21 Incredible Famous About Roses – Songs With Roses In The Lyrics & Title

21 Incredible Famous Songs Famous About Roses - Songs With Roses In The Lyrics & Title

Are you someone who loves music and roses? Well, I have the perfect treat for you today!

This post will explore some of the most famous songs ever written about roses.

From classic rock anthems to modern pop bangers, these are some of the greatest tracks that pay tribute to one of nature’s traditional symbols of beauty and love.

You’ve heard plenty of them before but prepare for a few surprises.

So come along, and let’s take a stroll down memory lane as we explore some of the top famous songs that are famous about roses!

1. Kiss From a Rose by Seal

Kiss From a Rose by Seal is an emotional and romantic ballad about finding true love.

It speaks to the feeling of being overwhelmed by emotion when you finally find someone who loves you for who you are, making all of your insecurities disappear.

2. Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi

“Bed of Roses” by Bon Jovi is an inspiring power ballad about finding peace and contentment despite difficulties.

The lyrics are filled with imagery of struggling through the night to find a calm oasis at daybreak – symbolizing a newfound strength built up during hardship.

With lines like “I’ve shed my skin, I feel so naked,” it’s easy to interpret the song as a metaphor for growing from difficult times and having the courage to go after what matters most.

It’s an uplifting anthem that encourages us to persevere despite our circumstances.

3. For the Roses by Joni Mitchell

“For The Roses” by Joni Mitchell is a reflective song reflecting on her musical journey and difficulties.

With a mellow but bluesy guitar and passionate piano playing, Mitchell’s lyrics reflect the loneliness of success and how it can be isolating when people don’t understand you or your art.

She speaks of being stuck in an industry where commercial success matters more than passion and originality, something many creatives have been able to relate to.

4. Rose of My Heart by Johnny Cash

“Rose of My Heart” by Johnny Cash is a heartfelt love song about his deep affection for someone special.

The lyrics tell the story of their shared life together, describing how they’ve experienced highs and lows but have always stuck by each other’s side.

Through its simple yet powerful lyrics, it serves as a reminder of how we should cherish our relationships and never take them for granted.

5. A Rose is Still a Rose by Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin’s iconic song, “A Rose Is Still a Rose,” is an uplifting anthem of self-respect and strength.

The lyrics empower listeners to overcome their struggles and embrace their unique beauty.

Franklin sings about being true to yourself no matter how society pressures you into conforming and recognizing that your worth never changes, even if circumstances do.

6. La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf

“La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf is a classic French chanson about seeing the beauty of life through rose-colored glasses.

It celebrates love, positivity, and joy and reminds us to step back and appreciate all life offers.

The lyrics suggest that viewing the world through an optimistic lens will take on new meaning and be sweeter than ever before.

7. Spanish Rose by Van Morrison

“Spanish Rose” by Van Morrison is a beautiful tribute to the love of his life.

The song describes his romantic energy when she is around and how her presence and beauty have changed his life.

He croons about how time stands still when they’re together and how her love refreshes him like the passing of a gentle breeze.

8. Desert Rose by Sting

“Desert Rose” by Sting is a beautiful song about love and longing. The lyrics express his desire to be near his beloved despite the distance between them, symbolized by the desert.

He compares their love to a rose that blooms in the desert – an unlikely occurrence but one of extraordinary beauty nonetheless.

9. A Rose by Any Name by Blondie

“A Rose By Any Name” by Blondie is a dynamic track about the power of true love.

The song reflects how powerful love can be and how it transcends all differences. No matter what life throws at us, two people in love can remain together against all odds.

10. Mother Rose by Patti Smith

“Mother Rose” by Patti Smith is a song of encouragement and celebration.

In it, she encourages her listeners to appreciate the struggles and hardships their mothers have gone through to raise them in the best way they can.

She also celebrates all mothers do for us, from cooking meals to sacrificing their needs to give us what we need.

11. Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Guns N Roses

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” is a heartfelt power ballad from the classic 1989 Guns N’ Roses album “Appetite For Destruction.” Written by lead singer Axl Rose, it speaks to the potential for hurt that often comes with love.

It speaks of the heartache that can come when relationships end and how even something beautiful like a rose can have its painful thorns.

12. The Rose by Bette Midler

“The Rose” by Bette Midler is a timeless classic that speaks to the strength and resilience of human nature.

It tells the story of a person learning to accept themselves, no matter their hardships.

The lyrics remind us that there is beauty in pain, and hope still blooms even amongst struggle and sorrow.

13. Love is a Rose by Neil Young

“Love Is A Rose” by Neil Young is a heartfelt song that speaks to the beauty and fragility of love.

The song paints a beautiful image of two lovers who have found each other in the sweet bloom of love but realize the difficulty of maintaining it between them.

Neil Young’s gentle voice and thoughtful lyrics remind us that although love can be powerful, it is also delicate and vulnerable.

14. Rose Tattoo by Dropkick Murphys

The song “Rose Tattoo” by Dropkick Murphys has an uplifting and inspirational message.

It talks about the struggles of life but also how one can overcome them.

The lyrics tell the story of a person who has been through hard times and is stronger on the other side after building resilience and self-belief.

15. Roses by The Chainsmokers

“Roses” by The Chainsmokers is an upbeat pop song about the struggles of a new relationship.

The lyrics compare the newfound love to a beautiful rose, delicate but easily destroyed.

16. Monarchy of Roses by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Monarchy of Roses” by Red Hot Chili Peppers is an uplifting song about the freedom and joy of embracing life’s endless possibilities.

The song speaks to breaking away from traditional roles and expectations to live on one’s terms.

It encourages listeners to be open-minded, explore new horizons, and savor every moment without feeling restricted by societal or personal pressures.

17. Roses by OutKast

“Roses” by OutKast is a meaningful yet upbeat track about an unrequited love.

The song follows the narrator as he reflects on his feelings and begins to accept that things will never develop further between him and the object of his affection.

The chorus suggests that although he’ll never get acceptance, he’ll keep dreaming of it until it happens: “But I’m gonna keep on prayin’ / That one day she’ll understand my pain.”

18. Smell the Roses by Roger Waters

“Smell the Roses” by Roger Waters is a song about life’s simple pleasures and learning to appreciate what you have.

The lyrics urge us to take a break from our stressful lives and enjoy moments of simple beauty and joy.

Waters croons that we should be content with what we have and never take anything for granted.

19. English Rose by Motorhead

“English Rose” by Motorhead is a tribute to the country of England, celebrating its people, culture, and historic monuments.

The song uses lyrics such as “where heroes aren’t forgotten, and the past still lives on” to evoke nostalgia for a time when Britain was at its most potent and influential.

20. Last of the English Roses by Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty’s “Last of the English Roses” tells the story of a young man longing for a love he knows is gone.

The song paints a vivid picture of two lovers on opposite sides of the world: an English rose in London, and a Spanish rose in Madrid.

He reflects on how much they shared before their paths diverged and muses on whether they could ever rekindle what once was.

21. Yellow and Rose by James Taylor

The song Yellow and Rose, by James Taylor is a beautiful ballad about the complexity of love.

It speaks to the ever-shifting nature of relationships, as our feelings ebb and flow from one moment to the next.

The lyrics vividly show how love can envelop us in its warmth and then suddenly abandon us just as quickly.


Is there a song called Yellow Rose?

Yes, there is a song called “Yellow Rose”. Texas songwriter Johnnie Lee Wills first recorded this classic country music ballad in 1949.

It tells the story of a heartbroken lover who sees a yellow rose as a reminder of the one who got away.

Since then, numerous artists have covered it, including Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, and even Elvis Presley.

It’s an enduring classic that still resonates with listeners to this day – a heartfelt tribute to lost love that will never really be forgotten.

Why is the song Roses called Roses?

Roses, a song by Travis Scott featuring Rozes, is aptly named “Roses” for its beautiful and heartfelt lyrics about appreciating life’s simple joys.

The song celebrates living in the moment and recognizing that no matter how hard things might be, there can still be beauty to appreciate.

Who made the song Rose Garden famous?

The country music classic “Rose Garden” was made famous by the late singer and songwriter Lynn Anderson.

The 1967 single was her signature song and one of the biggest crossover hits in country music history. It topped both the Billboard Country and Pop singles charts.

Released during the height of Anderson’s fame, her version of “Rose Garden” became an anthem for female empowerment.

Why is love compared to a Red Rose?

Love is often compared to a red rose as it is a theme that has stood the test of time.

A red rose symbolizes passion, beauty, and commitment qualities associated with love.

Red represents solid emotions and intensity and can be seen as an expression of true love that will last forever.

The beautiful petals of the rose are also symbolic of the layers and complexities found in many relationships, representing trust, care, and understanding.

Red roses are often given as a sign of devotion or to express feelings for someone special, making them special tokens that will linger long after wilting away.

Who wrote Rose of My Heart?

Rose of My Heart was written by the beloved American country music artist Johnny Cash.

The single was released in 1976 and quickly became a hit amongst country music fans.

It expresses Cash’s love and devotion for his wife, June Carter Cash, following their marriage in 1968.


It’s clear that roses have a special place in our hearts, and we often turn to music to express complex emotions.

I hope this list of songs famous for roses will help you express your love and appreciation for this beautiful flower.

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