How To Become Famous On Youtube For Singing? Expert Advice

how to become famous on youtube for singing

Many famous singers out there got their start by singing on YouTube. There is no denying that YouTube is one of the most popular social media today.

So, if you have a great voice, you can think of using your talent to make you famous through this social.

It is a great goal! Yet, you should know that you need more than just a good voice to become a famous singer on Youtube before you start.

Now, let’s find out how to become famous on youtube for singing!

Getting Your Singing Voice Ready

It is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to become famous through singing. It is also the most crucial factor to help you to become famous by singing on YouTube.

Many viewers can overlook minor issues like low light or background noise in your video if you have a good voice. However, very few people can ignore the shortcomings of your voice.

However, don’t think about overusing the tool to edit your vocals. Today, there are great tools to correct minor vocal errors like Melodyne and AutoTune. However, most viewers don’t appreciate the YouTubers who use them.

So if you want to be famous, the best thing is to start learning how to sing correctly. The good news is that there are so many great ways to improve your voice.

You can purchase a singing course, get help from a vocal teacher, or practice with vocal lessons on YouTube.

However, no matter how you decide to study, you need to stick to the following points:

#1. Practice Singing In Time and On Pitch

Once you sing in tune and rhythm, you will have a well-rounded foundation for improving on more complex things like vibrato, vocal tone,  and reaching high notes.

#2. Practice Your Songs

It’s wise to break your song up into parts. Then practice each verse and chorus or paragraph of your song. Once you’ve gone through each part a few times, it’s time to sing your entire song.

#3. Proper Technique

Applying the proper technique is essential to achieving a loud, strong voice without cracking. Your larynx, tongue, and body position all affect your voice.

You should generally stand straight, with the shoulders back, and avoid relaxing.

Besides, you need to put your tongue on top of your teeth and don’t forget to relax your larynx to avoid straining your vocal cords. Last but not least, breath from your diaphragm instead of your chest.

#4. Learn From Other Singers

Once you know your voice type well, learn from singers who have the same voice type as you. You should sing along to them to improve your technique and tone.

#5. Patience and Practice

There are no shortcuts to becoming famous. All the singers you know go through a strict training process before getting more attention. So, don’t expect to get good results overnight!

Get a Good Microphone

The microphone is something indispensable for a singer, right? Therefore, make sure your microphone is of good quality if you want to become a famous YouTube singer.

Nowadays, most modern camcorders have built-in microphones, and many singers have taken advantage of them to record.

But, cameras’ microphones are often of poor quality. So, in addition to recording your voice, it also picks up a lot of the background noise around you.

If you don’t want to let noise or sirens ruin your video, you should get an external microphone.

Currently, there are many models available in the market. Regardless of what type of microphone you buy, you should experiment with it a bit to get the best sound before recording.

Equip A Professional Camera

Once you get the best one for you, it’s time to consider a camera. Fortunately, professional-grade digital cameras are no longer challenging to own for those on a mid-range budget.

You need to record the video at the highest possible quality because YouTube may lower the resolution of your video. So, it is best to choose a camera with at least 1080p. One of the most popular options is a DSLR camera that shoots HD video.

Invest in Great Lighting

Many videos have good sound quality but are ruined by poor lighting quality.

As mentioned above, if you have a great voice, the audience can ignore this factor. Still, the attempt to make everything perfect is better, right?

From our experience, we recommend a set of two softbox lights. You should consult with the seller to choose the light set that best suits your needs and budget.

Pick the Good Editing and Recording Software

By now, you have received a great microphone and camera. Next, it is time to consider software that helps you edit your content.

You should use audio recording and video editing software to get the best results during your video creation.

Many people are satisfied with taking the audio from their camera and applying it in the final video. However, they miss out on an excellent opportunity to make their sound so much better.

You can get close to the studio-quality sound. Why miss it? Here is how it work:

  • For PC users

We recommend using Audacity to edit audio while using Windows 10’s Photos app to edit your videos.

  • For Macs users

We recommend editing your audio with GarageBand. You can use this free software to take your audio to the next level.

For video editing, we recommend iMovie. It is free and easy-to-use software.

In short, whatever software you choose, make sure it’s easy to use and makes you most comfortable!

Pick a Song That Suits Your Voice Type

Now let’s dive deeper into the most crucial factor for a singer – Songs!

The songs you intend to perform in your video will significantly influence your performance as a YouTube singer.

Many talented people fail because they choose a song that does not match their voice. Don’t repeat this mistake!

To choose the right song, consider the following factors:

#1. Test Your Voice

You need to choose songs that suit your voice for a perfect performance. Then, those songs won’t strain your voice, and you can approach them with relative ease. So, knowing your voice is essential.

There are many ways to test your voice. Using the piano is one of the most popular ways. You can play the scale’s notes and sing along with a piano.

If you don’t have a piano, the best thing is to find the videos on YouTube. If you feel your throat is straining when you try to hit any note, you can tell it’s not for you.

#2. Know the Lowest and  Highest Note in Your Song

How to know if a song is right for you? All you need to do is know its highest and lowest notes.

The same goes for weight lifting. You should know the maximum weight you can lift to avoid injury.

For example, if you can lift 150 lbs, lifting 100 lbs in almost 3 minutes is like a breeze. However, even though the maximum weight you can lift is 150 lbs, lifting 149 lbs in 3 minutes will be a daunting task.

Similarly, assuming you can get a high C, you shouldn’t pick a song that’s all high Cs. Instead, it is wise for a song to include a few high Cs and many notes in the bottom and middle of your voice.

If you feel that your range is a bit lower than expected, the good news is that you can improve it. It is possible to expand your vocal range with consistent and sustained training.

However, you will need the help of a trusted vocal instructor. Otherwise, go with the safe bet – pick a song that fits your range right from the start.

#3. Singing Popular Songs

Many people around the world, no doubt, are always looking for popular songs on Youtube.

It will be great if you sing songs that many people search for. There is no denying that covering trending songs is one of the most effective ways to become famous.

So, we recommend you cover the most recent song of your idol. Of course, you need to make sure you can handle it well.

In short, it is not necessary to choose the newest, most famous song. Instead, choose the popular song that you can handle best.

#4. Make Yourself Unique

The fact is that about 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That means if you do not stand out, it’s tough for you to become famous.

So, if you cover a famous song, you have to do something different from the others to stand out from the rest. So, one of the practical approaches is to cover a song in a different style from the original.

For example, what if you performed Ariana Grande’s new song in the jazz style.

In general, ideas are endless. So use them creatively! Maybe you can sing the song better than the original.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that try to create something so unique that many people will follow you, as long as you don’t do something horrible or crazy!


Very few people are successful on YouTube in a short time. Hence, do not expect to get results overnight.

Many YouTube singers out there take years to gain the attention of many people.

It can take you a long time to succeed on YouTube through singing. Therefore, it is essential to be persistent and upload new videos regularly. Also, keep improving your singing and video quality.

Closing Points

By now, you’ve got some great ideas on how to get famous on Youtube by singing. You will have to do many things to attract more fans on YouTube.

But, the most important thing is to improve your singing and video quality constantly. Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. Thank you for reading!

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