Top 29 Popular Songs About Promises and Broken Promises, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Songs About Promises and Broken Promises

Find yourself in a sea of mixed emotions? Top up the mood with our curated selection of songs about broken and kept promises – you won’t be disappointed.

Top 14 Songs About Promises

Get inspired with a playlist full of meaningful lyrics about the power of promises. Find the perfect song here!

1. “The Cure” by Lady Gaga

“The Cure” by Lady Gaga is a song centered around the idea of making and keeping promises. In it, she proclaims that ‘I’ll fix you with my love’, and reflects on how hard it is to keep hold of those promises when everything seems to be going wrong.

She conveys that sometimes, even when things seem lost, love can still pull through and bring salvation. It’s an uplifting track that reminds us all that we can fulfill our vows as long as we stay strongly connected to each other through unconditional love.

2. “American Shoes” by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

“American Shoes” is a song about a promise made between two lovers, each promising to keep the other safe from harm.

The lyrics evoke a sense of longing as each person prepares for the end of their relationship and reflects upon the shared memories that have been made.

The chorus is especially poignant as it speaks to the beauty in having someone you can rely on: “And if you try and break this promise/ I won’t let you go/ I won’t be far away / You’ll wear my American shoes.”

By speaking to how much they will miss the other should promises be broken, the song highlights that while all good things must come to an end, some memories are worth clinging onto even after they’ve gone.

3. “Fingers Crossed” by Lauren Spencer Smith

“Fingers Crossed” by Lauren Spencer-Smith is a song about the power of promises. The song encourages listeners to keep their promises, no matter how hard it might be.

With lyrics such as “I’ll never forget where I have come from/I made a promise and I will keep it true”, the song instills a strong sense of responsibility and commitment.

The hook is catchy and uplifting, creating an optimistic atmosphere in which listeners can make and keep their promises.

Through its motivational themes, “Fingers Crossed” captures the beauty of making a promise and inspiring others to follow through on their own commitments.

4. “Promise to Love Her” by Blane Howard

“Promise to Love Her” by Blane Howard is a song about making and standing by your promise to love someone, no matter what obstacles might come your way.

The lyrics express his commitment to stay true and be devoted, recognizing that relationships require work and patience.

He prefers the simple gesture of taking her hands in his own, looking into her eyes and promising to love her for eternity.

The track is melodic with a feel-good vibe, complemented by emotionally charged vocals. This timeless love song will surely move hearts and souls alike!

5. “Promises, Promises” by Naked Eyes

“Promises, Promises” by Naked Eyes is an emotive synth-pop song that speaks of a failed romance and the promises that were broken in its wake.

Released in 1983, it was the group’s first international hit, reaching #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Musically, the track employs a sweeping midtempo arrangement combined with lush keyboard textures and soaring vocal harmonies to create its melancholy atmosphere.

Lyrically, the song paints a picture of hope, disbelief, and disappointment as it mournfully laments “all the dreams we held so close passed away/Seemed to fade like yesterday.”

With its unforgettable chorus and sumptuous arrangements, this timeless classic remains one of Naked Eye’s most enduring hits.

6. “Reckless” by Madison Beer

“Reckless” by Madison Beer is a song about the promise of loving someone no matter what and that love can overcome any obstacle.

It’s a heartfelt plea to acknowledge the power of love and to hold onto it despite all odds.

The song’s powerful lyrics show how reckless one can be in moments of passion, but that if two hearts are truly connected, then nothing can break them apart.

Its upbeat melody conveys a sense of hope and optimism, showing that even when things get tough, there is something worth fighting for if you stick together.

7. “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo

“Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo is a song about making and keeping promises. The singer reminisces about growing up, with all of the accompanying excitement, trepidation and hopes for the future, until her first love is gone.

She feels overwhelmed with sadness because she realizes that no matter how badly she wants to keep their promises, things will never be quite the same again. The lyrics remind us of how fragile our promises can be in an ever-changing world.

8. “From the Dining Table” by Harry Styles

“From the Dining Table” by Harry Styles is a beautiful song that captures love in its rawest and most honest.

The lyrics explore how distance can bring us closer as they describe two people who are in separate places, yet still connected through love.

The dreamy piano melody paints a picture of yearning and loneliness, while the heart-wrenching chorus speaks of not giving up on each other even when it seems impossible.

It’s an emotional reminder of the importance of making a promise and keeping it no matter what something that all lovers understand.

9. “All I Want” by Kodaline

Kodaline’s “All I Want” is a powerful promise song that speaks of the commitment and dedication needed to keep true love alive.

With lyrics like ‘I would climb any mountain, sail across a stormy sea, When the hard times come, I will be standing right next to you’ and ‘Your love is all I want, your time is all I need, when it gets too much I can rest in your arms’, the song drives home how much someone is willing to go through for the one they love.

The combination of emotive vocals and an evocative melody give the track an even more poignant atmosphere making it an unforgettable hit about finding solace and comfort in love.

10. “Rubberband” by Tate Mcrae

“Rubberband” by Tate Mcrae is a heart-warming song about making and keeping promises.

The track is filled with shimmering pop production and an infectious chorus, expressing the promise to never let go of the other person, no matter how tough it gets.

Lyrics like “I’ma be your rubber band, I won’t stretch too thin” speaks volumes about the promises that we should always stand by.

With Mcrae’s delicate and emotive vocals at its core, this track is sure to be a familiar presence in many peoples lives for years to come.

11. “My Boy” by Billie Eilish

“My Boy” by Billie Eilish is a promise song, in which she openly pledges her dedication to her beloved.

Through her lyrics, she expresses that no matter what obstacles life throws their way and no matter the distance between them, she will always remain faithful: “No matter how far we go/ I’ll never let you down/ And I won’t break my promise/ No, not ever again”.

She also reassures him of her love and emotional support during hard times: “I’ll be there for you if it ever gets too hard”.

With its infectious tune and empowering words, this track serves as both a declaration of personal affection to him and an anthem for anyone who is striving to stay true to their promises.

12. “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script

“The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script is a promise song about holding onto love. The narrator promises to stay right where he is until his lover comes back, even if it takes years.

He claims that no matter what anyone says or does, nothing will change his mind and he will “be here in rain or shine” waiting for his beloved’s return.

In this vulnerable yet hopeful anthem of devotion, The Script conveys a powerful message: true love can never be defeated, and if you have faith it will eventually be rewarded.

13. “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone

“I Fall Apart” by Post Malone is a promise song that talks about never leaving someone’s side and that no matter what, they will stay in the relationship.

The lyrics are an honest look at how one person feels about the other, singing about always being there to pick them up when they fall apart.

With its catchy beat and meaningful lyrics, this song reassures us all of never giving up on our relationships no matter how hard times may get.

The song is a reminder that it’s okay to be vulnerable, as Post Malone sings “If I ever fall apart, I’m still yours”.

14. “No Promises” by Cheat Codes

“No Promises” by Cheat Codes is a promise song about taking chances, being brave and letting go of fear.

It talks about how making no promises can lead to more freedom and ultimately a feeling of true bliss.

The song encourages the listener to make bold decisions in life and embrace whatever comes after, regardless if it means making or breaking promises.

The chorus also emphasizes this sentiment, recognizing that “no promises” can be liberating because “some things are better left unsaid.”

The soundscape is an electronic-inspired combination of upbeat tempos and catchy lyrics that mix together for an enjoyable listening experience.

Ultimately, “No Promises” serves as a reminder to live without constraints and never give up on one’s dreams despite potential risks along the way.

Top 15 Broken Promises Songs

Get through heartbreak with the best broken promises songs! We’ve curated a list of tracks that perfectly capture how it feels when someone lets you down.

1. “Who Knew” – Pink

“Who Knew” by Pink is a powerful song exploring the sadness of broken promises. It centers on the idea that promises uttered in haste or those not kept have devastating effects on those left behind.

The lyrics suggest that sometimes it’s hard to let go of someone who has caused pain and suffering and that although we can move on, the wounds remain.

The intense vocal delivery and poignant melody create an atmosphere of anguish, underscoring the message that sometimes, when we invest so much into relationships, all our sacrifices can come to nothing if promises are broken.

2. “Broken Promise” – Placebo

“Broken Promise” by Placebo is a powerful song about broken promises. The song speaks to the pain and heartbreak caused by someone breaking their word to you.

It contrasts the romanticized expectations of a relationship with the dark reality of having your hopes and dreams crushed by another person.

The lyrics are full of sorrow and regret as they lament how a beautiful promise was broken instantly, leaving devastation in its wake behind. It’s a reminder that life can be unfair but that we still have the strength to carry on in spite of it all.

3. “Battle of Cable Hogue” – Calexico

“Battle of Cable Hogue” by Calexico addresses the issue of broken promises and reminds us that love isn’t always easy.

The lyrics tell the tale of a couple whose relationship has been strained by people who make false promises and don’t keep them.

The imagery of the battle illustrates how difficult it can be to navigate through heartache, with references to warriors and weapons representing the inner struggle we face as our minds grapple with disappointment.

Ultimately, the song encourages us to stay strong during difficult times, reminding us that sometimes all we have is ourselves in order to survive betrayal.

4. “Land of Broken Promises” – IAMX

“Land of Broken Promises” by IAMX is a song about broken promises and unfulfilled dreams. It speaks of the despair one feels when someone they had put their trust in lets them down.

The song vividly portrays heartache, loneliness, and regret that linger even after all hope seems lost.

It is an anthem to those who have been deceived or abandoned with nothing left to show for it but shattered faith and unanswered questions.

A powerful track, “Land of Broken Promises,” will speak to anyone who has ever experienced betrayal or felt like their hopes were crushed underfoot.

5. “Father’s Day” – Frank Turne

Father’s Day by Frank Turner is a good Broken Promises Songs, which is an emotional song that encapsulates the complex and often painful relationship between a father and his child.

It speaks of disappointment and broken promises, reflecting on the many areas of life where a father’s influence can be seen, from decisions made to those forgotten moments of advice or kindness.

The song speaks to the idea that these broken promises can still be beautiful and that, even when we are at our most lost, there is something we can hold onto from our fathers.

Ultimately it conveys a sense of hope in what can seem like hopelessness, reminding us all that love remains through life’s greatest challenges.

6. “Terrible Lie” – Nine Inch Nails

“Terrible Lie” by Nine Inch Nails is a passionate and powerful song that speaks to the heartbreak of broken promises and shattered dreams.

Trent Reznor’s brilliant vocals, layered with raw emotion, are the driving force behind the track. They resonate deeply with those who have had their trust betrayed.

With its frantic guitars and industrial synths, it captures the aching sense of betrayal like no other Broken Promises song does.

It conveys despair at its core and a faint hope for better days ahead.

7. “Joshua Gone Barbados” – Tom Rush

“Joshua Gone Barbados” by Tom Rush is a classic broken promises song. The lyrics tell the story of a man who promised his love that he would never leave her side but eventually broke that promise and left for Barbados without her.

Despite his betrayal, the woman still loves him and wishes for his safe return as she laments about their lost dreams together.

The haunting melody of Rush’s guitar riffs perfectly captures the sorrow of unfulfilled promises and leaving behind a loved one in search of something better.

8.”Train From Washington” – Gil Scott Heron

Gil Scott Heron’s “Train From Washington” is a powerful and timely song about broken promises that poetically speaks to America’s long history of political hypocrisy.

It laments the broken social contract between those in power, with their oversized promises, and those who elect them for false hope.

The song paints a vivid picture of a train ride from D.C., past suburban homes filled with optimism that quickly fades after seeing the poverty-stricken inner-city neighborhoods, ultimately giving way to resentment and anger by the end of the journey.

With its clever imagery and thoughtful rhymes, this track powerfully reminds us of the hard reality many Americans still face today.

9. “A Taste of Honey” – Julie London

“A Taste of Honey” by Julie London is a heartbreaking song from the album Broken Promises Songs. This soulful ballad speaks of sorrow, regret, and lost love.

Through her powerful lyrics and emotive delivery, she captures the deep pain of somebody whose lover has left them for someone else.

With aching sadness in every phrase, she sings about how love can die quicker than it can be born and the emptiness one feels when all hope of reconciliation is gone.

The captivating performance leaves no doubt why this song remains an iconic classic.

10. “Surabaya Johnny” – Bette Midler

“Surabaya Johnny” by Bette Midler is a broken promises song that speaks to the heartache caused when someone breaks a promise.

It is sung from the perspective of a disappointed lover who has been betrayed and abandoned, unable to understand why the person they trusted so deeply did not stay true to their word.

The lyrics are full of raw emotion as they express hurt, anger, and sadness at being let down, yet there remains an air of resignation as they sing, “It’s too late now, it’s too late.”

This intense track perfectly unforgettably captures the pain of betrayal.

11. “10,000 Promises” by Backstreet Boys

“10,000 Promises” by the Backstreet Boys is a powerful song about broken promises and the impact they can have on relationships.

The lyrics are full of emotion, talking about how promises were made but not kept and how it was hard to trust someone again.

The song speaks of following dreams despite how hard it is to move forward after being let down and that to be strong and overcome disappointment, you must never stop promising yourself even when those around you fail.

It’s a beautiful reminder that sometimes you can only rely on your strength to make sure your dreams come true.

12. “No Promises” by Shayne Ward

“No Promises” by Shayne Ward is a powerful, emotionally charged song about the pain of broken promises. With a strong beat and emotionally charged vocals, the song conveys the hurt of being let down by someone who has promised too much.

The chorus laments, “Promises, they ain’t meant to keep, And everybody knows it’s true,” highlighting that unmet promises can cause heartache and loss.

Despite its sorrowful tone, the song has an underlying message of hope. It tells us to keep searching for love despite our disappointments.

Ultimately, this is a raw and honest reflection on what it means when we trust someone we love and find that their words are not enough.

13. “I Cross My Heart” by George Strait

“I Cross My Heart” by George Strait is a classic broken promises song that tells the story of a man who has made mistakes in his relationship but vows to make it right.

With powerful lyrics like “In all the world you’ll never find, A love as true and honest as mine” and “Take these chains from my heart dear and set me free,”

He brings an emotional intensity to the song as he pledges his unwavering commitment. The song speaks to anyone who has been hurt in a past relationship yet holds out hope for something better.

14. “You Promised” by Brantley Gilbert

“You Promised” by Brantley Gilbert is a powerful song about broken promises and the struggles of moving on.

In the song, he talks about being betrayed by someone he loved and trusted and how that betrayal changed his life forever.

He acknowledges how hard it is to keep going with his heart broken, but he also realizes that there is no going back. The only thing left to do is try to forgive and learn from it.

His lyrics speak of his deep hurt yet ultimately end with a note of hope as he finds strength within himself to put one foot in front of the other.

This thought-provoking song beautifully captures the painful reality of broken promises and how those affected can learn to find peace through faith, perseverance, and self-acceptance.

15. “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi

“You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi is a classic broken promises song that paints an emotional picture of dashed expectations and the struggles of coming to terms with disappointment.

The song’s vivid imagery explains how promises were made but not kept, turning love into something deceptive and hurtful.

The verse captures the desperate sentimentality of someone trying to accept love’s limitations while the chorus voices their regret.

There’s relief in knowing others are dealing with similar feelings, creating a collective understanding of what it means to be let down.

Ultimately, this timeless track serves as a reminder to trust in yourself and believe in your own strength when all else fails.


Now is faqs related to Songs About Promises and Broken Promises:

What is a broken promise?

A broken promise occurs when someone makes a commitment or agreement and then fails to fulfill it. This can cause the person who was promised something to feel hurt, mistrust, anger, or disappointment.

Is Breaking promises toxic?

Yes, breaking promises is toxic as it contributes to feelings of betrayal and mistrust, both of which can significantly damage relationships.

Additionally, a history of broken promises can erode trust in the future and lead to a cycle of even more broken promises. Ultimately, breaking promises results in hurt feelings, damaged relationships, and an erosion of trust.

Why do broken promises hurt?

Broken promises hurt because it can lead to feelings of betrayal and mistrust. People feel let down and disappointed, or even angry.

Promises are made between two people as a sign of trust and mutual respect, so when that trust is broken, it can be difficult for individuals to handle.

What happens to people who break promises?

People who break promises can expect to lose the trust of those around them. A broken promise indicates a lack of reliability, which can cause friendships and relationships to suffer.

On a larger scale, breaking promises can have legal consequences if they involve contracts or other agreements, such as in business dealings.

What to do with empty promises?

It is important to be honest and direct when dealing with empty promises. Clearly communicate the consequences of not following through on their promise and best provide an opportunity for them to make up for it if possible.

However, it is also important to remember that everyone makes mistakes, so try to remain understanding.

What do you call a person who doesn’t keep promises?

You can call a person who doesn’t keep promises a betrayer, an unreliable person, or someone who is faithless.


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