5 Tips for Using Podcasts and YouTube Channels to Study for Exams

Tips for Using Podcasts and YouTube Channels to Study for Exams

YouTube receives millions of new videos every day. The videos address different subjects, some forming part of your academic discussions.

Experts in different fields also use podcasts to disseminate information and share ideas about various subjects.

It makes YouTube and podcasts, among other web links, valuable sources of information whenever you are writing an essay or revising for your exams.

YouTube channels also cover the same subject from different dimensions. This makes it easier to understand than depending on a book that requires you to imagine the described idea.

YouTube and podcasts capture the latest ideas because it takes a few minutes to record and upload a video compared to publishing a book.

YouTube and podcasts are convenient resources when revising or writing an essay. You can access the channels anytime and anywhere without hauling a bag full of books.

The discussions are relaxed and include a lot of graphics. This makes them easier to understand. Hire on  https://assignmentgeek.com/pay-for.html online. You can save yourself from the trouble of sitting through the day and night to write a paper.

You will have more time to start a business, work, or enjoy other activities like sports.

How to use YouTube for your studies

YouTube is so vast that you might not understand the concepts you seek.

Some of the content is too complex or extremely shallow that it does not meet the standards expected in academic writing.

Here are tips to effectively use YouTube, podcasts, and other online sources in your studies.

  • Pick the right channel: not all channels will add value to your academic scholarship. Pick only the media run by reputable academicians or institutions. You avoid using weak and unverified ideas in your discussion.
  • Use it as a secondary tool: the books indicated in your reading list are your primary sources of academic ideas. Use the internet to enrich your understanding. Books are verified, guaranteeing that the opinions shared will be sound.
  • Avoid distractions: use blocking apps to avoid distractions while studying. Social media notifications and alerts from other websites will take you off the course. You end up wasting time and delaying the submission of your paper.
  • Take notes while watching: take notes of the ideas you are getting from YouTube or any podcasts, just as you would when reading a book. These ideas are valid for inclusion in your discussion. You avoid having to replay the video, wasting more time.

Here are tips that will help you to use podcasts, YouTube, and other online sources to revise for exams or study.

Homework help

Hire a homework helper to write your assignments. This gives you more time to watch videos on your favorite subject without pressure from academic work.

You also have more time to turn to more enjoyable activities like business, sports, part-time work, and entertainment. Revising while relaxed helps you to craft the most compelling essays and ace your exams.

Alternative study materials

The internet is a source of alternative study materials. Do not assume books because you can find ideas online. Instead, enrich your understanding of a topic by reviewing a podcast.

The latest knowledge in an area

YouTube and podcasts provide the latest ideas on different subjects. A professional, for instance, can share ideas faster on the internet than writing a book.

Within minutes of discovery, that information will be online. Such new information makes your essays or exams captivating to read.

Study faster through demonstrations.

YouTube producers use graphics and demonstrations to create their videos. The approach cannot compare to reading a book that requires imagination.

The animated presentation is easier to understand. It is one of the best resources when trying to understand complex ideas.

Relax while studying

YouTube provides the most relaxed way to study. You continue looking at the park while traveling or even in the house. The ideas you learn in such an environment are memorable.


Now, below are some questions and answers about using YouTube and podcasts while studying:

Am I allowed to use YouTube and other online channels for my studies?

Yes! YouTube and other web links provide alternative learning materials. They enrich your content in books, journals, and academic articles.

Your work has a format for citing YouTube and other web links. It means that they are recognized as legitimate resources for academic work.

How do I pick the right YouTube channel or podcast for my studies?

Scan the profile of the author or authority behind the channel. Reputable tutors, industry leaders, and institutions run several YouTube channels and podcasts. Their reputation in the industry is guaranteed that their content will add value to your scholarship.

What is the advantage of using YouTube and podcasts over books?

Podcasts and YouTube channels capture the latest details about a subject. They also come with animated descriptions that could include graphics and enacted scenes.

Such descriptions make it easier to understand complex ideas compared to listening to a descriptive narrative by your tutor.

Podcasts and YouTube are available wherever you are and whenever you want to learn about an idea.

How do I cite YouTube or a podcast when creating a reference?

The citation of online sources is guided by the formatting style used in the paper.

In all cases, the podcast’s title, publication date, and link to the podcast must be provided. The date helps the reader to trace the exact content on a channel that could capture several videos.

How do I avoid distractions when using YouTube or podcasts to study?

The internet allows you to block some sites that may distract you when working on a project, like studying.

Use concentration apps that only allow you to use a website for a set period. Since the app will block the website automatically, you must complete the assignment fast.

Can I replace books with YouTube and online sources?

Consider books as your primary source of information. Books and other class materials are vetted to ensure the content meets the expected standards.

This is different from YouTube channels and podcasts that are not regulated. You might end up confused instead of benefiting from using these resources.

How many YouTube sources should I use in a paper?

There is no limit on the YouTube channels or podcasts you can use in your paper.

However, you must balance to ensure that your paper is founded on accredited sources like books and journals more than unverified internet sources. It makes your discussion more credible.


The internet provides endless materials to help students to study different topics. Pick a channel with credible information also presented in a language you can understand.

While you turn to podcasts and YouTube, please do not ignore the recommended books because they capture the verified academic details that will help you to produce a captivating essay.

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