Can Two Podcasts Have The Same Name? Here’s The Answer

can two podcasts have the same name

Your podcast name is perhaps the most significant aspect (apart from the recordings). This factor is the first impression viewers have of your broadcast.

Among various podcasts available online, you must make a positive first impression. But can two podcasts have the same name?

You can make various podcasts with the same name, but you should not. There are many reasons why having the same title for podcasts is not a wise option.

We will make it clear in this article. Keep reading for more information!

Can Two Podcasts Have The Same Name? 

Can you have two podcasts with the same name? You can but you shouldn’t.

When you tell people about your released episodes, you would like them to discover these episodes quickly on Google or their radio app.

Suppose there are numerous podcasts of the same name. In that case, you are not only conflicting with other SEO content creators, but it is also difficult for a potential audience to figure out which is yours after they locate your program.

Of course, having your logo can make things simpler. But, it is not enough for people to recognize you.

All of these mean that you’ve created a series of obstacles, which need people to overcome before they can listen to your podcasts.

When people get bored online so fast, the more complicated you make it, the more likely they will abandon their search. We understand that you do not want this to occur.

Because podcast names aren’t the same as web addresses, you may have numerous podcasts of the same name. But, this isn’t a good approach if you want to expand your listener.

If there are numerous podcasts with the same name, you are not only making things complicated and confusing on search, but you’re also making it much harder to acquire your podcast’s social media and domain name handles.

So, if you want to control those sites while enhancing your brand awareness, it is worth altering your podcast name somewhat.

How Do I Know If A Podcast Name Is Taken? 

The week has ended, and you should have a long list of podcast names to choose from. We suggest you double-check that other podcasts do not already use the one you’ve selected to avoid future headaches.

So it’s time to go over your list again and double-check everything. It would be best if you first looked up each name on Google.

If nothing immediately jumps out at you, move on to directories. You should be able to avoid mistakenly duplicating someone else’s name by searching for it on Apple Podcasts.

Following that, you may want to promote your podcasts. So, make sure its internet registration is available.

To check the availability of a website, we recommend using Domain Name Search. If it isn’t available, try to add ‘podcast’ to the address.

Then, you should check Facebook and Instagram to see whether their social media accounts are available.

Should Podcast Names Be Unique?

Having a unique name for your podcast must be your priority when creating it. Your podcast names must be unique for a variety of factors.

The first thing is that the name will be your brand, and if you share it with other shows, you face confusing your audience and losing followers.

So, you will run the danger of driving listeners away before they’ve had an opportunity to listen to your work and effort if you call your program something that already exists.

Because a podcast title is essentially a listener’s first impression of your program, you must think about the message that you want to express.

A name will reflect the content and tone of your program while also piquing the listener’s interest in hearing more.

By using a similar name, you can give the impression to viewers that you lack uniqueness and effort, which is negative advertising straight off the beginning.

Although there are many elements and factors to consider when choosing the names for your podcasts, having a distinctive one should be your top priority if you want to maximize your listenership in the long term.

Can You Have The Same Podcast Name As Someone Else? 

As we discussed previously in this post, it is crucial to double-check your name suggestion online to ensure no one has used it.

Whether or not it is a registered trademark, people can claim and get that name. They were the ones who got it first.

While nothing stops you from using the same title, you can find yourself in legal problems.

Furthermore, sharing a podcast title with someone else makes things more difficult for you regarding social network handles, domain names, and discoverability.

It is probably best if you just come up with the other names. What happens if your podcast name collides?

If your program has taken a different direction, you can alter it for a while if you believe your name no longer suits your content. But, there are several things to think about before making the switch:

Make Sure Your Listeners Are Aware Of This

The names of your podcasts are how your viewers will find them in their applications. If people go looking for it, but it isn’t there, you may lose the audience.

So, if you’re going to change the names of your podcasts, let your listeners know ahead of time. You can promote it on social media.

Inform them whenever the change takes place and why it is taking place. Listeners like being involved, and they may have some valuable input for you as well!

Quickly Update Everything

Many busy content creators forget to change their domain names and social media usernames. To avoid any misunderstandings, make sure to update all versions of your podcasts online as soon as possible.

How Long Should A Podcast Title Be?

If you do more investigation, you may come across various program titles that appear to be rather long. So, how long does a typical podcast title last?

A few elements appear consistent across successful audio episodes with more research into the present industry.

  • The majority of podcast names are 14 to 29 characters long.
  • The most often used title length is 16 characters.
  • Although podcast names may be 255 characters long, few people use this length.

Choosing a plain and straightforward title is frequently the best option. Or, you should identify your program precisely and what you intend to discuss.

Names that are short and to-the-point do better in searches since they contain the main keywords that potential listeners seek.

Remember that a good name must accurately capture your show’s tone, subject, and personality: it is not the place or time to suggest confusion or over-the-top deviousness.

It is also crucial to keep on the subject and avoid utilizing names misleading to your readers.

Are Podcasts Copyrighted Protected?

After much thought and several drafts, you have the perfect podcast name. Moreover, you may have conjured up an original and compelling title for your program, concise and striking – but does it stay unique?

Do Podcasts Have Copyright?

Remember that each nation has different regulations, so do not assume anything applies to your native country.

However, the general agreement appears when you publish the name, you get the trademark rights even if you don’t file for a copyright.

While you must file a trademark for the name merely to be safe, it would be a trademark offense under common law if somebody were to replicate your name precisely or exceptionally similarly.

Therefore, while the names are not copyrighted by default, they have certain rights. In most circumstances, the older program will prevail in a disagreement between two shows that don’t have legal copyright.

If one show successfully obtains the formal file for the title, they will control the rights to that IP. Therefore, if you want to ensure that the name is adequately secured, you should submit your paperwork as soon as possible.

How To Avoid Copyright?

If feasible, you do not want to modify the podcast’s name. Therefore, how to reduce the chances of having to? Here are some options that you can try:

  • Choose something unusual: While it’s tempting to just come up with a name that you’re sure no one else has used, it is far wiser to research carefully. You can use Apple Music, Spotify, and, most importantly, Google Play Music.
  • Do a trademark search: Although the streaming services say the name is available to use, there could be someone intending to create a program with it and has gotten a trademark. As a result, verify the records before agreeing on a name to make sure it is legal.
  • File a trademark: After ensuring that no one else has been there before you, it is time to make it official by filing your paperwork. Though this may appear to be a bold move for a new program, it will save you effort and time in the long run, as well as avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Final Thoughts

So, can two podcasts have the same name? There’s no doubt that naming is a difficult task. When making a significant decision, it’s critical to weigh all of your alternatives and wait until you’re sure to make the best selection possible.

How do you feel about the answers above? If you have anything unclear, please let us know, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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