How Can A Podcast Help My Business? 8 Benefits From Podcast

how can a podcast help my business

Podcasts are gradually asserting their position thanks to a large audience. Therefore, many businesses have been using best entrepreneur podcasts to promote their brands.

How can a business benefit from podcasts? There are many ways that podcasting helps grow a business. Let’s read on to discover!

What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is an audio program available, like radio, for listening on demand. You can access it with your smartphone or personal computer.

The topics of podcasts channels are incredibly diverse. These include politics, business, food, travel, or popular culture.

Currently, the popularity of podcasts has spread and attracted the attention of many households. There are 68 million weekly listeners, 16 million of which are “crazy fans.”

While some people listen to podcasting just for fun, many turn to this information channel to hone their expertise.

More than a third of SME owners listen to podcasts, and 65% of them listen to them weekly. One study also showed that the larger the company, the larger the audience.

These numbers prove the appeal of podcasting and its huge business potential. It will be a marketing strategy well worth the investment.

How Can A Podcast Help My Business?

The world of podcasting offers businesses an effective method to reach out to potential customers. It also brings a lot of benefits that you can learn about in this section.

Building Personal Connection

Building and connecting through textual content is a thorny issue, unlike audio or visuals.

Readers are probably familiar with the blog format, and there have been many successful bloggers. However, the audience’s level of commitment to this channel is not strong because they only read.

Conversely, when your audience listens to your podcasts, they will feel more connected. The main reason is that the host can interact with the listener through voice or small stories.

When you open up to your audience more, they will trust you more. Increased loyalty will help you sell more products.

Reaching Potential Customers

Developing a podcast channel helps you reach potential customers. They may be different from those who came because of previous marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • First, podcast listeners will be different from blog readers.
  • Second, podcasts are the more convenient choice if they follow both media. You can listen to them anywhere.
  • Third, podcast hosting platforms will help you increase your visibility.
  • Finally, if the content you share is quality, your audience will share more. The word-of-mouth effect is always the most effective way of advertising.

Focusing On Specific Niche

Podcasting gives you a channel to share your industry expertise.

Unlike advertisements in other media, the content of podcasts is intensely focused on the interests and characteristics of the listener. In addition, it is accessible to everyone.

The use of sound also makes your words much more valuable than reading lifeless words on paper. If your channel has the right strategies and information, it will become an authority in the industry.

Trust is something that businesses always want to reinforce with customers. Podcasting is one of the best methods to do that.

Simple To Set Up

The cost to start a podcast has never been such a big deal. All you need is a microphone and a hosting platform.

If you are in charge of both production and editing, the cost will be even more economical. This option is suitable for SMEs.

There are also quite a few professional publishing services on the market today to assist you in this process. It takes almost no time and is incredibly simple to implement.

You can watch the video below to understand more details about the process of setting up a podcast channel.

Alternative To Video

Video marketing is gradually becoming a powerful advertising trend for businesses. It contributes a considerable part to the spread of the brand.

However, shooting video marketing will require you to invest many resources and time. If the business does not implement it skillfully, it can damage its reputation.

Some SMEs also do not have adequate tools and high-quality rotary equipment. It will affect the image of the business. When you consider the reasons above, podcasting is by far the safest alternative available.

Developing Public Speaking Skill

You can improve your public speaking and speaking skills by regularly hosting podcasts. It helps you create coherent thought flows that are easily translated into words.

Starting a podcast channel also offers more opportunities to promote your business to the public. Currently, most businesses are about to add podcasting to their media channels. It is the step it takes to thrive.

Increasing Brand Awareness

To increase the credibility of your business, you must have a strong brand.

Suppose potential customers are not familiar with your brand. They won’t put it on top priority.

Therefore, you can use podcasts as an attractive message to convey industry knowledge. They will help increase the visibility of the company.

Build content and topics relevant to the service or product you offer. When your channel has a particular audience, customers will be more familiar with the brand.

You can also include additional brand-related information or instructions in the volumes. Thanks to that, it will be a helpful advertising channel.

Improving Conversion

The familiarity and proximity of podcasts make it easier to reach a wider audience. Listeners tend to stay loyal and subscribe to brands they love.

As long as you’re thoughtful and consistent with your content, people will stay.

What’s even better is that your audience can even recommend your podcasts to their loved ones. It increases traffic and reaches for popularity.

The proximity of podcasting also builds strong trust with listeners and customers. This strong relationship will help them love the brand.

People are more likely to buy from people they know than from strangers. Therefore, you have the opportunity to sell more goods.


As you gradually get used to creating podcasts, you will find this work exciting and engaging every day.

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a business rut ​​with old methods. Creating new channels of communication frees your mind.

It also brings joy to those who love creating and sharing content every day with like-minded people.

Who Is Podcasting For?

If you spend a little time browsing through podcasts or similar services, you will find their topics very diverse. Everything ranges from parenting podcasts to sharing business experiences.

That’s why marketing through podcasting channels is highly compatible with many business models. It helps to increase brand credibility.

Whether you are a small and medium-sized business owner or a large corporation, this sharing will bring certain benefits. Everyone is hungry for knowledge. So podcasts are for everyone and businesses.


Read on below if you have any questions regarding podcasting and its benefits to your business.

How To Turn Your Podcast Into A Business?

No one can deny the benefits of starting a podcast channel to businesses. Things will be even easier if your channel goes viral.

There are many ways to help podcast channels reach more potential customers. However, the best way is to directly improve the quality of content and bring value to customers.

Some methods that you can refer to include:

  • Create engaging and unique content for your audience.
  • Understand your audience and deliver the right value to them.
  • Establish a coherent and impactful marketing strategy.
  • Profit through running advertising or affiliate marketing.

How To Run A Podcast Business?

If you’re considering becoming a full-time podcaster, you’ll need to take it seriously. This job will not look like a mere hobby. Instead, it would help if you had a plan and specific directions for activities.

Detailed steps will include:

  • Focus on infrastructure and equipment.
  • Build credibility.
  • Develop a long-term development plan for content, marketing programs, and audience outreach.
  • Understanding customers and markets.
  • Optimize time and management skills.
  • Implement strategies to increase engagement.
  • Link the podcast channel to the website.
  • Consistency in theme.
  • Choose a profitable method.
  • Continuous investment and quality improvement.

Is A Podcast A Good Business?

Podcasting is a great channel if you want to market your services or products to your podcast listeners. The content that you can share is exceptionally diverse. You can become an expert or share helpful tips.

How Do Podcasts Grow Your Business?

Podcasts have wide circles and know many people. They can build networks with other brands.

This type of network will bring many opportunities for your business. You can also contact various people to support your service.


Are podcasts good for business? The answer is certainly yes. Podcasts are one of the most powerful communication channels for a brand.

The strong relationship between podcasters and their audience drives the success of the business. The key is quality content and suitable investment.

If you are starting a business, consider applying this communication channel. We hope that you can succeed. Thank you for reading!

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