Hollow body guitar vs acoustic: What’s the difference between them?

Hollow body guitar vs acoustic What's the difference between them

The main difference between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar is the solid body and the hollow body. What if an electric guitar has a hollow body like an acoustic guitar? Do they make the same sound?

So, what is the difference between hollow body guitar and acoustic guitar? Join us to find out through the sharing in this article!

What is an acoustic guitar?

The acoustic guitar has penetrated many different musical genres. Besides being great soloists, acoustic also blends well with other musical instruments.

What Is The Difference Between Classical Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar Sound

The acoustic guitar is a lightweight, non-electrical instrument. The manufacturer creates them mainly from wood, which is easy to carry on the go. The strings are mainly made of iron or nylon.

The acoustic guitar is capable of performing in many different genres of music. Their sound is loud and sharp. They are suitable for classical, country, jazz to flamenco styles with great expressive ability.

What is hollow body guitar?

Hollow body guitar is actually an electric guitar. They are similar in construction, shape and play to electric guitars. But another feature is the hollow body.

The attraction of this guitar design is that the sound is quite smooth and soothing, which is really nice. With the characteristics of an electric guitar, it can amplify a larger, more resonant sound. They also don’t give you a stinging sensation.

What is hollow body guitar

The sound that the hollow body guitar has is very close to the sound of an acoustic guitar. That’s why many people prefer to use this instrument for softer music than rock.

Hollow body guitar with hollow body design suitable for both professional and novice players. At the same time, it is quite suitable for folk music, jazz, and blues.

What is the difference between Hollow body guitar vs acoustic guitar?

Although hollow body guitar and acoustic both have hollow bodies, there are many differences between them. Specifically as:

  • Shape
  • Design of the body
  • Guitar string
  • Sound

Although it has the same hollow body, the hollow body guitar is also an electric guitar. Therefore, the difference between it and an acoustic will not be very different from an electric guitar.


At first glance, we can already see the difference between these two guitars.

Acoustic guitars are larger than hollow-body guitars. They have large, round bodies in a dreadnought shape.

In contrast, the hollow body guitar is inherently an electric guitar. Therefore, its size is smaller than that of acoustic. And the body has a flat shape with many defects as well.

Design of the body

Although both of these guitars have hollow bodies, they do not have the same body.

The body of the acoustic guitar is very large, the inside is completely hollow. There is also a large hole in the body of the acoustic guitar for amplifying the sound.

Hollow body guitar has a small and flat body. Because they belong to the electric guitar line, the body is quite similar to this type of guitar.

The inside of the hollow body is completely hollow compared to other electric guitars. But it’s not completely hollow like an acoustic guitar. Inside the hollow body still contains several pickup devices to resonate and amplify the sound.

On the body of a hollow body guitar, there is no hole to amplify sound like an acoustic, instead of having amplifier holes, they have pickups. And they use internal pickups to amplify the sound.

Guitar string

Hollow body guitar has strings similar to electric guitars which are nylon strings and thinner than acoustic guitars. Players will not feel pain when using guitar hollow.

But acoustic strings are metal strings, they are very tight and stiff. Players may feel hand pain while playing it.


Of all the electric guitars, the hollow is the one with the most similar sound to the acoustic guitar. However, the difference from the body to the strings makes them a little different.

Because the body has no holes for sound, only pickups, the hollow’s sound will have a deeper timbre and thicker bass.

Acoustic guitars have a sharp, resonant, and long sound. These are special tones that only acoustic speakers can produce.


Although acoustic guitar and hollow body guitar both have hollow bodies, they still have differences. You can see that difference by the sound, the structure of the body, and the appearance.

Hopefully, through our sharing, you have noticed the difference between hollow body guitar vs acoustic guitar.

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