyonce simply can’t be beaten!

Is Drake famous in Asia?

Yes, Drake is quite famous in Asia. From his collaboration with Japanese rapper AI to performing sold-out shows in countries like India and South Korea, his music has been well-received by listeners all over the continent.

Additionally, Drake’s star power has pushed him to become one of the most successful international artists in the Asian market thanks to streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube helping spread his fame across various countries.

Overall, it’s clear that Drake’s music resonates with fans all over Asia, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

What do you call Drake fans?

Drake fans are lovingly referred to as ‘Drake-heads.’ Being a Drake-head means you are an avid fan of his music and message.

You can quickly spot a Drake-head by their signature style – from the crisp OVO sweatsuits to the 6-god chain around their neck.

As one of the biggest superstars in music, being a Drake-head is more than just listening to his songs; it’s about embracing what Drake stands for and living by his example.

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