Top 37 Greatest Bass Rap Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

the best rap songs with bass

Are you looking for good rap songs that take your party to the next level? Look no further! Check out the list of the best rap songs with heavy bass below.

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1. “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” – DMX

The song “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” by rapper DMX is known for its gritty and hard-hitting bass that drives the beat throughout the track.

It is considered one of the best rap songs with bass and was even featured in several popular films such as Cradle 2 the Grave.

The song has a powerful and direct message, making it an iconic banger that stands out in any hip-hop playlist.

2. “Goosebumps” – Travis Scott, Kendrick Lama

“Goosebumps” by Travis Scott and Kendrick Lama is one of the best rap songs featuring a bass-heavy beat.

The beat is punctuated by an infectious hook that you’ll be sure to remember and hum along to.

Travis Scott and Kendrick Lama deliver verses full of energy and emotion, combined with their signature flows.

The track is well-balanced, giving fans of all kinds something to get hyped about.

3. “Humble” – Kendrick Lamar

Regarding the best rap songs with heavy bass, “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar is at the top of the list.

The song combines hard-hitting lyrics with a thumping bass line, providing the perfect backdrop for this electric hit.

With its catchy chorus and impressive production quality, it’s no wonder that this track has remained popular with hip-hop fans for years.

4. “You See Me” –  Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino’s “You See Me” is one of the best rap songs with bass. The track features a crisp and tight production, combining elements of rap, hip-hop, and alternative music to create an infectious beat.

This heavily instrumented track has a deep driving bassline that gives the song its unique strong energy, making it perfect for car stereos or for a good dance session.

5. “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” is one of the best rap songs with heavy bass.

The anthemic track showcases Scott’s unique style and flair, featuring a variety of intense beats and hard-hitting rhymes that will surely have you moving.

The song’s production also provides plenty of low-end, making it one of the most popular rap songs boasting thunderous basslines and unbeatable energy.

6. “I Am A God” – Kanye West

Released in 2013, “I Am A God” by Kanye West is an expressive rap song with a heavy beat and bass-driven melody.

West’s heartfelt rhymes and passionate delivery make this song one of the best examples of his signature style.

The catchy chorus and dynamic rhythm make it perfect for bumping in the car or blasting from your speakers at home.

7. “What You Gon’ Do” – Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

“What You Gon’ Do” by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz is a perfect example of a bass-filled rap song. Featuring tight beats and bumping bass lines, the track is sure to get your feet moving.

With its fun, infectious hook, it’s no wonder this iconic single has been on the charts for so long!

8. “Wiz Khalifa” – We Dem Boyz

If you’re looking for a good rap song with plenty of basses, look no further than Wiz Khalifa’s iconic track “We Dem Boyz.”

Not only is it one of his most well-known singles, but the catchy beat and heavy bass make it a fantastic choice to get the party started.

9. “Magnolia” – Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia” is hailed as one of the best bass rap songs of all time.

The song features Playboi Carti’s signature style, an infectious energetic beat and unique delivery that combine to create an undeniable banger.

It also includes some extremely catchy hooks and verses making it a standout piece in the bass rap genre.

10. “Venus vs Mars” by Jay-Z

“Venus vs Mars” is a popular rap song from American musician Jay-Z.

The song has a very strong bass line, making it the perfect track for any rap fan.

With its catchy hook and lyrical depth, “Venus vs Mars” by Jay-Z has become one of the best bass rap songs in recent memory.

11. “Come And See Me” by Ludacris ft. Big K.R.I.T.

The 2013 single, “Come and See Me” by Ludacris ft. Big K.R.I.T., is widely acclaimed to be one of the best bass rap songs of its era.

The track features a hard-hitting bassline that blends perfectly with Ludacris’s quick verses, and Big K.R.I.T.’s infectious energy in the chorus adds an extra layer of excitement to the record.

The song has become timeless in rap history as it continues to bring fans an intense and energetic sound every time it is played.

12. “Look At Me” By XXXTENTACION

XXXTENTACION’s “Look At Me” is an iconic rap song, famous for its powerful lyrics and heavy bass-driven beats.

With its driving bass lines and intense verses, the track has been one of the most well-known rap songs to feature hyped-up basslines.

Although this track isn’t from a specific artist that specializes in “bass rap”, it still provides a great listening experience for fans of heavy instrumentals with strong flows.

13. “The Humpty Dance” – Digital Underground

Released in 1989 by the prominent hip-hop group Digital Underground, “The Humpty Dance” is an iconic rap song featuring a bass that has been sampled and reinterpreted for decades.

The group’s frontman Humpty Hump infuses his lyrical rhymes with punchy vocal delivery and high-energy beats, which all contribute to making this one of the best rap songs with bass.

14. “Gotta Have It” – Kanye West and Jay-Z

Featuring a hard-hitting bassline and crisp rhymes from both Kanye West and Jay-Z, “Gotta Have It” is considered to be one of the best songs with bass rap.

Released as a single off of their 2011 collaborative album Watch The Throne, it also features samples of Curtis Mayfield’s classic track “Move on Up”.

With its heavy drums and hypnotic groove, this song is sure to get any crowd energized!

15. “Man” – Skepta

Produced by renowned British producer Skepta, “Man” is a truly remarkable piece with its thunderous bass-heavy production and unforgettable flow.

As one of the best rap/bass songs ever created, it combines vintage reggae sampled riffs along with slick and modern verses to create a high-energy, danceable banger.

With expertly delivered rhymes and infectious beats, “Man” is sure to keep your head bobbing for days.

16. “Power” – Kanye West

Kanye West’s song “Power” has some of the most powerful and stimulating bass beats in rap music.

The dynamic, earth-shaking bass line forms the backbone of the track and sets a foundation for Kanye’s unique blend of soulful lyrics and melodic verses.

This beat-heavy song is sure to get any rap fan up and moving, so crank up the volume and enjoy Kanye’s iconic hip-hop hit!

17. “Throw It Up” – Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

“Throw It Up” by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz is the best rap song for bass.

The aggressive lyrics and energetic beat combined with Lil Jon’s distinctive rapping style make this an exhilarating listening experience that will get your blood pumping.

With intense drums and thumping basslines, this high-energy track is perfect for getting hyped up before a night out!

18. “Super Trapper” – Future

“Super Trapper” by Future is an excellent rap song for bass lovers. With its hard-hitting beat and Future’s signature flow, this track will definitely get your head banging in no time.

The infectious melody and bass line add to the overall hype of the song, making it one of Future’s best to date.

If you’re looking for a great rap song with plenty of basses, look no further than Super Trapper by Future!

19. “Logic” – Ballin’

“Logic” – Ballin’ is a hard-hitting bass-heavy rap song by Logic. It is a popular track among hip-hop fans, with its heavy beat and infectious beats making it perfect for those looking for the best rap song for bass.

Whether you’re into rap music or not, this track is sure to get even the most casual listener to nod their head in appreciation.

20. “Nobody Speak” – DJ Shadow

The rap song “Nobody Speak” by DJ Shadow featuring Run The Jewels is renowned for its hard hitting bass line that has become a favorite among rap fans.

The tune has been praised for its intricate layering of beats and audio samples, creating a rich yet aggressive soundscape.

With an instantly recognizable chorus and pulsing beat, this track is sure to get you hyped up and moving your feet!

21. “Witness” – Roots Manuva

“Witness” by Roots Manuva is one of the most prominent rap songs with the hardest bass. The track contains heavy, thumping basslines, setting the foundation for a rich hip-hop experience.

From its tight beats to its sharp lyrics, this banger has something for everyone looking to get hyped up.

The hard-hitting bassline, which hits hard and often, will surely have you nodding your head along in no time.

22. “Gospel” by Rich Brian, Keith Ape, and XXXTENTACION

Are you a fan of rap music with hard-hitting bass? If so, then you’re in luck. The new song, “Gospel”, by Rich Brian, Keith Ape, and XXXTENTACION is sure to get your blood pumping.

This powerful collaboration between some of the hottest rappers in the game serves up an adrenaline-fueled experience like nothing else.

Get ready for intense lyrics and headbanging beats as these talented musicians come together to create a piece that packs a punch!

23. “Bad Boyz” by Shyne and Barrington Levy

Are you looking for some hardcore rap music with the hardest bass? Then look no further than Shyne and Barrington Levy’s classic “Bad Boyz.”

From its iconic lyrics to its heavy-hitting beats, this song is sure to get your blood pumping. With Shyne’s mesmerizing flow layered over Levy’s powerful vocals, this timeless track is a perfect example of why these two rap icons stand apart from the rest.

Come join us as we take an in-depth look at this classic tune and explore why it remains an all-time favorite!

24. “Neon Guts” By Lil Uzi Vert (Feat. Pharrell Williams)

Lil Uzi Vert’s song “Neon Guts” is known as one of the rap songs with the hardest bass.

Featuring a deep and heavy beat, this powerful track stands out from other rap songs for its hard hitting bass and irresistibly catchy hook.

With its rugged energetic sound, it’s sure to get you moving and feeling the beat!

25. “Bad Boyz” – Shyne Featuring Barrington Levy

The legendary rap track “Bad Boyz” by Shyne featuring Barrington Levy features intense beats, thumping bass and heavy bars that keep the head bobbing.

Its unique blend of classic producer sounds with modern hip hop elements, instantly captivating its audience making it an undeniable hit from the moment it was released.

26. “CONTACT” – Foreign Beggars & Noisia

Released in 2009, “CONTACT” is a rap song by Foreign Beggars and Noisia.

The song combines heavy electronic beat with hard-hitting rapping from the two artists to create a unique musical experience.

The song was completed after two months of collaboration between the two acts, and has since become one of their most popular songs.

With its aggressive instrumental track and impressive rhymes, “CONTACT” quickly became an anthem of hip hop culture worldwide.

27. “I’m In It” – Kanye West

ne of the greatest rap songs of all time has to be “I’m In It” by Kanye West. With powerful lyrics and intense beats, this track gives a perfect insight into the life of an African-American living in urban America.

The thought-provoking lyrics allow listeners to gain a better understanding of Kanye’s struggles growing up as well as to succeed within the hip-hop.

The song is known for its contagious, undeniable rhythm which has made it an instant hit with fans.

28. “Higher” by Eminem

“Higher” by Eminem is an intense and complex hip hop track. It starts off with a powerful and deep bass line, setting the tone for an emotive rap composition.

Lyrically, it’s a thought-provoking piece that draws on moments of personal hardship and inner strength in order to inspire and support others who are struggling.

Overall, this is one of Eminem’s most impactful bass rap songs.

29. “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio

Coolio’s 1996 hit song “Gangsta’s Paradise” is one of the best known bass rap songs.

Featuring a sampled chorus from Stevie Wonder’s 1976 hit, “Pastime Paradise”, this song became an instant classic and has been featured in many TV shows, movies, video games, and advertisements.

The track combines Coolio’s lyrics about inner-city life with its heavy bassline and instrumentation to create an infectious sound that was revolutionary for its time.

30. “Go Legend” By Big Sean (Feat. Travis Scott)

“Go Legend” is a rap song by Big Sean, featuring Travis Scott. The track was released on the 2018 album “I Decided” and produced by foreign sound designer HitMaka.

The track has a catchy chorus and addictive rhymes from both artists. This collaboration between two of hip-hop’s biggest names succeeds in delivering a fast paced hit to the genre.

31. “Boyz-N-The-Hood” – Eazy-E

“Boyz-N-The-Hood” is a rap song by Eazy-E released in 1987. The song paints a vivid picture of poverty and crime in the Los Angeles ‘hood and stands as one of the greatest classics in the gangsta rap genre.

The track was written and produced entirely by Eazy-E and features heavy bass, aggressive synths, and samples from Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxey Lady.”

32. “Loud” – Mac Miller

Mac Miller’s song “Loud” is a standout rap track with an intense bass line and catchy, expertly crafted lyrics.

It is one of his most popular songs to date and has become an instant fan favorite for its explosive, bass-driven sound.

The beat packs a punch and the song is sure to get people out of their seats, dancing and rapping along to Mac’s captivating flow.

33. “Swing My Door” – Gucci Mane

An all-time classic hip hop song, “Swing My Door” by Gucci Mane is the ultimate rap banger.

With its hard hitting bass and infectious beat, this track is guaranteed to make your head nod.

From the flow to the lyrics, Gucci Mane sets a new standard with his impressive delivery and clever wordplay.

The mix of old-school swagger and modern flare creates an energizing anthem that makes this song an absolute must-listen!

34. “You Can Do It” by Ice Cube

Released in 1998, Ice Cube’s “You Can Do It” is counted among the best rap songs of all time, appreciated for its infectious hook and club-friendly beats.

Featuring a simple, bass-driven groove, the contagious party anthem has become a hip-hop classic and easily one of Ice Cube’s most beloved hits.

35. “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It” by Ice Cube

“Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It” by Ice Cube is widely regarded as one of the best rap songs ever, with its hard-hitting bassline and powerful lyrics.

The track has become a classic in the hip hop community and continues to inspire generations of hip hop lovers around the world.

36. “Perplexing Pegasus” By Rae Sremmurd

“Perplexing Pegasus” By Rae Sremmurd is a hip hop song with a great bassline and stimulating rhymes.

It has a hypnotic, mellow groove that gets you moving and the lyrics are borderline psychedelic. The track also features some impressive vocal harmonies that add to the overall ambiance of the song.

The combination of driving beats, slick scratching and catchy chorus hooks make for an irresistible listen.

37. “Gucci Gang” By Lil Pump

“Gucci Gang” is a hit rap song by Lil Pump featuring heavy bass and high-energy melodies.

The track’s infectious beat captures Lil Pump’s trademark husky flow, with its fast pace and catchy hooks making it one of the artist’s most popular songs.

With its dramatic basslines and melodic vibes, “Gucci Gang” is sure to get any crowd moving.


Now, the questions and answers related rap songs with bass:

Why does heavy bass sound so good?

Heavy bass has the ability to create a physical and emotional reaction in listeners. It has the power to evoke feelings of joy, excitement, or even fear, depending on the style and content of the music.

Low frequency sounds also have various physiological effects because they can be felt as physical vibrations in our bodies, allowing us to feel more connected to music than higher frequencies.

Who is the 1 fastest rapper?

The title of the “Fastest Rapper on the Planet” most likely goes to South Korean rapper Min-Yoongi (aka Suga, of the popular boy band BTS).

He has been known to rap up to 9.6 syllables per second in some of his songs, while an average person speaks around 2 or 3 syllables per second.

Why is bass so addictive?

The deep and powerful sound of the bass often provides a feeling of satisfaction that most people frequency seek.

The physiological effects of a good bass line can help alleviate stress, build excitement and provide a great soundtrack to any song.

Additionally, when mixed with other instruments, it gives more depth and texture to the song which makes it even more enjoyable to listen to – making it more addictive.


The best rap songs with bass are a perfect way to get every party started. So why not check out some of these great tracks and get ready to crank up the volume?

In conclusion, finding the good bass rap songs are a subjective matter. Each listener has their own personal preferences and opinions on what makes a great hip-hop song with bass.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which rap songs with bass are worth listening to and remember that part of the fun of music is experimenting and discovering something new.

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