Do I Need A Subwoofer For Karaoke? Should I Buy A Subwoofer For My Karaoke Theater?

do I need a subwoofer for karaoke

Many karaoke geeks may question, ‘Do I need a subwoofer for karaoke?’ The short answer is yes. You do need an appropriate subwoofer for your karaoke sound system. It will provide you with a vibrant, powerful, and deep sound experience.

What Are The Roles of A Subwoofer?

To understand clearly the effects of a subwoofer, we first need to look at how this gadget works.

A subwoofer is a speaker specifically used to generate the lowest bass frequencies coming from a stereo system.

While regular speakers replicate a broad frequency range but usually lack deep bass frequencies, subwoofers use their built-in amplifier to power the signal to produce fresher, deeper bass sound. 

Essentially, sub speakers deliver low bass bands of around 20-200Hz, remarkably improving every track’s bass range. Compared to a sound system without a subwoofer, you’ll find the output deeper yet more powerful.

Plus, the speaker’s presence with bass sounds up and down will boost the excitement when you listen to music and sing karaoke. If a stereo lacks a subwoofer, then it loses half the charm of a song.

All in all, this bass speaker contributes a huge position to your home karaoke.

Not only does it make your rock music livelier and cleaner but also add the soul of music to the songs. You’ll feel the authenticity that is not likely to appear in a basic sound system.

Do I Need A Subwoofer For Karaoke?

The subwoofer is a critical part of a professional karaoke sound system. If you’re a serious music lover, surely you’ll want this gadget in your karaoke theater for the best music enjoyment.

Some of you might question, ‘What if I’m not a fan of rap or hip-hop genres, then why should I buy a subwoofer?’

What Are The Roles of A Subwoofer

Of course, the main duty of a bass speaker is to deliver a huge bass-thumping force.

But what you might not know is a subwoofer can do away with the heavy juggernaut from the loudspeakers, enhancing the overall quality of your system.

With a good bass speaker, the soundstage expands, your stereo imaging is more accurate, and the dynamics become more compelling.

Even when your fav music is folk or soft ballad, subwoofers would please you with a more all-encompassing, vibrant sound.

Normally, when it comes to setting up a professional singing system, what pops into our heads is an amplifier, mixer, speakers, or main power.

However, once you try investing in a good-quality sub speaker, it’s a world of difference. You’ll realize that this bass-maker has a considerable influence on the overall quality of the sound system.

What Are Factors To Look At When Choosing A Subwoofer?

So, how to find the right subwoofer for you? There are loads of details to take into consideration, depending on your purposes and preferences. 

However, we advise you to focus on the three major factors below, which primarily determine the quality of a bass speaker.

What Are Factors To Look At When Choosing A Subwoofer

Type of Subwoofer

The two most common types of subwoofers are steam subwoofer and power subwoofer.

A power subwoofer is basically a built-in speaker. Users won’t have to connect to an amplifier or other middle devices to generate signals using this speaker. Plus, it delivers a very strong volume.

However, power subwoofers are hard to repair and customize via the mixer. They also bear a bulky design, leading to difficulties when carrying and moving.

Meanwhile, steam subwoofers are simpler to customize via processing devices, like a mixer, or amplifier.

Besides, this device is more lightweight, allowing easy movement and carriage. Another plus point is that a steam subwoofer is typically more affordable than a power one.

Nonetheless, the gadget doesn’t produce as powerful and deep volume as the first one. And please remember, steam speakers don’t incorporate the internal capacity, requiring you to buy a supplement to amply.

Usually, only experienced people, who have adequate knowledge of audio equipment, are able to integrate with an amplifier properly.

So, you can weigh up both pros and cons of the two types of subs to figure out which one is for you.

If you’re about to use it to serve your karaoke restaurant, we recommend opting for a steam sub due to the warm and stronger bass.

Otherwise, if it’s for home use purposes, then the latter is a nice choice. Although this kind delivers less vibrant sounds, you will be content with the great convenience it brings to you.


It’s advisable to select a subwoofer offering adequate capacity for your space and needs.

Should your karaoke theater be somewhat small, you’d better avoid ones with too huge capacity. Similarly, a spacious space requires a larger capacity.

For instance, a subwoofer offering a capacity of 150-350W and frequencies of 23-160Hz is ideal for a room of 20-25m2.

If your space is any more than 25-30m2, you should look for a sub with a lower frequency range (20-160Hz) and a huge capacity of 500W. It’ll provide you with firm, smooth, and deep bass notes.


It’s better to determine the proper speaker size based on the space you’ll use to enjoy singing karaoke.

Say if it’s around 10-15m2, a bass sub of 25-30cm fits nicely. For spaces from 15 to 30m2, you may need a decent-sized subwoofer of 40cm. With an area of over 30 square meters, big-sized speakers of 45cm or more will fill your room.


If we consider a professional music system a spiritual food, the bass speaker will be an indispensable saltiness of that food. Without a bass speaker, it’ll be a regretful omission.

You should have found out the answer to the question, ‘Do I need a subwoofer for karaoke?’ with our useful info. It’s never a bad idea to invest in a good subwoofer.

Now, let’s feel all the excitement with your home karaoke!

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