The List of Best Sing Along Songs for Guitar

list of best sing along songs for guitar

Playing the guitar requires a bit of skill. Playing guitar and singing at the same time requires even more skill. But it’s a lot of fun and well worth the time and effort investment.

Think of you being able to perform a ballad while playing guitar at your birthday party in front of the admiring faces.

In this article, we’ll be covering the 12 best sing along songs guitar. So, if you want to stand out at your upcoming birthday party, our list is sure to help.

#1. Take Me Home, Country Roads

  • Single by John Denver
  • Genre: Country
  • Released: April 12, 1971

Ah, how peaceful! That is what you will feel whenever you hum this great country song. There is no denying that it is the signature song of the country genre.

This song is so perfect that even if you sing it wrong, you will still be satisfied by its beautiful melody.

As soon as you play the first line of this song, you immediately think of a peaceful place in West Virginia. Its pleasant chords will make those around you feel comfortable enjoying your guitar and singing.

So, in our opinion, it is one of the best campfire songs.

#2. Sweet Home Alabama

  • Single by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Genre: Country rock
  • Released: 1974

If you are one of the contemporary audiophiles, this song is the perfect pick for you.

Chances are you’ve heard about this song in the opening scene of Despicable Me, an animated blockbuster that premiered in 2010. However, long before a piece of the song appeared in Despicable Me, Sweet Home Alabama was a global hit.

It is sure to captivate you with its upbeat tone and voluptuous twist. Moreover, this country-rock song will become even better with your guitar sound.

When humming this song, its rhythm will give you a poetic feeling. In addition, its flexibility allows you to replace the lyrics with your own words easily.

This song will be more interesting if you play the guitar and let your friends sing along. It’s also perfect for performing at parties.

Moreover, it also teaches you something about singing and playing guitar. So, if you want to develop your singing and guitar skills simultaneously, Sweet Home Alabama is a good choice.

#3. Sweet Child O’ Mine

  • Single by Guns N’ Roses
  • Genre: Hard rock
  • Released: 1987

If you ask any glam metal or hard rock fan out there what’s the best song you can sing along to, they’ll most likely suggest Sweet Child O’ Mine. It’s an easy song that you can sing along to while playing the guitar.

It doesn’t require you to sing like Axl Rose or play guitar like Slash. You can perform this wonderful classic perfectly with a basic level.

So, whether you’re a string skipping fan or not, this great classic is sure to please you and everyone around you. Of course, make it perfect with your guitar.

An interesting fact about this 1987 classic is that Guns n’ Roses composed it in just 5 minutes. Furthermore, the original song only comes with three guitar chords. That’s what makes this 1989 hard rock classic so magical.

#4. Heart of Gold

  • Single by Neil Young
  • Genre: Folk rock
  • Released: 1972

Strengthen your bond with a friend or loved one by singing along to Heart of Gold. It is the perfect combination of country, folk, and rock rhythms.

It is true to say that this 1971 folk-rock classic is one of the greatest songs of all time. So, it’s no surprise that this 1971 classic is still popular at many backyard parties or campfire sing-alongs.

But, honestly, it’s not an easy song to sing along to. It may not even be suitable for amateurs and beginners.

However, you should try it at least once. It comes with very predictable rhythms. So, you won’t have any trouble syncing the vocals with the guitar.

Having some friends play the harmonica to create a more pleasant tone is a good idea. So, let’s make it an excellent karaoke piece.

#5. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

  • Single by Bob Dylan
  • Genre: Folk rock
  • Released: 1973

Many people will immediately think of Guns N’ Roses when mentioning this 1973 classic. But this American hard rock band isn’t the only one to cover the song. In 1975, Eric Clapton, the legendary blues guitarist, covered this original folk rock song.

Guns N’ Roses’ cover gives listeners a harder rock feel, while Clapton’s version has a reggae vibe. In general, both of these covers are great. We recommend listening to them at least once.

Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Door can be transformed into many different genres, making it a fantastic singalong piece.

Are you a fan of folk songs? Then, play it like Bob Dylan is the best!

But, of course, you can always perform it in the GnR version if you prefer hard rock. What’s more, if you like reggae, Clapton’s style is the perfect pick for you.

So, in general, it’s one of the best campfire guitar songs ever.

 #6. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

  • Single by The Beatles
  • Genre: Pop
  • Released: 1968

You can easily have an excellent performance with just a guitar by covering this lovely pop classic with just a guitar.

Of course, you can always perform Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da at a campfire night or a birthday party. Thanks to its upbeat tone, you can make those around you even more excited.

It is not necessary to memorize the lyrics. All you need to do is sing your heart out in its chorus. It comes with addictive tunes and lyrics, perfect for big parties. So, do not be surprised if others turn their eyes on you.

This song is not only a great choice to get people to sing along. It is also a great choice to practice your guitar playing skills.

#7. You Are My Sunshine

  • Single by Jimmie Davis
  • Genre: Country
  • Released: 1939

This 1939 classic has catchy lyrics and a pleasant melody, making it perfect for singing and playing the guitar simultaneously as a means of entertaining those around you.

Since its birth in 1939, many artists have covered this country song generously. You could be the next person to cover this song in your way. It doesn’t require you to have a good singing voice.

It also does not matter if you use simple strumming. People will sing along with you regardless of whether you are out of tune.

For a bit of difference, add a playful twist if possible. You will make playing this guitar song more perfect for the people around you.

#8. Wonderful World

  • Single by Sam Cooke
  • Genre: Rhythm and blues
  • Released: 1960

Many people confuse this 1960 classic with “What A Wonderful World,” which was recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1967. However, as we can see, the names of these two songs are not the same. Also, the Armstrong song is in the jazz genre, while this Sam Cook classic is in the rhythm & blues genre.

You’ll have to agree that both are perfect tracks to sing along to. But, in our opinion, the 1959 song by Sam Cooke is much more ideal for playing with friends. It comes with sexy tunes that will make your friends clap to the beat.

This lovely classic takes you back to a time when you were in love in college. It’s cheesy but not as dull as the same theme songs.

So, if you’re planning an overnight camping trip, try practicing playing the guitar and singing this song simultaneously. It will make your campfire night so much better, whether your friends sing along with you or not.

#9. Mrs. Robinson

No matter where you play this piece, Mrs. Robinson will get you and your friends all pumped up. With easy lyrics and a very upbeat tempo, it’s like cool ice cream for hot summer days.

If you have an imperfect voice, it doesn’t matter. It is an excellent exercise for beginners to learn to play the guitar. Its fingerstyle can make your guitar skill much more perfect.

For this song, the correct plucking is very important as it dramatically affects the rhythm of your voice. Of course, it can be pretty tricky for beginners. However, once you master it, you will find satisfaction.

#10. Hey Jude

It would be a big mistake if we didn’t include this catchy song in our list. This 1968 pop-rock classic lasts 7 minutes and 11 seconds, making it the longest song of the Beatles.

One of the things that makes this haft so popular is that the author used more than 4 minutes to tighten its chorus. It is extraordinary and exciting! We believe that this makes it a song that’s easy to remember and easy to sing along to.

This song also comes with a meaningful message. Specifically, Paul McCartney relied on this song to send Julian words of encouragement and comfort. We’re sure many of us know this after hearing Hey Jude a few times.

In short, it is a straightforward song to sing along to. Its rhythm is also perfect for singing and playing the guitar simultaneously. Of course, convince your friends to sing along.

#11. American Pie

  • Single by Don McLean
  • Genre: Folk rock
  • Released: 1971

Almost every guitarist knows how to play American Pie on their instrument. So there’s no doubt that this 1971 classic is popular at beaches, camping trips, or backyard barbecues. So, it would be absurd if you were not interested in this 1971 classic.

Like all the songs mentioned above, American Pie is so addictive that anyone can sing along at any time.

There are many ways to play this song, making it a great song for any occasion. Specifically, it is available to play this song with a more lively rhythm. Conversely, you can also slow down the tempo to turn it into a ballad.


Hopefully, through our list of best sing along songs for guitar, you will choose something suitable for your next big occasion.

While some of the songs on this list may not be as exciting as you’d like, they are perfect for over-syncing your vocals with your guitar playing.

Please share this article with your loved ones. Have a good time with your friends by singing!

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