Top 15 Most Emotional & Saddest Naruto Songs That Will Make You Cry, Ranked, Youtube

Top Saddest Naruto Songs

Naruto has some of the most touching and melancholic songs in anime history. Check out our list of the top saddest Naruto songs and relive the most emotional moments of the series.

Get ready to feel all the emotions with this list of the top saddest Naruto songs. Grab some tissues and prepare for a musical journey through the feels.

#1. Ai to Shu – Grief and Sorrow

“Ai to Shu – Grief and Sorrow” is a track from the popular anime Naruto, and it is one of the saddest songs in the entire series.

This stirring track captures the emotions of grief and sorrow perfectly. It starts with somber piano notes that gradually grow more intense, conveying a sense of desperation and anguish.

The soundscape then includes heartbreaking strings and percussion that build up tension, culminating in an explosive crescendo of emotion.

The mournful lyrics sung by Kazumi Evans provide an emotional touch as well.

This profound track perfectly encapsulates how characters feel when they’ve lost someone close to them – whether through war or death.

It’s no surprise why this is considered one of Naruto’s most influential and moving pieces of music.

#2. Kodoku – Alone

Kodoku – Alone is genuinely one of the saddest Naruto songs ever. The song starts with soft piano music playing in the background, accompanied by a sorrowful flute melody.

The lyrics tell a heartbreaking story of loneliness and longing for a loved one who has gone far away and the emotions that come with missing someone so dearly.

As the song progresses, it builds up to a thunderous crescendo where powerful strings come in to represent that pained emotion that is felt when we miss someone so much.

There is no doubt that Kodoku – Alone is an incredibly moving piece that speaks directly to our hearts in its powerful expression of sadness.

#3. Naruto Shippuden OST Decision

The Naruto Shippuden OST ‘Decision’ is one of the saddest songs in the series, and its powerful emotional lyrics and sorrowful melody genuinely convey a sense of heart-wrenching grief.

The song recounts the story of Naruto’s determination to confront his life’s struggles despite his vulnerability and his steadfast resolve to protect those he loves despite any obstacles that may arise.

Its passionate performance during significant moments in the anime further adds to its poignancy.

‘Decision’ is undoubtedly one of the most moving Naruto songs out there and is sure to bring tears to many eyes.

#4. Sadness And Sorrow

“Naruto: Sadness & Sorrow” is one of the most popular and saddest Naruto songs.

It has been used throughout the series to express the sorrows and pains of its characters.

The song’s gentle melody and haunting vocals create a gloomy atmosphere perfect for Naruto’s world’s emotions.

It is often used during poignant moments, such as when Naruto loses a loved one or on his quest for justice.

The song also contains more profound symbolism that reflects several themes throughout the series, including determination, friendship, and growth through hardship.

Whatever your reason for listening to it, “Sadness & Sorrow” will evoke strong emotions within you due to its powerful message and beautiful musical score.

#5. Comet

“Comet” from the “Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison” soundtrack is one of the saddest Naruto songs ever.

The song conveys a feeling of deep loneliness and despair as it slowly builds up with an ethereal guitar playing in its background.

Its melancholic strings take us through despair, evoking a sense of great sadness and longing.

The track stays relatively slow-paced, punctuated only by the occasional drums and eerie piano chords – making it even more heartbreaking to listen to.

This song stands a testament to how much emotion one anime series can evoke, proving why Naruto is such a beloved classic.

#6. Chichi no Haha (My Mother and My Father)

Naruto Shippuden – Father and Mother (Chichi to Haha) is undoubtedly one of the saddest songs from the Naruto series.

The song expresses Naruto’s longing for his parents and sadness over their absence, underscoring his desperate desire to find them.

It perfectly captures the emotions of a child growing up without parents — loneliness, helplessness, and aching nostalgia.

The song’s gentle melodies are supported by a soft backing track emphasizing its melancholy mood, painting a heartfelt portrait of an orphaned boy searching for love and parental acceptance.

This one is a genuinely heartbreaking piece of music that will tug at your heartstrings no matter how many times you listen.

#7. Old Friend

“Naruto Shippuden OST – Old Friend” is one of the most heartbreaking and poignant pieces of music from the entire Naruto franchise.

This track was featured in a moment of intense emotion during Shikamaru’s mission to retrieve two kidnapped ninjas, and it captures perfectly the sorrow that he felt at his inability to save them.

The haunting melody and poignant lyrics drive home this sadness even further, making it stand out among the other Naruto songs.

It’s no wonder why fans often refer to this track as one of the saddest Naruto songs!

#8. I Have Seen Much

“I Have Seen Much” by Yuki Hayashi is one of the saddest songs from the Naruto series.

The song features an emotional piano-accompanied melody and tells a story of loss and reminiscence set to poignant lyrics that pull at your heartstrings.

The song speaks to the struggles of many characters in Naruto – struggling with their own identities, fighting against their demons, and ultimately finding strength in each other despite it all.

It’s a powerful reminder that no matter how much we go through life, we can still find solace in our friends and family, who support us throughout our journey.

#9. Samidare (Early Summer Rain)

Naruto Shippuuden OST II – Samidare (Early Summer Rain) is undoubtedly one of the saddest Naruto songs ever composed.

Its bittersweet melodies narrate a story of a hero’s heartbreaking journey to overcome loss and move on while also offering some much-needed solace in these difficult times.

The understated piano and string accompaniment provides an eerie backdrop for the sorrowful vocals, creating a gloomy atmosphere many can relate to.

When heard closely, subtle hints of hope and optimism are sprinkled throughout the song, allowing us to cling to that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel despite our current struggles.

#10. My Mother And My Father

Naruto Shippuden OST III – My Mother and My Father is an emotional and heartbreaking song from the Naruto series.

The song was composed by Toshio Masuda, with lyrics written by Fumihiko Kitsutaka. It starts with a beautiful piano, setting up the sorrowful tone of the track.

The song conveys a feeling of loneliness as it tells the story of a child who has lost both parents.

The chorus swells into a powerful crescendo that conveys grief and courage in the face of loss – truly one of the saddest songs in Naruto’s soundtrack.

#11. Companions

The Naruto Shippuden OST Original 27 – Companions is a beautiful, emotional track and definitely one of the saddest songs ever from the series.

The soft and passionate guitar chords, combined with the sweeping orchestral strings, make for a gloomy atmosphere that will have you feeling all sorts of feels.

The melancholy melody floats above a gentle but sad piano solo, giving way to an even more sorrowful refrain as it climaxes.

Few songs can evoke so much emotion within such a short period. This is indeed the saddest song from Naruto Shippuden!

#12. Man Of The World

Man of the World, one of the saddest Naruto songs, is a beautiful tribute to friendship and loyalty between two very different characters whose stories are entirely intertwined.

It captures the sorrow of losing someone so important and dear to you, the feeling that they will always be with you in spirit even though they’re gone.

This song reflects the depth of loss as the main character struggles with his newfound loneliness while finally understanding how much his friendship meant to him and how much he had changed his life.

It’s a heartbreaking reminder of how powerful love and friendship can be.

#13. God’s Will

“God’s Will,” from the Naruto Shippuden OST, is one of the sad songs in the entire series.

With piano, strings, and drums building a haunting and melancholic atmosphere, it paints a picture of emotion, sorrow, and loss.

The track is touching and heartfelt as they express how grief can overtake us in times of strife.

It speaks to the main characters’ struggles with themes that parallel their personal journeys throughout the show.

The track will surely tug at your heartstrings as you reflect on how far these characters have come since being introduced over a decade ago.

It’s a fitting homage to an incredible anime filled with unforgettable moments, making it one of the most impactful songs in Naruto Shippuden OST history.

#14. Naruto OST – Grief And Sorrow

“Grief and Sorrow” is one of the saddest Naruto songs. Composed by Toshiro Masuda, it was used as the ending theme for the first few episodes of the anime series.

This sad piece captures the intense emotions experienced by Naruto and his friends as they battle against oppression and pain.

The song starts slow and soft, expressing deep sadness before quickly building to a powerful climax that packs an emotional punch.

It’s a must-listen for any fan of Naruto or sad music. Its sorrowful notes are sure to leave you feeling emotional yet inspired.

15. Akeboshi – Wind (Ending Naruto)

“Akeboshi – Wind” is the iconic ending song of the best-selling anime series, Naruto.

It’s a hauntingly beautiful tune that serves as the perfect backdrop to the show’s moving finale.

Written by Japanese rock musician Akeboshi and sung in both English and Japanese, it features lyrics that poetically capture the show’s ideas of fate, friendship, and redemption.

With its uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics, Akeboshi – Wind stands out as an inspired choice for an ending theme that will remain beloved by Naruto fans everywhere.


What is the name of the sad Naruto music?

The name of the sad Naruto music is “Kanashimi o Yasashisa ni,” or “Turning Sadness into Kindness.”

It was composed by Toshio Masuda and is played during some of the show’s most emotional moments, such as Sasuke Uchiha’s departure from Team Kakashi and Naruto Uzumaki’s self-reflection at Mount Myōboku.

This iconic track perfectly captures the themes of loss, friendship, and sorrow integral to the Naruto universe.

Who has the best theme song in Naruto?

This is subjective and varies from person to person. Some popular choices among fans include “Blue Bird” by Ikimono-Gadkari, “Silhouette” by KANA-BOON, and “Sign” by FLOW.

What are all the Naruto songs called?

Naruto has many songs, including opening and ending themes, character songs, and soundtracks.

It would be impossible to list them all here. Still, some popular ones include “Blue Bird,” “Silhouette,” “Haruka Kanata,” “Sign,” “Diver,” and “Wind.”

Is Naruto the saddest anime?

Yes, Naruto is definitely one of the saddest animes out there.

The main character, Naruto Uzumaki, goes through immense struggles and hardships throughout his journey,

Not only does he have to fight against powerful enemies that threaten the fate of his village, but he also has to deal with abandonment issues stemming from a traumatic childhood.

Naruto’sNaruto’s pain and suffering are compounded by the fact that even after all his sacrifices and hard work, he rarely receives credit or recognition from those closest to him.

These factors combined make for some genuinely poignant episodes in the anime series that will leave you feeling moved and inspired by this resilient protagonist’sprotagonist’s story.

Who has the saddest in Naruto?

In Naruto, several characters experience sorrow or tragedy throughout the series.

One of the saddest stories in the entire series is that of Jiraiya.

After the death of his parents at a young age, Jiraiya was taken in by an organization known as the Sannin and made many friends through his travels and training.

However, despite all his efforts to protect those closest to him, he still faces tremendous loss when his team members perish during their battles.

He also suffers immense sadness when he learns how Orochimaru has betrayed the Leaf Village and gone down a darker path.

Jiraiya’s tragic life is a powerful reminder that even the strongest heroes can still suffer from loss.

What is the last Naruto ending song?

The last Naruto ending song is “Wind” by Akeboshi.

This powerful and melancholic song carries a strong message of hope, as its lyrics reflect the struggles of a young man determined to continue reaching for his dreams despite any obstacles that may stand in his way.

The poignant guitar and low, gentle strings accompany Akeboshi’s soulful voice, creating an atmosphere full of emotion that ties together all the events in the beloved anime series.

It is an ideal way to bring closure to the story of Naruto, as it captures the spirit of determination displayed by Naruto himself and fans of the show worldwide.

Who is the loneliest person in Naruto?

The loneliest person in Naruto is undoubtedly Naruto himself.

The series’s main protagonist, Naruto, grew up without parents, alienated from his peers due to his powerful fox demon sealed within him, and even later ostracized by many Konoha shinobi for being a “container” of the Nine Tails.

He was also feared by children who had heard about the Nine-Tailed Fox attacks — which ultimately gave him an incredibly lonely childhood.

To make matters worse, he could not develop relationships with those around him due to his goal of becoming Hokage.

As a result, it’s safe to say that Naruto has faced more rejection and loneliness than any other character in the series.


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