10 Must Have Best Acoustic Guitar Accessories for Beginners

Must Have Best Acoustic Guitar Accessories for Beginners

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If you are a beginner, you may wonder: what are the best acoustic guitar accessories for beginners? This post is the answer for you.

Buying a new quality acoustic guitar can be a very fun experience, but you also have to keep in mind that there is a list of must-have acoustic guitar accessories for beginners that you will need to complete your acoustic guitar experience.

This article helps you understand the basics of the essential acoustic guitar accessories list if you plan on getting an acoustic guitar or already have one.

Sure, you may play guitar without the following essential accessories list, but you will definitely benefit from each of these items since each of these things is meant to make a guitar player’s experience easier.

As with any guitarist, it is expected that you will be able to accumulate these items over the years, but it will not hurt (other than your wallet) to start early.

So, What are necessary accessories for an acoustic guitar?  Below are 10 essential guitar accessories list for beginners

#1. Guitar Polish and Cleaner

Guitar polish and cleaner products are the best way to care for your acoustic guitar. It will keep your guitar shiny and new for weeks after each clean.

#2. Best Guitar Stand and Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

A guitar stand is a special chair of the guitar. When you stop play guitar for a while, let put your guitar into the quality guitar stand, don’t lean against the wall.

A guitar wall mount hanger is a good choice for your guitar if you need space-saving.

#3. Guitar Picks

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Guitar picks are plectrum used for guitars and they are used in strumming the strings. They come in different colors, materials, and designs.

Guitar picks are usually made from one material such as plastic, nylon, rubber, felt, tortoiseshell, wood, metal, glass, and stone.

Although playing with a pick does not require improving your music, it may help lessen the stress on your fingertips

#4. Best Guitar Capo

Capo is important stuff that any guitar player should have for.

This tool used on the neck of a guitar that raises the pitch (suitable to each person’s tone ) by shortening the playable length of strings.

#5. Best Clip-On Guitar Tuner

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For guitarists, keep your strings in tune is the main key to good sounds. This is one of the most important things when starting to learn to play acoustic guitar.

If you’re a beginner, you maybe haven’t got the skill of turning-by-ear yet, so a guitar tuner will be assistant you.

It is a handy device that will help you tune your guitar quickly.


  • You should turn guitar string by ear to increase your music skills but when you play in a band, let using a tuner for synchronous tone between other guitars
  • You can install the tuners app on your smartphone for easy to use.

#6. Acoustic Guitar Strings

The guitar string effect on the guitar sound so much. A low-quality guitar when replaced with high-quality strings it will produce better sounding. That is why choosing the right strings is necessary.

What gauge strings should you get for a beginner acoustic guitar?

In my experience, I recommend you use light acoustic guitar strings gauge .012- .053 for beginner guitar. It is soft and doesn’t hurt your hands so much.

Below is the specific product for your considering. Some set of quality acoustic guitar strings are a must-have for your backup, always!

#7. Best Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

The benefits of a guitar case, I’m sure you clear.

The quality case will protect your guitar from dust, impact, etc. and it comes in handy when traveling a lot. There are two basic types of guitar cases: a hard case and a soft case.

Soft cases are the most common since they are cheaper while hard cases are not.

Most guitar players prefer to place their guitars in a hard case than a soft one since it offers more protection.

#8. Best Guitar Strap / Strap Tie

It goes without mentioning that guitar straps are used when you are playing standing up. If you choose to frequently sit when you play, then you may not need a guitar strap.

This is especially true for beginners who usually take the choice of sitting to concentrate on their chords.

#9. Best Guitar Metronome

Keeping the rhythm in practice guitar is essential for all guitarists, especially beginner stage that will helps guitar players understand rhythm better and improve the skill of ear for play guitar.

So investing in a good metronome is the best choice and right way.

#10. Best Guitar Humidifier

A guitar humidifier is an essential guitar accessory. I think you must have it. It will prevent damage to your acoustic guitar by regulating the humidity.

What Accessories Do You Need For An Acoustic Guitar?

First, the guitar strings, clip-on tuner, capo, metronome, and guitar bag are 5 must-have accessories for acoustic guitar.

These are essential guitar accessories for beginners helpful for aspiring you who wish to take guitar playing seriously.

Other stuff such as winder, peg puller, guitar stand, guitar hanger, and so on are great if you buy them but it isn’t a must-have for.


That is all about the best essential acoustic guitar accessories kit which you would wish to buy.

It is also important to keep note that regardless of all the 10 must-have acoustic guitar accessories for beginners mentioned above that it really up to you.

You may buy all or just some of them. Every player has their own style, therefore a different set of needs.

As you become a more seasoned player as you progress in your musical journey over the years, you will learn that you can live without a certain guitar accessories list while realizing that you need others.

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