Top 15 Great Fastest Eminem Songs Of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Top Great Fastest Eminem Songs

If you’re a fan of Eminem’s rapid-fire flow, you won’t want to miss this list of his top fastest rap songs. Get ready to be amazed by his incredible lyrical skills!

1. Not Afraid

“Not Afraid” by Eminem is one of his most iconic and celebrated songs.

Released in 2010, it was the first single off his seventh studio album, “Recovery.”

Its fast-paced and anthemic chorus helped make it a fan favorite, and its inspiring message of resilience in the face of adversity.

Time in at 4 minutes and 19 seconds, it is also considered the fastest Eminem song to date, with its tight flow and dexterous lyricism that enthralled listeners.

It has become a symbol of hope for many, leading some to adopt it as their personal anthem – proof that they can overcome any obstacle despite what life throws their way.

2. Rap God (Explicit)

“Rap God (Explicit) by Eminem is arguably one of the fastest rap songs.

Released in 2013, it features six minutes of Eminem rapping over a thumping hip-hop beat at rapid-fire speed.

With its triplet flow and signature cadence, this song is one of the most impressive examples of what Eminem can do when he’s on fire.

The lyrics are packed with pop culture references, clever wordplay, and colorful imagery that leave you in awe.

It paints a vivid picture of how fast an artist can rap without compromising quality for speed.

Overall, “Rap God (Explicit)” is a fantastic display of lyrical magic and a great reminder never to underestimate the power of music!

3. Offended

“Offended” by Eminem is arguably one of his fastest and most intriguing songs.

The track features an intense, rapid-fire delivery of lyrics that paints a picture of a rapper determined to deliver his message in the most efficient way possible.

The beat is intense and unrelenting, matching the intensity of the words as Eminem spits out his story aggressively and captivatingly.

He tackles tough topics such as racism and violence with resonating, incredibly catchy, and compelling metaphors.

4. Lucky You

“Lucky You,” featuring Joyner Lucas, is one of the fastest Eminem songs.

The song has a fast tempo that builds up and keeps its listeners engaged and on their toes.

The track features heavy bass tones to provide an extra layer of intensity and a deep vocal delivery from both Eminem and Joyner Lucas.

The song’s speed is a remarkable example of both artists delivering meaningful lyrics about fame, money, power, and everything.

It’s definitely not one to miss out on if you’re looking for high-energy rap or hip-hop music!

5. Soldier

“Soldier” by Eminem is one of his fastest songs, with a blazing tempo that keeps the energy high.

This iconic song from his album ‘The Eminem Show’ speaks to the struggles of soldiers fighting for their country and the effects it has on them and their families.

Eminem’s fast-paced flow matches the track’s intense pace, vividly capturing the emotion of war.

It’s an intense ride that angers your adrenaline and reminds us just how powerful music can be.

6. Fast Lane

Fast Lane is one of Eminem’s signature songs. It was released in 2000 as a single from the hit album The Marshall Mathers LP and quickly became a fan favorite.

It’s hard-hitting beats and catchy rap make it one of the fastest songs Eminem has ever created.

The verses have a fast flow and intense energy, creating an adrenaline-filled atmosphere perfect for rap battles or extreme physical activities.

Fast Lane has become a staple of hip-hop culture, often cited by fans as their favorite Eminem tune or cited as an inspiration by other artists.

Whether you’re looking for an intense party banger or just some music to jumpstart your day, Fast Lane will surely provide that energy!

7. Fubba U Cubba Cubba (Freestyle)

Fubba U Cubba Cubba is one of the fastest Eminem songs out there, and it definitely lives up to its name.

It captures the essence of fast-paced rap music with its quick delivery, aggressive beats, and powerful lyrics.

Packed with energy and attitude, Fubba U Cubba Cubba shows off Eminem’s trademark intensity as he raps about his story in an inspiring way that fits anger adrenaline.

8. Despicable (Freestyle)

Despicable is one of the fastest Eminem songs out there. It’s a hardcore rap song with intense, rapid-fire bars and a frenetic beat that push it to an insane tempo.

The lyrics are some of the sharpest from Eminem and showcase his lyrical abilities while being incredibly creative and humorous.

With its fast tempo, slick beats, intense lyrics, and dark atmosphere, Despicable is sure to get people moving – whether they love it or hate it!

9. Biterphobia

“Biterphobia” by Eminem is one of his fastest songs. It’s an intense rap with a fast flow and heavy beats.

The lyrics are full of hard-hitting rhymes that express anger, frustration, and anxiety over the feeling of being judged or not fitting in.

In addition to its fast tempo, Eminem puts a lot of emotion into his delivery – it feels genuine and raw.

It’s an adrenaline rush of a song that will leave you both energized and on edge.

10. Gnat

“Gnat” by Eminem is one of the fastest-recorded songs, clocking in at an astonishing 10.65 syllables per second.

It has a frenetic energy that is hard to ignore, and its lyrics are rooted in personal experience, presenting an unflinching look at the rapper’s inner struggles.

Eminem’s delivery is ferociously passionate as he speaks of his problems with addiction and depression with raw intensity.

His words are punctuated by intense rhythms and melodic vocal patterns that capture his frustration and rage.

The song offers a vivid portrait of what life can be like for those living with mental health issues. It serves as a potent reminder to never give up on yourself.

11. Not Alike

“Not Alike” by Eminem is the fastest song on his album Kamikaze. With an uptempo beat and high-energy lyrics, it’s easy to see why this is one of Eminem’s most popular songs.

The track features rap legends Royce da 5’9″ and Joyner Lucas, with Royce providing a hilarious hook plus a verse from Joyner in the second half that adds to the intensity.

What makes “Not Alike” stand out is its unique production style; heavy drums and slashing synths create a soundscape like no other.

Additionally, Eminem’s intense, fast-paced delivery packs an added punch that can’t be denied.

Overall, “Not Alike” is a modern classic that shows why Eminem has been one of the top rappers for years.

12. Godzilla

“Godzilla by Eminem is the fastest song in existence! The track, released in March 2020, clocks in at a blazing 3 minutes and 12 seconds long.

This is an absolute lightning speed for a rap song! Eminem’s signature lyrical fire burns through this banger as he fires off rapid-fire verses that showcase his remarkable flow and clever wordplay.

With its strong beat and EDM vibes in the background, it’s sure to get stuck in your head after just one listen.

Furthermore, fans love the track’s raw energy as they get up and move when it plays.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, high-energy hip-hop hit, look no further than Godzilla by Eminem – definitely worth checking out!

13. Lose Yourself

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem is one of the fastest songs. It’s a powerful tune with intense lyrics, an upbeat production, and an impressive flow from the rap icon himself.

The track was famously used as the theme song for 8 Mile, providing an emotional soundtrack to the acclaimed movie.

Eminem’s rhymes lay bare his inner thoughts and feelings, with cutting lines like “Look if you had one shot or one opportunity / To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment.”

Lose Yourself is a certified classic that continues to resonate with fans worldwide. It’s an undisputed hip-hop classic that will continue to inspire generations.

14. Till I Collapse

“Till I Collapse” by Eminem is one of the fastest songs ever released. The beat is relentless and hypnotic, with thundering bass and sharp drums that keep the track rolling at a breakneck pace.

With rapid-fire rhymes from Eminem packed with clever wordplay and punchlines, the song has become an anthem for hip-hop fans worldwide.

It’s a perfect example of what makes Eminem’s music so captivating: his ability to combine thrilling production with lyrical feats that push the boundaries of rap.

Till I Collapse is a testimony to not giving up in life, no matter how hard it gets, it is a message that resonates with listeners of all ages.

15. Love Game

“Love Game” by Eminem is a fast-paced, catchy song that has had fans all over the world grooving.

It has an infectious beat with a playful chorus and witty lyrics, making it one of Eminem’s most popular tracks.

With its upbeat tempo and party vibe, “Love Game” will surely get anyone up on their feet dancing, making it the perfect song for any gathering.

Its clever verses also allow listeners to delve into deeper meaning as they explore and interpret its hidden messages.

Ultimately, “Love Game” is an exhilarating track showcasing Eminem’s unique flow and lyrical genius, proving why he remains one of the greatest rappers ever.


Below are some faqs related to the fastest Eminem songs.

What is the fastest song Eminem has?

Eminem is considered one of the greatest and fastest rap artists ever, and his songs are often incredibly fast-paced.

His fastest song to date is “Godzilla” featuring Juice WRLD, which clocks in at a whopping 5.97 words per second.

Eminem raps an incredible 224 words in just 37 seconds, making this track the speediest of all his releases.

The consistently fast pace and lightning-fast verses make it difficult for amateur rappers to keep up with him – a testament to his skill as a rapper.

What Eminem song is faster than Rap God?

The song “Godzilla” by Eminem featuring Juice WRLD is faster than “Rap God.” It holds the Guinness World Record for the most words in a single, at 224 words in just 31 seconds.

What is the fastest rap ever rapped?

The fastest rap ever rapped is thought to be the track “World Record Rap” by American rapper Rebel XD.

This track packed a punch with its incredibly fast lyricism and delivery, boasting an average of 10.2 syllables per second!

This record is still yet to be broken, and it seems as though no one has been able to come close.

The sheer speed and energy within the track make it an incredibly impressive piece of artistry, showcasing Rebel XD’s ability as a world-class rapper.

How fast is Eminem’s Godzilla?

Eminem’s ‘Godzilla’ features the rapper spitting out 224 words in just 31 seconds, translating to an average of 7.23 words per second. This sets a new world record for the fastest rap song.

What is Eminem’s longest verse?

Eminem’s longest verse is in the song “Rap God” from his 2013 album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.”

The verse is 15.3 seconds long and contains 97 words, averaging 6.3 words per second. It has been praised for its technical skill and lyrical content.

Why can Eminem rap so fast?

Eminem is known for his swift and complex rap lyrics, which sets him apart from many other rappers.

He has such an incredible ability to think quickly and put words together in a way that still sounds smooth and makes sense.

His incredible quick-thinking ability comes from his natural talent and years of practice.

Eminem listens to songs repeatedly until he knows their ins and outs, even going so far as to break down each syllable with a timer to figure out which ones should be emphasized when rapping fast.

With all these techniques combined, Eminem’s ability to rap quickly becomes second nature, and he can effortlessly spit out intricate words and rhythms at lightning speed.

Who is the fastest rapper?

According to Guinness World Records, the fastest rapper in the world is Twista, who rapped 598 syllables in just 55 seconds.

Other fast rappers include Eminem, Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, and Krayzie Bone.

How does Eminem rap so fast without breathing?

Eminem is well known for his incredible rap speed. His ability to craft words and beats into fast-paced songs earns him among the greatest rap artists.

How does he do it so quickly without taking a breath?

First, Eminem has an extensive sound library, allowing him to recall words and rhymes easily without searching.

Secondly, Eminem’s mastery of syllable stress helps him speed up the delivery while keeping each word clear and distinct.

Finally, years of practice have allowed Eminem to increase his lung capacity, which lets him hold air for longer than most people.

With these combined techniques, Eminem can rap faster than ever without taking a single breath or pausing.

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