Should I get a Soprano or Concert Ukulele for a Beginner?

Soprano or Concert Ukulele for Beginner

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Maybe you are confusing with the question: choosing a soprano or concert ukulele for a beginner?

This post is the answer for you.

But first, here is the main point you should remember:

A good quality soprano ukulele will obviously be better than a low-quality concert ukulele and vice versa. The ukulele strings are also impacting the sound.

Now let’s get to the point

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Should I get a soprano or concert ukulele for a beginner?

If you are looking for a ukulele for kids under 10 years old, the soprano ukulele is the BEST choice.

If you are seeking a ukulele for beginner adult, both soprano and concert ukulele is great for starting. It is just a matter of hobby, if you love the small size of the soprano ukulele, let do it.

Personally, I prefer and recommend concert ukulele for adult beginners. Why?

Here are some questions you just ask yourself:

  • Do you like to get more resonant and more sustained sound?
  • Do you want more room between frets for your fingers to make chords?

The answer is YES, go to the concert size.

I prefer concert ukulele because:

  • It is easier to hold and more fingerboard room between frets.
  • More notes to play, meaning that you can play more songs because the fingerboard is longer with more frets.

I personally have a Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele that I love. It is a really beautiful looking and nice sound. Highly recommend it to beginners.

In short, should I get a concert or soprano ukulele for beginner?

Choosing the right ukulele for beginners is based on their preferences. If the beginner is a child under 10 years old, the soprano ukulele option is the best. In contrast, for adults, the ukulele concert will bring more advantages.

To be able to find a final decision, let’s learn more about these two exciting instruments in the article.

Soprano vs Concert ukulele sound

The soprano sound is a bit brighter, more high-pitched than the concert ukulele.

Demo concert ukulele sound:

Demo soprano ukulele sound:

The key difference between them is body size. The concert size is bigger and gets more resonant than the soprano size.

  • The soprano ukulele is the traditional size.
  • The concert ukulele is a bit larger and more resonant.

However, both sizes are still tuned to the same pitch.

What is a soprano ukulele?

The soprano ukulele is the most standard and popular. It has the smallest size with a length of about 21″.

Soprano ukulele usually has 12 to 14 keys and is tuned A-E-C-G – string order number 1-2-3-4.

For those with large or long hands, it may be challenging to use this soprano ukulele. The reason is that the size between the keys is relatively small.

The soprano is suitable for people with small hands. The strings are very soft and light when pressed, so even small children can quickly learn to play.


  • They carry the traditional sound and shape.
  • Players with small hands may find it very comfortable and suitable
  • The soprano ukulele is perfect for traveling because of its compact size
  • They are cheaper than comparable concerts or tenor ukuleles


  • Not ideal for people with large hands
  • The space between the keys is narrow
  • The sound may be out of tune when the keys on the neck

What is a concert ukulele?

Concert ukulele is also known as alto uku. Concert ukulele has a stronger sound than the soprano because the larger body allows for greater resonance.

The concert ukulele has a rather large shape. It’s about 23″ long and has 15 to 20 frets.

The keys are slightly spaced like the Ukulele Soprano shape. The number of keys can be up to 20 keys allowing players to navigate to high notes when playing easily.


  • Thick tones and outstanding balance
  • The neck is long, so the frets are farther apart
  • Easier and more flexible key control
  • Suitable for adult hands
  • Various sounds


  • Not ideal for small hands
  • Price is quite high compared to soprano ukulele

What is the difference between soprano and concert ukulele?

Soprano and concert ukulele have many differences. Due to their different sizes and construction, they are almost entirely different.

What is the difference between soprano and concert ukulele


The first thing when looking at this two ukulele is the difference in size. The average size of the soprano ukulele is 21″, very compact and light. However, the concert ukulele is different. Its average size is up to 23″.

Overall we have seen bigger concerts than the soprano ukulele. Its body is more extensive and the neck is longer and it contains more frets.

Although they are only a few inches apart and the frets. It is enough to make a difference.


Since the concert ukulele has a larger body, the sound is warmer than the soprano ukulele.

Sopranos are smaller, so their resonance surface is small. Their vocal range is quite high and often has a crisp sound.

The strings of the concert ukulele are tighter and longer than those of the soprano. The long neck makes the length of the keys easier to play. The 20-key concert ukulele has a better tone due to the extra high notes.


Same quality product, but soprano ukulele is much cheaper than concert ukulele.

However, the evaluation depends on the size of the material, the sound, and the ukuleles’ price.

If you really don’t want to invest in this instrument, you should choose the soprano ukulele. It can save all costs a lot more.

Ability to play

Due to the different compositions, I can be sure that soprano is suitable for younger children. It has small size and low weight.

The distance between the keys is also very close, making it easy for players to control and use small hands. Especially kids under 10 will do well.

Due to the soprano’s short neck and tight keys, people with large hands cannot play this instrument.

Usually, older people will play the ukulele concert. The long neck, spaced keys, and varied sound of a concert ukulele are what adults want.

Larger hands also won’t become awkward on closely spaced keys.

Should I choose soprano or concert ukulele for beginners?

As mentioned above, you should choose the type of ukulele you are interested in and love. Maybe it’s not the perfect match for your playability, but it will suit your taste.

In addition, you can base on the following two factors to have the correct choice:


This is an issue worth your attention. You can’t spend a month’s money on just one ukulele.

The soprano ukulele is cheaper than a concert ukulele of the same quality. So you can easily spend money to let your child learn an instrument he enjoys.

Ability to play

As noted above, a soprano ukulele will be more suitable for children under 10 years old. The small hands of children will not have to move too much or be difficult to maneuver.

Due to the concert ukulele tree structure, adults or people with large hands will be suitable. The ability to produce bass sound is still not as good as it used to be.


That is all the answer to the question: Should I get a soprano or concert ukulele for a beginner?

I would recommend a soprano ukulele if you don’t want to spend much money on the first instrument or just buying it for kids.

The Cordoba 15CM is one of the best concert ukuleles for beginners and serious players alike. If you buy a ukulele that is more expensive it will sound a lot better.

Both of these ukuleles make interesting and novel sounds. No matter what final decision you make, we wish you success with it.

The information that we share in this article will help you make the best decision!

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