Top 16 Greatest Drake Album Covers, Ranked, Youtube

Greatest Drake Album Covers

Are you a Drake fan wondering which album is his best? Look no further! Our list of the most excellent Drake album covers will help you decide.

1. Comeback Season (2007)

“Comeback Season” Drake’s album cover is a classic in the rap genre. Arguably his best work to date, it features fantastic production and impressive tracks.

From “Replacement Girl” to “Closer,” Drake displays new levels of lyrical skill and creative genius.

Whether you want an upbeat club anthem or something more reflective and introspective, this release has something for everyone.

With dozens of memorable hooks and unforgettable guest appearances from some of hip-hop’s biggest names, Comeback Season is one great Drake album that should not be overlooked.

2. Views (2016)

“Views” is widely regarded as his most excellent Drake album cover.

The album follows Drake through emotional ups and downs, with tracks like “Feel No Ways” offering fans an insight into the rapper’s internal struggles with fame and success.

It is jam-packed with hit singles such as “One Dance” and “Controlla,” all of which remain popular today due to their infectious melodies and clever lyrical content.

“Views” have something for everyone, from smooth R&B cuts to hard-hitting rap bangers, making it one of Drake’s finest efforts.

3. What a Time to Be Alive (2015)

What a Time to Be Alive, the most excellent Drake album of all time is a fantastic mix of poignant hip-hop and pop culture.

Drake’s excellent blend of catchy lyrics that often reflect his feelings on the world make this album a must-listen.

Its powerful production supports his intelligent, well-crafted lyrics about love, life, and fame.

Other hits like “Know Yourself” and “Energy” perfectly capture Drake’s wit and show his stunning flow.

This classic album is one of the best collaborations of rap music in years.

4. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015)

“If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” by Drake, is a fantastic album!

Spanning 17 tracks, including hits like “Know Yourself” and “Legend,” the Canadian rapper brings his signature blend of heartbreak and wit to the forefront.

The production is top-notch, featuring bass-heavy beats meshed with melodic elements. At the same time, Drake lays out his thoughts on relationships, fame, and life.

His lyrics are filled with emotion and thoughtfulness, making it easy to relate to them. All in all, this album is a must-listen. If you still need to, give it a spin!

5. Thank Me Later (2010)

“Thank Me Later” by Drake is a great album and a true classic in the rap genre.

It showcases his unique lyrics and flow, as well as some of the most memorable beats from the artist to date.

From tracks like “Over” and “Miss Me” to singles such as “Fancy” and “Find Your Love,” this album has it all.

With features from artists such as Kanye West and Jay-Z, Drake proves himself to be at the top of his game.

“Thank Me Later” is probably one of Drake’s best albums and worth your time if you’re looking for good music!

6. Certified Lover Boy (2021)

“Certified Lover Boy” by Drake is a fantastic album showcasing Drake’s unique rapping and singing style.

It has a great mix of upbeat tracks and heartfelt ballads, making it perfect for any mood. The production value is top-notch, and each song brings something unique to the album.

The lyrics have a lot of depth and meaning while still accessible to listeners.

This is an incredible record from one of the biggest names in hip-hop, and it definitely shouldn’t be missed!

7. Honestly, Nevermind (2022)

Honestly, Nevermind by Drake is a fantastic album. It’s filled with beautiful and powerful sounds that capture the emotion of various experiences, from sadness to joy.

The music is smooth, and the song lyrics are thought-provoking and entertaining. His use of story-telling makes his music engaging and exciting to listen to as he speaks on everything from mental health issues to relationships.

He also features excellent collaborations with big names like Future and Popcaan, making this album even more enjoyable.

All in all, Honestly Nevermind is an incredible work of art that Drake fans will truly appreciate.

8. Her Loss (2022)

Drake’s album “Her Loss” is an excellent work showcasing his ability to craft masterful music.

The top-notch production features Drake’s signature lush beats and thoughtful lyrics.

From raw, emotive bangers like “Toosie Slide” to the more introspective tracks like “Losses” and “Time Flies,” the album is filled with an emotional range that genuinely encapsulates the complexity of life.

With features from artists such as Lil Baby and Playboi Carti, Drake’s project displays an incredible range of sounds that perfectly accentuate his raps.

Overall, Her Loss is a delightful experience for any fan of Drake or hip-hop.

9. Dark Lane Demo Tapes (2020)

“Dark Lane Demo Tapes” by Drake is an incredible album that creates an atmosphere of raw emotion and intense introspection.

From the dark, heavy beats to the brutally honest lyrics, this album captures the essence of Drake’s life experiences in a way only he can.

This record reminds his fans that no matter what life throws at you, it’s essential to stay true to yourself and keep pushing forward.

With this collection of heartfelt songs, Drake has crafted a fantastic album that will stay with his listeners for years.

10. Scorpion (2018)

Scorpion, Drake’s fifth studio album, is an absolute classic. The twenty-five-track double album blends hip-hop, R&B, and pop elements to craft a unique listening experience.

From the trap-infused “Nonstop” and soulful ballads like “Emotionless” to his collaboration with Jay-Z on “Talk Up,” Scorpion has something for all music lovers.

It features production from Noah “40” Shebib and Boi-1da and guest appearances from artists such as Ty Dolla $ign and Static Major. It is genuinely one of Drake’s best projects to date.

11. More Life (2017)

“More Life,” is an excellent Drake album cover, is a luxurious piece of art that showcases his incredible talent.

The tracks are masterfully crafted and filled with cleverly-crafted lyrics and catchy hooks. Bluesy tones blend seamlessly with modern rap beats to create a fantastic listening experience.

His skillful storytelling and intense emotion leave listeners hooked from start to finish.

From the heart-warming “God’s Plan” to the upbeat “Passionfruit,” this album offers something for everyone, proving once again why Drake is one of the world’s most beloved artists.

12. Nothing Was the Same (2013)

“Nothing Was the Same” by Drake is an incredible album that displays the artist’s immense talent. It is a bold and thought-provoking album that delves into Drake’s struggles with fame and love.

DJ Booth described it as “a stunning body of work where even some of the more boastful songs serve to open us up to his insecurities.” The mix of genres such as rap, hip-hop, R&B, and soul create a captivating melting pot of sound.

Contemporary Review called it “one of the most pioneering albums released in recent years.” Nothing was ever the same after this album’s release. It perfectly encapsulated Drake’s artistic abilities while pushing music into unknown territory.

13. So Far Gone (2009)

“So Far Gone” is an excellent Drake album cover that captures the emotional gravity of Drake’s journey since his breakout mixtapes.

The project reflects an artist who has gone through tremendous personal growth musically and emotionally.

From sad yet empowering tracks like “Say What’s Real” to more optimistic cuts like “Lust for Life,” the album provides a vivid snapshot of all facets of Drake’s creative evolution that captivated listeners in 2009 and beyond.

It’s an important work that proves why Drake remains one of hip-hop’s most influential icons today.

14. Take Care (2011)

Drake’s album ‘Take Care’ is an absolute masterpiece. Released in 2011, it showcased a different side of the artist, introducing listeners to their emotions and vulnerabilities.

This award-winning album features some of Drake’s greatest hits, such as ‘Headlines,’ ‘The Motto,’ and ‘Take Care.’ It also featured major guest appearances from artists such as Rihanna, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne.

His record was both lyrically conscious and commercially successful simultaneously, with its tracks honestly addressing topics like love and heartbreak.

‘Take Care’ is a timeless classic that stands out among his other works for its unique sound and unparalleled production quality.

15. Room for Improvement (2006)

Drake’s “Room For Improvement” album is truly an impressive work of art. This album is filled with some of his greatest songs and tells a powerful story about resilience and overcoming the odds.

This album will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when appreciating the music Drake has created.

With a great mix between rap, R&B, and hip-hop, Drake’s “Room for Improvement” is undoubtedly one of his best albums.

16. Care Package (2019)

“Care Package,” the highly acclaimed album by famous rapper Drake, is an absolute classic.

Its spectacular music, stirring lyrics, and emotionally charged beats make it a must listen to rap fans everywhere.

Each song conveys a powerful message that touches listeners in various ways and makes them feel connected to the artist.

This album is a testament to Drake’s remarkable artistry, featuring collaborations with hip-hop’s top talent, such as The Weeknd and Lil Wayne.

With its powerful introspection and heart-wrenching truths about love and relationships, “Care Package” will leave a lasting mark on all who listen.


Here are popular faqs related to Drake’s album cover.

What is Drake’s #1 album?

Drake’s #1 album, “Views,” was released in 2016 and topped the US Billboard 200 chart.

It features some of his biggest hits, such as the Grammy-winning “One Dance” featuring Wizkid and Kyla, as well as “Too Good” featuring Rihanna and the smash hit “Controlla.”

The album includes many topics, from heartbreak to bragging about his riches.

It has become well known for its blend of hip-hop, dancehall, R&B, and pop styles, making it one of Drake’s most successful projects, with over 4 million copies sold worldwide.

What is Drake’s most successful album?

According to Billboard, Drake’s most successful album is “Scorpion,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and has since been certified double platinum.

Other highly successful albums by Drake include “Views,” “Take Care,” and “More Life.”

What is Drake’s biggest song?

Drake’s biggest song is “One Dance” from the 2016 album Views.

It was an international hit reaching #1 on charts in 15 countries, and was certified multi-platinum in 10 countries.

The single reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and remained there for ten weeks, making it one of the most successful tracks ever.

Additionally, it was streamed over 1 billion times on Spotify alone, further solidifying its success.

How many #1 songs have Drake had?

Drake has had quite a few #1 songs! According to Billboard Hot 100, he has released fourteen chart-topping singles since 2009.

This includes “One Dance,” “God’s Plan,” “In My Feelings,” and “Nice for What.”

He is also the first artist to have simultaneous chart-topping hits with two albums in the same week. Drake’s Scorpion topped the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 charts in 2018.

Drake is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in music today. His remarkable success on the charts speaks for itself!

Has Drake ever won best rap album?

No, Drake has never won a best rap album Grammy. Although he has been nominated for this category several times since 2011, he has yet to win the award.

Drake was previously nominated in categories such as Best Rap Album for his work on Take Care (2012) and Views (2016), which were critically acclaimed.

Despite not winning the Grammy for best rap album, his success over the last decade speaks volumes, and he continues to be one of the top rappers in the industry today.

What is Drake’s most streamed album?

Drake’s most streamed album is “Views,” released in 2016.

It features Drake’s biggest hit single, “One Dance,” streamed over one billion times across platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

The album also produced other hits like “Hotline Bling,” “Too Good,” featuring Rihanna, and “Controlla,” and “Views” became the first album to gain over 1 million streams in a single day on Apple Music.

This popular album showcases Drake’s expansive sound, which showcases his singing and rapping aptitude with production from heavy hitters like Boi-1da, 40, Nineteen85, Kanye West, and more.

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