Reasons Why Do Japanese Love Karaoke. Why Is It Called Karaoke

why do japanese love karaoke

Karaoke originated in Japan. So, it has become a part of Japanese culture. All Japanese people, especially young people, love this type of entertainment. After a while, Karaoke has developed in most countries around the world.

So, what is the reason why Japanese love this type of entertainment?

  • Spatial
  • Food and drink
  • Songs
  • Accessory
  • Popularity
  • Service

Let’s find out more about each reason in the following article! 

Karaoke Origin

Today, the concept of “Karaoke” seems to be too familiar, and everyone knows when it comes to it. And this seems to have caused few people to care “why is it called Karaoke

In fact, Karaoke first appeared in 1971 by a Japanese singer. However, this invention has never received public or professional recognition. It was not until 4 years later, when the Filipinos released a similar design, that Karaoke was recognized.

How To Pronounce Karaoke? It is pronounced like keh-ree-ow-kee

Many people wonder “why is Karaoke spelled like that” due to the origin of the Japanese words. The Japanese combine kara in Karaoke, which means “empty,” combined with oke from Okesutora, which means “orchestra.” 

So, how to pronounce Karaoke? Many people find this word long and difficult to pronounce, but you can pronounce Karaoke by separating each phoneme.

However, Karaoke gradually became popular in Japan only after its debut, and many people chose it as entertainment. 

The first versions of Karaoke were usually only served individually, and reservations must be made before arrival.

The owner of Karaoke shops will also design the room to suit the number of people and the time you booked in advance. 

4 Reasons Why Japanese Love Karaoke

A type of entertainment not only for fun, but Karaoke will also surprise you more with the following four reasons.

Some people join Karaoke not to sing but to enjoy these types of accompanying services. Let’s find out what are the reasons why Japanese people love Karaoke.

#1. Spatial

The Japanese are known for their privacy and respect for the personal space of others. Karaoke shops often have separate rooms with different spaces depending on the size of your group. 

Having this private space allows you to play and sing more comfortably. Living in separate rooms will also not be afraid of disturbing other guests.

Nowadays, Karaoke shops are more popular. 

However, if you go on weekends or holidays, you should also pay attention to booking in advance to avoid running out of rooms. To explain this, Karaoke has become a culture, an indispensable part of Japanese after every party.

#2. Food and drink

Even if you have just eaten, the food in the Karaoke bar is an indispensable part. Most stores have varied and different menus. The owners also know how to choose dishes and build menus to have to use their food.

Reasons Why Japanese Love Karaoke

Another point that makes Japanese people love Karaoke is that they can order food right in the room with only one device available in the room.

With this device, you can safely enjoy the whole fun without fear of interruption. You can also ask the staff to fix other issues like transmission or sound quality to order food.

#3. Accessory

Having extra accessories while you sing Karaoke will make the fun more interesting and exciting. Most Karaoke shops have in-room fun accessories like manes, masks, or decorations.

With these accessories, you can make the fun even more fun with challenges or punishments. However, you also need to use accessories because you will have to pay the owner if you damage them.

#4. Service

Japan is considered one of the countries with the best customer service in the world. Therefore, it will not be strange if Japanese Karaoke bars are loved because of the dedicated and attentive service of the staff.

You can comfortably order the service many times, and the staff will still be happy to serve. If you are the first person to experience this Karaoke culture, do not worry because there will always be a guide for you. 


Although it is Japanese culture, many people, especially foreigners, will still have many questions about this topic. Therefore, we have compiled the questions that many people most often encounter when interacting with this culture. 

With the following answers, you will certainly have a broader view of Karaoke in general and Karaoke with Japanese people in particular.

#1. What are the rules to keep in mind when going to Karaoke with Japanese?

Wherever you are, in an office or social environment, Japanese are very focused on rules. Please pay attention to some of the following rules to be able to sing Karaoke with Japanese people in the most fun way:

  • Please cheer and respect the singer.
  • Divide the time equally between the participants in the fun, at least so that everyone can sing the song they want.
  • Respect other people’s choices: This means that you should not criticize or win the cards they have chosen.
  • Have fun and sing enthusiastically: Many people worry that they will ruin the game if they don’t sing well and don’t perform.

#2. Is it possible to use Karaoke alone?

Singing Karaoke is not just a form of entertainment for a family or group of friends. Nowadays, you can easily rent a small Karaoke room to sing along. Many Japanese choose to sing along for a few reasons:

  • To relieve stress after tiring work
  • To practice your voice for a contest or event
  • Sing a picture to satisfy your taste
  • A few notes when registering for Karaoke

Currently, Karaoke shops in Japan are growing and becoming a lucrative industry. However, many times, the number of large stores cannot meet the needs of the Japanese people.

So, if you are going to sing, especially on important occasions or holidays, you should book in advance.

And here are some notes when you book a room directly with the Karaoke bar:

  • Estimated number of participants
  • Estimated time of arrival and service use
  • Other special requests such as accessories, lighting, food,…


Today, this type of entertainment is popular in many countries, even in many forms. You can sing Karaoke anywhere or anytime you like with just one phone.

Besides just an origin or culture, Karaoke also helps people reduce stress and bond with each other. This is probably the main reason why so many Japanese love Karaoke. 

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