What Is The Difference Between Karaoke and Videoke?

What Is The Difference Between Karaoke and Videoke

We all know that Karaoke and Videoke both have the same purpose of serving the singing needs of users. In addition, they also rely on videos with accompaniment and lyrics to support users in their performances.

What is the difference between Karaoke and Videoke? Karaoke and Videoke have the first difference from the definition. Besides, the way they work between them also makes us easily confused.

Videoke is the perfect combination of music and video. Therefore, Videoke is different from Karaoke in that the singer can use the video. 

Specifically, during the performance, the singer can not only sing along to the music, but also record a video.

So how exactly are they different? Scroll through the content below to find the answer!

Karaoke and Videoke Overview

First, we will go through their definitions a bit to see how they differ.


Appearing for the first time in the Philippines and increasingly asserting its position is Videoke. It can do this because it is competitive and exists independently of traditional Karaoke.

Videoke uses pre-recorded video and plays on the screen to serve users. This is the biggest difference between Karaoke and Videoke.

The screen will record this performance and broadcast it to the live performers. Videoke became popular with all those who have a strong passion for singing and a desire to conquer high scores.


Since its first appearance in Japan, Karaoke has reached out to the world and proved its position until now. It has proven to be the healthiest and most entertaining activity for the singing genre. But how does it do such a wonderful thing?

With Karaoke, we just need a piece of musical accompaniment in the form of a video with lyrics running on the screen that we can sing right away. Karaoke systems have used this method to serve the entertainment needs of people. 

Karaoke and Videoke Comparison

From a definition perspective, we can more or less see the existence of quite a disparity between these two opponents. However, specifically, feature competitiveness will be the biggest difference between Karaoke and Videoke.

Accordingly, you will see because most of Videoke uses videos with lyrics to serve the singing needs of users, but then, this video will be saved and graded. As such, scoring has helped bring entertainment to the next level, creating a performance for participants and players.

In other words, the more videos you shoot after each performance, the more points you have to refer to. And this is how Videoke creates an advantage right with Karaoke

However, the convenience and flexibility of both Karaoke and Videoke versions are the same. Both of these create certain popularity and interaction with people. However, on the way to developing the world, people prefer Karaoke.

How To Enjoy Singing With Karaoke And Videoke

Because there are many similarities between them, we can prepare a set of songs that can be used for both Videoke and Karaoke at home or anywhere.

#1. Microphone

We couldn’t be without this wonderful companion. However, to double the fun, it’s better to prepare two mics for friends to share our passion for singing.

#2. External speakers

Combining external speakers to increase sound effects is indispensable. However, how you want your sound to sound will determine whether you choose a good speaker or not.

#3. Accompaniment

Feel free to choose your favorite song. Also, prepare yourself to fight hard with that song.

#4. Screen

The bigger the screen, the more interesting it will be. However, you can take advantage of the TV screen in your home to save money and still be able to serve your singing needs.

Audio mixer: this one is an audio mixer capable of amplifying sounds and raising your singing level like a professional singer. Then why do we hesitate to give it a try?

So it’s time we can sing. Just start now.


Now you know the difference between Karaoke and Videoke. It’s also time for you to freely satisfy your singing needs with whatever you want.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Karaoke or Videoke, as long as it gives you the feeling of singing and unleashing your passion, you’re already successful.

We hope you enjoy wonderful singing moments. Thank you for reading!

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