Top-rated 6 Best Plastic Ukuleles | Best Waterproof Ukulele Reviews

Best Plastic Ukulele. Best Waterproof Ukulele Reviews

Hi there,

Still, searching for the best plastic ukulele? Not sure which one to pick up? Then you NEED to see this list.

I finally picked out the top great waterproof ukuleles for the money. It is a real instrument, NOT a toy.

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>>> Top 3 Best Waterproof Plastic Concert Ukulele On A Budget Under $50 – Most Recommended ⇓⇓⇓

So, what is the best plastic ukulele?

If your budget is tight, I recommend KALA Waterman Soprano. This is a reliable brand and the quality is great for the price.


All the new ukulele strings definitely need to stretch out before it stays in tune. It will take a week or more to keep stay-in-tune. So you need to tune the strings many times before they hold the tune.

#1. Enya Nova U Concert Ukulele

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What I like:

  • The design is nice and smooth, very good looking
  • Carbon fiber body for durable and high-grade construction.
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • It sounds crisp and bright


I must say this is one of the good quality plastic ukuleles for the beautiful design and the good sound.

The thin body and cutaway design make this Enya Nova U Carbon Travel Concert fashionable and attractive.

It has a bright clean sound and is quite loud for a thin body ukulele. The action is great and low on the fretboards. The fretboards are smooth.

I think it is not only a travel ukulele for adults but as a regular ukulele and also for kids. I highly recommend this beautiful, waterproof, concert ukulele!


#2. Bugs Gear PR11PNSPL Soprano Ukulele

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What I like:

  • The look is beautiful
  • The sound is nice
  • The action is low


Here are some words for this plastic ukulele review:

  • Intonation is good.
  • The action is great.
  • The sound is nice.
  • The design is beautiful.

This is a cheap waterproof ukulele. It is suitable for outdoor activities, such as camping, traveling, and relaxing at the beach.

#3. The Waterman KA-SWB-GN Soprano Ukulele

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What I like:

  • Water-resistant, ABS composite plastic
  • Nickel-plated open-gear tuners
  • It glows in the dark
  • Feel smooth in hands
  • The sound is good enough for fun


This is another good waterproof ukulele for your kids or the absolute beginners that don’t want to spend a lot of money to explore the ukulele.

It is perfect for picnics, camping, and outdoor occasions. The tone is not as mellow as a wooden ukulele but is still good enough for fun. For the price, I would say it is very good quality and is worth the buy.

#4. Kala MK-SWT Waterman Soprano Ukulele in Clear Color

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What I like:

  • The look is nice and cool.
  • Durable, high-grade polycarbonate construction
  • Water-resistant and easy to keep clean!
  • Nickel-plated open-gear tuners
  • The sound is good enough for fun


The Kala MK-SWT is very unique, looks so cool and interesting. The sound is loud for picking.

It is a great durable little ukulele, is a good choice for kids, and has an outdoor lifestyle. I definitely recommend the Kala MK-SWT if you are looking for an outdoor cool ukulele.

#5. Kala Makala Waterman Glow in the Dark Aqua Blue Soprano Ukulele

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What I like:

  • Water-resistant, ABS plastic construction
  • The look is so beautiful and smooth
  • The sound is mellow and warm
  • It glows in the dark that is awesome.


This is one of the good waterproof ukuleles for outdoor lifestyles.

It is constructed of ABS plastic, so you may not expect much in sound quality however the sound actually has a pretty good.

Overall, this is a fun little instrument that is inexpensive, waterproof, durable, and glows in the dark. It would be great for travel and outdoor.

#6. Kala Concert Waterman – Black Concert Ukulele with ABS Body

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What I like:

  • It feels very nice
  • It sounds pretty good for being plastic


If you want the perfect waterproof plastic ukulele to take on your vacation, this Kala Concert Waterman is a good idea.

It is very durable you can throw it in the car without a worry. For the price, this ukulele is a great little starter uke for beginners and kids alike.

Highly recommend it to any other ukulele player looking for a quality waterproof ukulele.

Why buy a plastic ukulele?

There are some advantages to choosing plastic ukuleles at below.

Plastic ukuleles are very durable. You don’t need to worry about extreme humidity and temperature.

Another great thing about plastic ukes is waterproof. You can take it to on the go for the beach camping, on the boat, on a campfire.

The budget price is a great reason that most peoples choose plastic ukuleles.

Drawbacks of plastic ukuleles

The sound quality of plastic ukuleles is not great as well as wooden ukes, however, it is good enough for fun.

What I like about the waterproof ukuleles is durable, cool-looking, and waterproof for camping, and campfires.


That is all about the top-rated best plastic ukulele reviews. These are the best waterproof ukulele under $50 on Amazon. Hopefully, you save time with my review and recommend at above.

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