How Many Podcasts Are Successful? Statistics And Solutions For 2022

how many podcasts are successful

How many podcasts are successful? Only roughly 20% of the 540,000 podcasts, or 108,000 titles, created a new episode in the 90 days of April, May, and June of 2018. In 2021, the number of programs available had dropped from over 2 million to roughly 880,000.

Understanding podcast statistics and why they are critical will give us an overview. Using these statistics, you will be able to strategy for success and possibly make money from your show.

In this post, we’ll look at significant statistics and what they signify as a podcaster and provide concrete advice on how to improve your program.

How Many Podcasts Are Successful?

In this section, we’ll share with you the statistics you need to know in 2021 that will come in handy when creating a strategy for your business.

Statistics in 2018

According to a 2018 figure, over 540,000 titles have about 2,000 new ones added each week. It’s easy to believe we’ve reached “peak audio,” with podcasts on every topic conceivable.

But, out of those 540,000 podcasts, how many are still active and in production? More than half of the 200,000 new titles released in the preceding two years are no longer in production.

Only roughly 20% of the 540,000 podcasts, or 108,000 titles, created a new episode in the 90 days of April, May, and June of 2018. When the variable ranges from 90 to 12 months, there isn’t much difference.

In all, 132,000 people out of 540,000 developed a new show in 2018. This accounts for about a quarter of all podcasts with fresh content. As a result, 75% of podcasts are no longer being produced.

Statistics in 2021

There are over two million podcasts and more than 48 million episodes in 2021. When compared to 2018, these are some very great growth numbers.

Analyzing data from Apple Podcasts, on the other hand, illustrates how inaccurate that number is. A staggering 26% of the two million titles in Apple Podcasts (and equivalent statistics from Podcast Index) have only created a single episode.

That shows that many individuals, particularly during the epidemic, sparked their creative juices and halted after only one experience. Approximately a quarter of all podcasts have gone out of business or were never indeed in business in the first place.

Some podcasts may only have one episode scheduled, but for our x-ray, let’s reduce the number of podcasts by 26%, implying that around 1.5 million podcasts have two or more episodes. A single-episode podcast isn’t truly a “show.”

But, not every podcast is supposed to be a whole series. There’s a lot of excellent, evergreen stuff out there that’s just a few episodes long.

That’s part of the appeal of podcasting, but single-episode titles artificially inflate the number of podcasts, with 44% having three or fewer episodes.

Four seems to be a suitable threshold. While some programs were only planned to have two or three episodes, the bulk of podcasts with less than four episodes was most likely begun with zeal and subsequently abandoned.

According to this metric, the number of programs available has dropped from over 2 million to roughly 880,000. Please increase the number of episodes to ten or more, and it’s down to 720,000.

How Many Podcasts Actually Make Money?

To answer the question “How many podcasts actually make money?” you need to know “How many downloads are required for a podcast to be successful?”

An episode with 3,400 downloads places you in the top 10%, while a 9,000-download one puts you in the top 10%. In the first 30 days, the typical podcast receives 141 downloads.

Many sponsorship companies want 3000 to 5000 listeners every episode before agreeing to work with you. So, we have the formula for the number of podcasts that make money in 2021, which is 2,000,000 * 10%. It equals two hundred thousand podcasts.

If you do it yourself after you hit the 200-300 threshold, it’s viable to generate a significant sponsorship revenue, especially if you have a specialized readership.

What Makes A Podcast Successful?

There is a significant difference between creating a podcast that no one listens to and launching a successful show that may assist your brand’s marketing branding and generate revenue.

The following are our top four suggestions for launching a successful podcast.

The Ideal Theme

The subject will determine the success of your podcast in large part. This implies choosing a theme that you can stick with for a long time.

If you are sincerely enthusiastic about what you are discussing, it will connect with those who share your enthusiasm.


It may seem simple, but unless you’re a seasoned media veteran with years of broadcasting expertise, your first few episodes will probably be poor. When Joe Rogan launched the Joe Rogan Experience a decade ago, he had no experience with podcasting.

He made several errors, but he persevered. What you’re hearing right now is the culmination of ten years of experience, education, and practice.

Take Control

Here’s a suggestion that works: be definite in the early days and explain to the listeners precisely what the program is about, how it works, and what they’ll get out of it.

You’ll know what your target audience wants if you’ve done your research throughout the planning phases and built a profile of podcast users.

Make It Long-Lasting

One of the things that makes podcasting so enjoyable is that it isn’t a constant effort to finish and release new episodes. Building a sustainable workflow is the key to ensuring that working on your show isn’t something you hate.

How Many Podcasts Fail?

What percentage of podcasts fail? Did you know that more than 75% of all podcasters end their program within the first 12 months?

Many people come in with the expectation of launching their show and having thousands of listeners tuning in without making any more effort.

From the time you take up the microphone to the week-to-week release of episodes and keep your audience interested, it’s simple to understand why so many newcomers start but quickly pod fade.

Why Do Most Podcasts Fail?

Avoid these six newbie blunders at all costs. Otherwise, your show is quite likely to fail.

Tedious Content

Without a clear emphasis, this style may rapidly become tedious. The essential thing is conveying relevant tales, providing intriguing data, and delivering a message that connects with your target audience.

The Inaccessible Format Or Poor Quality

Is your podcast available for download on iTunes? Is it possible for individuals to listen to it on their phones, or do they need to download it?

The quality of the audio is also crucial. Many audio companies now provide podcasting kits that include microphones, mixers, and digital audio interfaces. Consider hiring a sound engineer to assist you if you have restricted technical talents.

Choose Quantity Over Quality

Merely releasing weekly episodes isn’t enough! These episodes must be of good quality to achieve your podcasting objectives.

While a weekly podcasting schedule is admirable, if you cannot offer high-quality material in each episode, your podcast’s chances of success diminish with each sub-par episode you release. Quality will always win out over quantity!

Lazy And Impatient

It takes time to build a podcast following, mainly if you are a lesser player. When you don’t notice the results right immediately, try not to become upset or impatient.

Besides, laziness killed more goals and ambitions!

Don’t Market Or Promote Anything.

If you want to build your audience, you’ll have to advertise your show if you want it to be successful. More choices are now accessible than ever before!

You may utilize email marketing and advertise on other podcasts that appeal to your audience or are related to your industry. Still, it would help if you also looked into the social media marketing options available.

There are many inventive methods to market your show, from Facebook to YouTube, Pinterest to TikTok to make your show more well-known!

Attempting To Sell Something

Nobody wants to hear you pitch your service or product. Instead, wow your audience with your knowledge, or take them on a trip and let them learn new things with you.

Find notable guests and experts and discuss fascinating or controversial topics. Any subject is fair game as long as it fits with the concept of your podcast.

Now you may be wondering how to make a successful show. The following video about Joe Rogan’s Record His Podcast will provide you with a formula to survive the competition.

Final Thoughts

You’re now fully equipped with the most crucial statistics you’ll need to know to create your podcast. So, how many podcasts are successful?

In the 90 days of April, May, and June of 2018, just over 20% of the 540,000 podcasts, or 108,000 titles, released a new episode. In addition, the number of programs offered in 2021 has decreased from over 2 million to about 880,000.

While it might be difficult to openly seek criticism and commentary if you’re serious about making your show the best it can be, obtaining this honest feedback is a step toward accomplishing your podcasting objectives.

Using these essential facts and our practical advice, you’ll be able to attract and retain a dedicated listening audience for your show. Thanks for reading!

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