Top 50 Famous & Popular Songs About Losing A Loved One (of All Time)

Famous & Popular Songs About Losing A Loved One of All Time

Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences we have to face in life. Here is a list of the Top Famous & Popular Songs About Losing A Loved One that captures this grief in words and melody.

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Top Saddest Song About Losing Someone

Feeling down and missing him or her? Here is a carefully chosen selection of top sad songs about losing someone, to bring some consolation during a time of grief.

1. “Tears In Heaven” by Eric Clapton

Released in 1991, “Tears In Heaven” by the legendary Eric Clapton is widely considered to be one of the saddest songs ever written about losing someone close to you.

The lyrics are deeply heartfelt and emotionally raw as it talks about Eric’s grief following the death of his young son and how he wishes they could be together again.

2. “I’ll Be Missing You” by Diddy, Faith Evans, 112

Diddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You” is a heartfelt tribute to someone who has passed on. Written as a duet with Faith Evans in 1997, the song quickly became a popular song for those dealing with the pain of loss and grief.

With its timeless message of hope after tragedy, it remains one of the saddest songs about losing someone.

3. “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion`

“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion is a heartbreaking ballad about the pain of losing a loved one. The song talks about the deep sense of sorrow that comes with losing someone, and how it can cause us to feel lost and alone.

4. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

Released in 2005, Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” tells a sorrowful story of losing someone close. With its slow tempo and melancholic melody, the song amplifies its message of heartache and grief.

Billboard magazine ranked it as one of the best post-9/11 songs and Rolling Stone named it one of the top ten ballads released by Green Day.

5. “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor

“Fire and Rain” is a heartbreaking song by James Taylor about his struggles with the death of his friend, Suzanne.

The song talks about how short life is, and how quickly someone can be taken away from you. It is a somber reminder to cherish the moments we have with loved ones as they could be gone before we know it.

6. “Hurt” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s powerful song “Hurt” poignantly captures the grief that often follows the loss of a loved one. This heartbreaking track serves as a reminder of how quickly life can change and how fleeting love can be.

The emotions it evokes perfectly encapsulate the sorrowful feelings that come with grieving the loss of someone special.

7. “Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley and Alison Kraus

“Whiskey Lullaby” is a striking song by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss that tells the devastating story of two lovers tragically lost to one another.

The lyrics use whiskey to explain both the pain of losing loved ones and the relief that comes with time, taking the listener on an emotionally gripping rollercoaster.

Its heartfelt melancholic melody will bring tears to your eyes, as it describes not just the ache of loss but also its ultimate acceptance.

8. “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan

“Angel” by Sarah McLachlan is a beautiful and heartfelt ballad that serves as an ode to those who have lost loved ones.

Through lyrics of longing and hopefulness, the song paints a poignant picture of coping with loss while conveying love and comfort in times of darkness.

The song speaks to anyone who has lost someone close to them, providing solace and understanding in their struggles.

9. “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” is one of the most powerful songs by Garth Brooks, as it tells a story of lost love and the realization that life can be fleeting.

The song speaks to taking time to be mindful of our relationships and expressing gratitude for those we care about before it’s too late.

It serves as an inspiration for anyone facing struggles in relationships or simply wanting to reach out more to their loved ones.

10. “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

“Time to Say Goodbye” is a duet between Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. It is a heartbreaking song about saying goodbye to a lost loved one and coming to terms with the pain and grief of their absence. The powerful, yet emotive vocals create a beautiful tribute to those who have left this world too soon.

Top Modern Funeral Songs About Losing A Loved One

Missing someone? This list of top songs doesn’t shy away from heavy topics like loneliness, separation, heartbreak, and death, all part of saying goodbye.

1. “Heaven” by Beyoncé

“Heaven” by Beyoncé is the perfect modern funeral song to honor the memories of a loved one who has passed away. The emotive lyrics provide comfort in times of grief and nostalgia, while the soulful melody and uplifting chorus proclaim that loved ones will be reunited again in Heaven.

2. “Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran

This song speaks to both the sorrow of loss and the joy of remembering the departed in a special way. The song is an excellent modern funeral selection that speaks deeply to listeners while providing comfort during difficult times.

3. “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith

Lay Me Down by Sam Smith is a powerful funeral song about losing a loved one. With emotive lyrics, it speaks to the emotions of saying goodbye and paying tribute to someone who has passed away.

The song talks about the sorrow of this difficult time, but also offers words of comfort, strength, and hope. The song is an anthem for those experiencing loss, as it reflects on the bittersweet memories and brings peace during this challenging period.

4. “Funeral” by Lukas Graham

“Funeral” by the Danish band Lukas Graham, is a melancholic yet uplifting song about grieving the death of a loved one.

Not only does this song explore the feelings and thoughts that come along with losing someone, but it also talks about the possibility of finding hope and comfort in the face of tragedy.

With its gentle beats, gentle piano playing, and soothing vocals, “Funeral” is a beautiful way to bring overwhelming comfort and healing during difficult times.

5. “Hold Back the River” by  James Bay

“Hold Back the River” is a song by British singer-songwriter James Bay about losing a loved one.

The lyrics are a plea to try and hold on to those we have loved, but ultimately recognizing the futility of trying to keep time from marching forward.

The track features Bay’s signature soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, making it an emotional reminder of our fragile mortality.

6. “Home Again” by Michael Kiwanuka

“Home Again”, a poignant song from Michael Kiwanuka’s acclaimed 2020 album Kiwanuka, is a tribute to lost loved ones.

Featuring heartbreaking lyrics about the pain of parting, the song poignantly captures the intense emotions of grief and longing that accompany loss.

7. “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry

Released in 2010, “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry is an emotional song about the loss of a loved one that speaks to the fear of leaving it all too soon.

With lyrics like “If I die young bury me in satin / Lay me down on a bed of roses”, it is a powerful reminder to appreciate every minute we have and to savor life while we have it.

Top Happy Song About Death To Play at A Funeral

Discover the top happy songs about death, They are perfect for playing at a funeral or memorial service, they will leave everyone feeling comforted.

1. “Only The Good Die Young” by Billy Joel

“Only The Good Die Young” by Billy Joel is a poignant and uplifting song about death. The lyrics celebrate the lives of those who have passed away and remind us to cherish their memories.

This is an excellent choice for playing at a funeral or memorial service as it can help evoke positive emotions in those grieving.

2. “Beloved” by Mumford & Sons

The British band Mumford & Sons released their song “Beloved” in 2018 – an emotional tribute to a loved one lost and the grieving process that follows.

The gentle yet poignant lyrics capture the feelings of loss that one has after saying goodbye to a special person.

3. “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum

“Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum is a classic song and one of the best songs about losing a loved one.

The catchy tune and uplifting lyrics provide comfort while expressing feelings of sadness and loss.

It is a particularly poignant reminder that death isn’t the end, but instead the beginning of something new and beautiful.

4. “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is an emotional song about the loss of a loved one.

The sorrowful lyrics, combined with Dylan’s masterful folk-rock melodies, capture the hard reality of grief perfectly.

This song speaks to anyone who has experienced loss and shows that in life, love can transcend even the greatest tragedies.

5. “Dream On” by Aerosmith

“Dream On” by Aerosmith is a power ballad full of emotion, reflecting the loss of a loved one.

Released in 1973, it remains one of Aerosmith’s most popular songs and is often featured in music therapy sessions dealing with grief and healing.

6. “American Pie” by Don McLean

“American Pie” by Don McLean is a timeless American classic that talk about death and the fragility of life.

The beautiful but solemn tune contains melancholic lyrics about loss that millions could relate to, making it a timeless classic that continues to be cherished all over the world.

7. “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

Released in 2015, “See You Again” is a heart-wrenching song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.

Written from the perspective of holding on to memories and being able to come together again one day, this song is suitable for anyone who has ever lost a loved one.

With its beautiful lyrics and poppy beat, “See You Again” is a perfect choice for those hard times when all one needs is some comfort.

8. “One More Day” by Diamond Rio

“One More Day” by Diamond Rio is a heartfelt song about the pain of losing a loved one. The song speaks to those who have experienced and are dealing with grief, providing comfort in its gentle words and melody.

The song is not just a reminder of the love that still exists but also encourages listeners to take solace in fond memories and cherish the time they have left with their beloved.

9. “Live and Die” by The Avett Brothers

“Live and Die” by The Avett Brothers is a song about the sadness of losing a loved one. The song shows how we can remain connected to our loved ones even after death.

The song captures the timelessness of our emotions around loss, singing “it’s not the end ’cause you live and die in every single moment that you’re alive”.

10. “I’ll Fly Away” by Gillian Welch Alison Kraus (Written by Hank Williams)

The song “I’ll Fly Away” by Gillian Welch and Alison Kraus is beautiful and heartfelt for lost loved ones.

The song speaks to the sorrow of the living in saying goodbye to the departed and the hope for meeting again on the other side.

Its simple melody and intense harmonies evoke an emotional depth that is evocative of emotions accompanying loss.

Top Famous & Popular Songs About Grieving

Need help coping with grief? Listen to some of these popular songs about grief and find comfort in their words and melodies

1. “Gone Too Soon” by Simple Plan

“Gone Too Soon” by Simple Plan is a heartfelt tribute to lost loved ones. It speaks of pain, grief, and emptiness in the wake of a loved one’s passing.

The song emphasizes that although those who have left this world might be gone, they will never truly be forgotten.

It serves as a reminder that the memories of the people who were gone too soon are everlasting and treasured forever in our hearts.

2. “The Garden” by Jimmy Scott

The soulful ballad conveys the memories of a loved one that has been lost, and how going through life without them is filled with pain, sorrow, and longing.

It serves as a reminder of all the people we have loved and lost and holds out hope for being together again when it’s our time to enter the garden.

3. “I’ll See You Again” by Westlife

Released in 2003 by the Irish pop band Westlife, “I’ll See You Again” is an iconic song about lost loved ones, with a beautiful and emotional melody.

The song narrates a story of hope in the face of grief, as the narrator reassures their absent loved one that even though they are gone now, it’s only temporary and they’ll see each other again.

It’s sure to bring comfort and solace to anyone who has suffered from loss.

4. “Goodbye” by NF

“Goodbye” by NF is a song about the sorrow of saying goodbye to a lost loved one.

With a moving chorus and beautiful vocals, the track captures the bittersweetness of letting go of people we love.

A melancholic blend of hip-hop and pop, this track serves as an emotional reminder of how fragile relationships can be.

5. “Save A Place For Me” by Matthew West

Matthew West’s uplifting song, “Save A Place For Me”, is a poignant reminder that those who have passed away remain in our hearts and memories.

Through gentle and comforting lyrical imagery and memorable melodies, West provides comfort to those who find themselves amidst grief and sadness.

This touching portrayal of grieving helps listeners overcome the challenges of facing their sorrows as they journey through the healing process.

6. “Five More Minutes” by Scotty McCreery

“Five More Minutes” by country music artist Scotty McCreery is a mournful song about grief and loss.

The song paints a bittersweet picture of cherished memories and the pain of longing for another chance to spend just a few more moments with someone who is no longer present.

McCreery’s heartfelt lyrics explore the complex emotions associated with death, providing a comforting accompaniment to anyone experiencing the pain of saying goodbye.

7. “Drowning” by Chris Young

“Drowning” by country singer Chris Young is a song about grief and mourning.

The song paints a vivid picture of someone dealing with the pain of loss as they search for ways to heal their broken heart.

Through heartbreaking lyrics, Young speaks of feeling emotionally overwhelmed and in desperate need of releasing these heavy emotions.

He emphasizes the painful but necessary approach to healing which includes allowing yourself to feel the intensity of your grief and move forward from it.

8. “Slipped Away” by Avril Lavigne

This song talks about the pain and sorrow of losing someone dear to you. The song offers comfort to those grieving by capturing emotions we all feel during times of loss, sorrow, and sadness.

Top Country Funeral Songs for Honouring a Loved One

Saying goodbye to a beloved family member or friend? Honor their passing with these carefully curated, specially selected country funeral songs.

1. “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood

“See You Again” is a powerful ballad by American country singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood, which speaks of grief and loss.

Through her emotionally charged lyrics and raw vocals, Underwood opens up about missing a lost loved one and the idea that someday they’ll be reunited in heaven.

This stirring song can provide comfort to anyone who is grieving the loss of a special person in their life.

2. “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan

Released in 2013, “Drink a Beer” is a single by country music artist Luke Bryan.

The song focuses on the grieving process and speaks of coping with loss by remembering good memories made with loved ones.

It talks about how difficult it can be to move on after great sadness.

3. “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton

“When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton, is a song that speaks to the healing power of hope.

The lyrics are full of images of finding peace and comfort in the afterlife, which is particularly meaningful for those grieving for a loved one.

The duet between Paisley and Parton also gives the song an added poignancy as they express their pain and longing for the departed.

4. “My Old Man” by Zac Brown Band

The Zac Brown Band song “My Old Man” is heartbreaking to a loved one who has passed away.

The song gives voice to the cathartic grief of loss and the lingering, bittersweet memories of moments shared together.

Artfully constructed with acoustic guitars, strings, and harmonica solos, the song paints a vivid picture of enduring love and faith in spite of sorrowful times.

5. “You Should Be Here” by Cole Swindell

The soulful country ballad, “You Should Be Here” by Cole Swindell, speaks to the experience of grief.

Through emotive story-telling, Swindell sings of moments with a loved one now passed away and rawly expresses how it feels to go through their memories without them.

This touching song serves as a reminder that the pain of loss will always remain but in time those happy memories will become brighter again.

6. “I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice

“I Drive Your Truck” is an emotional tribute to those grieving the absence of loved ones who have passed away.

Told from the point of view of a father dealing with grief after the death of his son, “I Drive Your Truck” evokes poignancy as Brice sings about how driving his son’s truck can bring him closer to him.

The song tackles difficult subjects like letting go and remembering happy memories while enduring the pain that follows loss.

7. “Over You” by Miranda Lambert

Top Traditional Funeral Songs About Lost Loved Ones

Looking for beautiful, sincere, and heartfelt funeral songs? Check out this list of top traditional funeral songs about lost loved ones.

1. “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler

Bette Midler’s classic song “Wind Beneath My Wings” is a touching tribute to those who have lost loved ones and are struggling with the intense emotion of grief.

The song’s lyrics remind listeners that, even during difficult times, we must take comfort in remembering our loved ones and cherishing the memories we shared together.

The poignant refrain of this song can provide solace, hope and strength for those who are grieving.

2. “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan

“I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan is a melancholy power ballad about grief and remembrance.

Released in 1995, the song gained worldwide popularity as an anthem for saying goodbye to loved ones and cherishing memories of them.

The heartfelt lyrics strike a chord with anyone who has ever lost someone close to them, making it one of the most well-known songs about grieving.

3. “Amazing Grace” by Leanne Rimes

Leanne Rimes’ classic ballad “Amazing Grace” is often considered to be one of the most poignant songs about grief.

The heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melody provide comfort to those struggling with loss, offering hope and solace in times of sorrow.

There is an almost universal appeal to the song, with its timeless lyrics making it a favorite among people of many different backgrounds and religious beliefs.

4. “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley

“Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley is a song about grief, loss, and healing. It reflects on the painful experiences of life and suggests a way to transcend them with hope.

With its powerful lyrics and soulful strumming of a guitar, the song conveys an uplifting, spiritually infused message for those who are working their way through sorrow and despair.

5. “The Prayer” by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli

The Prayer by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli is one of the best-known songs about grief.

Written in 1999, it has become a classic inspirational song for people all over the world who are coping with loss.

This powerful duet expresses the deep longing to be reunited with a loved one in Heaven, and the strength and faith needed to cope with devastating sorrow.

6. “I’ll See You Again” by Frank Sinatra

“I’ll See You Again,” is a beautiful song about the process of grieving.

Its sentimental lyrics and gentle melody express hope and acceptance in the face of loss and mourning.

The lyrics evoke both pain and perseverance, offering comfort for anyone who has experienced grief or sorrow.

7. “Hero” by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s hit song “Hero” speaks to the experience of grief and loss.

The track offers a heartfelt message of comfort, strength, and resilience in difficult times, symbolizing hope even when it feels like all hope is lost.

With its inspiring lyrics, moving melody, and powerful vocal performance from Mariah herself, the song is an anthem for anyone grieving who is looking for solace in the aftermath of tragedy.

8. “Gone Too Soon” by Michael Jackson

The song “Gone Too Soon” by Michael Jackson is an emotional ballad that speaks to the heartache of losing loved ones and explores how to cope with grief.

The song dives into the feeling of despair but also touches on finding hope in cherished shared moments with family and friends.

With its simple yet powerful lyrics, “Gone Too Soon” delivers a touching tribute to those who have gone before us.


Here are some questions related to songs about grieving and lost loved ones

1. What is the best song to say I miss you?

Some of the best songs to say I miss you include

  1. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,”
  2. Billie Eilish’s “Therefore I Am,”
  3. Tom Odell’s “Another Love,” Dan + Shay’s “Speechless,”
  4. Maroon 5’s “Memories,”
  5. James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go”
  6. Dua Lipa’s “Homesick.”

2. What’s the saddest song ever?

The saddest song ever is a highly subjective topic, but some songs that have been cited as the saddest include:

  1. “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen,
  2. “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton,
  3. “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.,
  4. “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel.

3. What is a great goodbye song?

Some classic and contemporary favorites that make great goodbye songs include:

  1. “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa,
  2. “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” by Green Day,
  3. “I Lived” by OneRepublic,
  4. “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey, and
  5. “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music.

Other powerful goodbye songs include:

  1. “The Parting Glass” by The Wailin’ Jennys,
  2. “My Way” by Frank Sinatra,
  3. “Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partirò)” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman,
  4. “Leaving On A Jet Plane” by John Denver.

4. What is the number 1 saddest song?

While the exact answer to this question is subjective, some of the most popular and well-known “saddest songs” include:

  1. Someone Like You by Adele
  2. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
  3. Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton
  4. Numb by Linkin Park
  5. In Paradisum by Mozart
  6. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

5. How do you say I miss you in a sad way?

When you’re feeling sad, expressing your longing for someone can be difficult. Saying “I miss you” in a way that reflects the sorrow you are experiencing can be an emotional and powerful experience.

You could express your feelings by saying something like:

  1. “My heart aches for your presence,”
  2. “I wish I could feel your embrace.”
  3. “The loneliness is overwhelming without you here.”
  4. “I long to hear your voice again.”

Whatever phrase resonates with how you feel, simply expressing those words to someone who has not been around can help alleviate some of the sadness.

6. What is the most played song at a funeral?

When it comes to funeral songs, the most often played song is “Amazing Grace”. This traditional Christian hymn is a timeless classic that can be adapted to work with any type of funeral service.

It speaks of grace and mercy, making it a poignant choice for saying goodbye to a departed loved one.

The lyrics invoke feelings of hope and assurance in the afterlife, no matter what struggles may have encountered in life.

Its gentle melody combined with faith-filled words make “Amazing Grace” an ideal pick for funerals; it’s truly a song to cherish during difficult times.

7. What is scientifically the saddest song?

“What is scientifically the saddest song?” is an often disputed question, but scientific studies have identified Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ as one of the saddest songs.

This slow-paced piano ballad features emotive lyrics which explore her regrets over a lost relationship.

Studies conducted in 2015 suggest that the emotional power of this song affects listeners on both a conscious and unconscious level. They perceived a greater emotional intensity in this song compared to other pieces of music.

The main trigger appears to be Adele’s use of prominent vocalizations resulting in feelings of sadness, distress, and complexity.

Other scientific findings suggest that sad music evokes pleasant nostalgia and acts as an effective coping mechanism when emotions run high, two key elements present in ‘Someone Like You’.

8. Why do some songs make me cry?

Some songs have the power to evoke strong emotions in us, and for some people, that emotion can be deep sorrow or sadness.

Songs can make us cry due to a certain line or lyric that speaks to our soul, triggering memories of past experiences or reminding us of something we’ve lost or someone dear to us.

The melody or tone of the song can also cause an emotional response in us as well, when we connect with a song on this level, it can bring out powerful emotions such as joy, nostalgia, anger, and sadness, even tears.

Music has a way of validating our deepest thoughts and feelings, when we hear a song that speaks to our own individual situation, it’s like understanding that you are not alone.

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