37 Saddest Elton John Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Saddest Elton John Songs of All Time

Get ready to feel all the emotions with this list of the saddest Elton John songs. From heartbreak to loss, these songs will tug at your heartstrings.

1. Sacrifice

“Sacrifice” is an iconic song by legendary singer Elton John. The song was released in 1989 and is one of the saddest songs he has ever written.

It talks about sacrificing his joy to keep someone else happy and how hard it was for him to do as it took a toll on him.

Even though he felt like this, he still chose to make the sacrifice as he loved the person too much to see them unhappy.

His voice reflects the pain behind these words as he conveys how difficult it can be sometimes to put your own needs aside for someone else’s sake.

A truly heartbreaking tale sung with heartfelt emotion by Elton John – Sacrifice will forever be remembered as one of his most beautiful and depressing songs.

2. American Triangle

Elton John’s “American Triangle” is a heartbreaking song that speaks to the heartache of losing a loved one.

The song tells the story of two young men, an American and a Canadian, both in love with each other, yet unable to be together due to their respective countries’ laws.

Despite their deep feelings for one another, they are kept apart by this “triangle” of society’s judgment and the fear of coming out.

The melancholic lyrics illustrate how tragedy can follow innocent love and emphasizes the importance of being yourself in spite of societal norms.

With its beautiful melody and passionate lyrics, “American Triangle” is undoubtedly one of Elton John’s saddest songs, reminding us that it should never be too late to embrace who you truly are.

3. Home Again

The song “Home Again” by Elton John is a touching, reflective ballad that speaks to the bittersweet feelings of being separated from loved ones.

It conveys the loneliness and longing that come with missing someone, but also celebrates the hope of reuniting in time.

The haunting melody is complemented by sorrowful yet comforting lyrics such as “We love each other, we’ll be back together at last” and “I will carry on waiting for you until our paths cross again.”

These words signify the tenderness between two people who are willing to wait no matter how long it takes.

4. Ticking

“Ticking” by Elton John is a sweet and heartbreaking song that speaks to the struggles of time, love, and loneliness.

The lyrics explore the enduring nature of pain and regret despite having moved on from a past love.

It’s a reflective ballad in which John sings of unrequited heartbreak as he reflects on what could have been while acknowledging that it was best for him to just keep ticking and moving on.

The somber melody only heightens the emotion of this devastating story that can be felt in every word.

5. First Episode at Hienton

The classic Elton John song, “First Episode at Hienton,” is a heartbreaking ballad about the pain of lost love.

A melancholic piano melody sets the stage for John’s lyrics, which speak of a man mourning a past relationship that could have been beautiful but ended before its full potential was reached.

He recalls fond memories of his time with this person as he reflects on what might have been, and his sorrow comes through in every line.

While it’s one of the saddest songs from John’s discography, it also serves as an ode to the power of hope and optimism in spite of all our disappointments and setbacks.

6. The Last Song

The Last Song by Elton John is one of the saddest songs ever made. It speaks to the heart and soul of anyone who has ever felt pain, regret, or loss in life.

The song is about death and what it takes away from us, our memories and loved ones are forever lost.

The lyrics are heartbreakingly beautiful as Elton describes the feeling of leaving everything behind and never having the chance to say goodbye

He sings of how all his possessions will be forgotten when he’s gone but hopes that someone will remember him.

7. I Cry At Night

“I Cry At Night” by Elton John is one of his saddest songs and has a deep meaning behind it.

It speaks to the loneliness, despair, and regret that many people feel in their lives from time to time. It’s a song of heartache and longing, as well as hope that things will get better.

The lyrics are devastatingly poignant, with lines such as “Sometimes I just don’t know why I still try”, which instantly resonate with anyone who has ever felt this way.

8. Indian Sunset

Indian Sunset by Elton John is one of his most iconic and heartbreaking songs.

The song tells a story of an old Native American man who looks out across the prairie and sees his homeland, once vibrant and thriving, now crumbling in front of him.

In the chorus, John sings “Last night I saw an Indian sunset/Sail away into the sky/The dawn was red but in my head/A golden voice said goodbye”, making it clear that despite knowing what will happen he still has hope for the future.

9. I Want Love

“I Want Love” is one of Elton John’s saddest and most heartfelt songs. Written in 2001, the song expresses a longing for genuine love and understanding from someone else, a universal human experience that is easy to relate to.

A combination of piano and strings creates an achingly beautiful melody that intensifies the emotion in the lyrics.

“I Want Love” paints a clear picture of loneliness, with lines such as ” I don’t need no explanations/Just somebody to tell me how I should feel”.

10. Blue Avenue

“Blue Avenue” by Elton John is a heartbreaking song that speaks of love, despair, and loss.

This melancholic melody paints a vivid picture of a man’s unrequited love as he walks down Blue Avenue, reminiscing about the happy moments shared with his lover before they fell apart.

11. Tinderbox

Tinderbox, by Elton John is a poignant and heartfelt ballad about love lost. The song deals with the heartache that comes with realizing it’s time to let go of a relationship.

Lyrics like “We stood on the edge of love, too scared to take one step in” capture the sadness and hesitation associated with making such a tough decision.

While it may seem difficult to express these feelings, Elton John succeeds in conveying them through his heartfelt lyrics and passionate music.

12. The One

The One by Elton John is a heartbreaking song, describing a past relationship that ended too soon.

The narrator of the song expresses feelings of loneliness and regret for not having had the chance to make things right with his former lover.

He recalls all the special memories they shared together but now he finds himself wondering what could have been if only they had stayed together.

The powerful lyrics and sorrowful melody create an atmosphere of deep sadness and longing for what once was.

13.  Amazes Me

“Amazes Me” by Elton John is a sad ballad that speaks to the bittersweetness of love.

The song explores the feeling of being overwhelmed and captivated by someone, yet still not quite sure if it’s enough, it feels so good, yet there’s still something missing.

The lyrics also explore Elton’s own insecurities in attempting to maintain such a relationship, questioning his worthiness and relevance.

14. Belfast

“Belfast” by Elton John is a sad, reflective song about loss and alienation.

It describes how the narrator feels disconnected from the world around him, focusing on his home city of Belfast which he remembers nostalgically but also critically, unable to return to it physically.

15. Come Down in Time

“Come Down in Time” by Elton John is a heart-wrenching and poignant song that poignantly captures experiences of love, loss, longing, and regret.

The song opens with a simple guitar intro that cascades into an emotive piano melody that captures the lyrical expressions of nostalgia and yearning for lost love within the verses.

Elton’s powerful vocals drive home the raw emotions throughout the track as he weaves a story about missing someone so much you wish time could be reversed to bring them back.

16. I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues

“I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” is a heartfelt song by Elton John from his 1984 album Breaking Hearts. The song tells of a lonely heart longing for love and a return to happiness.

The melancholic piano melody coupled with Elton John’s emotive vocals perfectly encapsulates the sadness of unrequited love.

17. I Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford)

“I Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford)”, by Elton John, is a sad and melancholic tune that speaks of heartbreak and regret.

The song is about being betrayed by someone you once loved and feeling like a bullet in the gun of Robert Ford, meaning you have lost control over your own fate.

John’s lyrics are filled with sorrowful imagery such as “a broken arrow piercing through my soul” which captures the intense feelings of betrayal and loneliness.

His melancholic piano riffs match perfectly with his plaintive voice emphasizing the emotions of this powerful track.

18. Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)

“Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)” by Elton John is a heartbreaking and reflective song that tells the story of John Lennon’s death.

The lyrics are filled with vivid imagery, full of sadness and nostalgia for what could have been. The song alludes to the fact that the garden outside of Lennon’s home, where he was shot, remained empty in his absence.

It captures the unbelievable sense of loss felt after his untimely passing and speaks to all those who lost someone too soon.

19. Mansfield

Mansfield by Elton John is a poignant and moving song that looks back on days past and the melancholy of passing time.

The song’s lyrics are full of nostalgia, as the singer longs for simpler times, yet acknowledges that they will never come again; “You can never ride that train again, to Mansfield”.

20. Original Sin

Original Sin by Elton John is a sad song that reflects on how the past can haunt us and prevent us from growing.

The lyrics describe someone who has wronged another person and caused great hurt, but can’t seem to escape the guilt of their actions- they are weighed down by “original sin”.

The song is a reminder that we all make mistakes but sometimes our own guilt is harder to forgive than what other people think of us.

21. Answer in the Sky

“Answer in the Sky” by Elton John is a beautiful but heartbreaking song.

It follows the protagonist as he looks to the heavens for answers after losing something precious, a way of coping with grief and feeling like his prayers are unheard.

The lyrics are filled with pain that comes with loss and longing for what once was as if an answer from above would bring it all back.

22. The Bridge

“The Bridge” is an incredibly powerful and emotive song by Elton John that speaks of the difficulty of overcoming inner pain.

The song has a melancholic feel to it, with its slow tempo and raw lyrics, reminding us that loneliness can be something we all experience.

The song speaks of coming together during moments of despair and offering companionship, understanding, and solace even when we can’t find the words to express our emotions.

23. If the River Can Bend

“If the River Can Bend” by Elton John is a hauntingly beautiful reflection of how powerful love can be.

This song speaks to the struggles and pain of letting go of a relationship but still being able to find solace in the thought that you will always have love in your life, even if it doesn’t come from the same place.

The lyrics are full of emotion and longing, and they make the listener feel hopeful despite the hurt felt in parting ways with a beloved partner or friend.

24. We All Fall in Love Sometimes

“We All Fall in Love Sometimes” by Elton John is a bittersweet song about heartbreak and the inevitability of life’s hardships.

The song paints a melancholy picture of lost love, with Elton singing that he’ll never get tired of his broken heart.

Despite its sadness, there is still an undercurrent of hope as Elton encourages us to keep going no matter how much life tries to bring us down.

25. The Last to Know

“The Last to Know” by Elton John is a heartbreaking and emotive song in which he expresses his feelings of pain and sorrow in being the last to know about the end of a relationship.

This melancholy track is filled with poignant lyrics that evoke images of loneliness and regret, demonstrating the deep emotion felt when things come crumbling down around you while you are left helplessly trying to make sense of it all.

26. Porch Swing in Tupelo

“Porch Swing in Tupelo” by Elton John is a mournful, melancholic song that deals with the themes of mortality and longing for love.

It paints a vivid picture of an old porch swing in Tupelo, Mississippi, asking “What kind of dream you were dreaming?”.

The song carries a deep sense of sorrow as it talks about how time passes us all by and that no matter what we do, eventually, we all have to say goodbye.

27. I Can’t Tell the Bottom from the Top

“I Can’t Tell the Bottom from the Top” is one of Elton John’s saddest songs.

It speaks to a feeling of being overwhelmed by life and unable to make sense of what’s happening. It captures a deep sense of loneliness and hopelessness as Elton sings “Lying here in my lonely bed, I can tell the bottom from the top”.

With its simple piano melody and soft strings accompanying Elton’s yearning vocals, this classic piece will make you feel both sad and comforting all at once.

28. When I Think About Love (I Think About You)

When I Think About Love (I Think About You) by Elton John is a beautiful and heartbreaking song.

The lyrics express how even when thinking about love, all the singer can think of is his partner. With sorrowful strings playing in the background and John’s gentle vocals expressing his longing for his beloved, this song captures the true essence of heartache.

29. Candle In The Wind

“Candle In The Wind” by Elton John is one of his most heartbreaking songs.

The song paints a picture of youth being cut down before its time as it cleverly metaphorically compares Monroe to burning out like a candle in the wind.

With its plaintive melody and melancholic lyrics, it’s no wonder this song has become an anthem for those who have sadly suffered loss in their lives.

30. Understanding Women

“Understanding Women” is one of Elton John’s most heartfelt and heartbreaking songs.

The song features John’s signature soaring vocals as he sings of his struggles to understand love, women and relationships. Its melancholic melody and honest lyrics evoke an air of sadness that really hit home with listeners.

This poignant song perfectly captures the pain of not being able to understand the woman you love, and has gone down in history as one of Elton John’s saddest songs ever.

31. Sad Songs (Say So Much)

“Sad Songs (Say So Much)” by Elton John is an iconic piece of music.

The song speaks to listeners in its sorrowful yet reassuring lyrics, depicting how sadness can be the conduit for profound truths and understanding.

The melody is simple but hauntingly beautiful, creating a gentle yet emotionally charged atmosphere. As John sings “If you listen to the words, they’ll tell you what I’m meant to say,” we come to understand our deepest emotions through this song’s compelling narrative.

32. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters

“Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” by Elton John is one of his most emotionally moving songs.

It paints a vivid and heartbreaking picture of a life lived in loneliness and isolation, hinting at deeper personal issues like homelessness and mental health struggles.

The gentle melody of the song works in perfect harmony with the somber lyrics to create an atmosphere of quiet sadness that many people can relate to.

33. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

“Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” by Elton John is a heartbreakingly beautiful song about the pain of loneliness and desperation.

The lyrics convey a feeling of desperation as the protagonist begs for understanding, love, and companionship from someone who has cast him aside.

The melody is a haunting combination of melancholy keyboards, soothing acoustic guitar riffs, and Elton’s raw vocals that seamlessly bring the message to life and leave an emotional impression on the listener.

34. Talking Old Soldiers

“Talking Old Soldiers” by Elton John is undoubtedly one of the saddest songs he has ever written.

The somber lyrics tell a heartbreaking story of an elderly man who recalls his days in the army and war, and how it left him with haunting memories.

The song captures the painful emotions that come when we look back on our life experiences and reflect on our youth fading away over time.

35. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

“Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” is one of Elton John’s saddest and most melancholic songs. Written by Bernie Taupin, the song conveys a powerful emotion in its simple lyrics.

It tells the story of a man who has done wrong and regrets his actions but finds it impossible to say those two words: ‘I’m sorry.’

36. Rocket Man

“Rocket Man” by Elton John is one of his most beloved and heartbreakingly beautiful songs.

With its mournful melody and profound, poetic lyrics, it paints a vivid picture of loneliness and longing while also celebrating the beauty of the unknown that comes with human exploration.

Its melancholic warmth has touched the hearts of generations who have related to the struggles of being so far away from home while chasing a hope for something better beyond the stars.


What is considered Elton John’s greatest song?

Elton John’s greatest song is widely considered to be “Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To Be a Long, Long Time)”, which was released in 1972.

This classic track contains one of the most recognizable melodies of the era and features empowering lyrics about living life authentically and on your own terms.

Over the years, this song has been covered by numerous artists and remains an anthem for individuality and self-expression all these decades later.

What is Elton John’s least popular song?

Elton John’s least popular song is “Circle of Life” from the 1994 Disney animated film The Lion King.

The song, which was co-written and produced by Sir Elton, received only lukewarm reviews when it was first released.

Despite its somewhat mixed reception, “Circle of Life” remains a favorite among Elton’s fans.

However, compared to other tracks in his expansive catalog of hit songs, the track has seen far less radio airplay and commercial success.

What is Elton John’s favorite song?

Elton John’s favorite song is believed to be “Your Song” from his self-titled second album, released in 1970.

It was written by Bernie Taupin and composed by Elton himself. The heartfelt lyrics combined with the gentle melody made it a beloved hit among listeners, and it has since become one of Elton’s most iconic songs.

Elton has said that he loves the song for its simplicity and beauty, and he often performs it live in concert. “Your Song” is a testament to the power of music, demonstrating how just a few simple chords can create an enduring classic.

Is Elton John more popular than Queen?

The debate over whether Elton John is more popular than Queen has been a long-standing one.

While both artists are iconic and acclaimed, it is true that Elton John has sold far more records and toured for longer than Queen.

His music has spanned multiple decades, his songs remain timelessly popular, and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.

Additionally, Elton John famously composed the soundtrack for the movie “The Lion King” which earned him an Oscar award.

Thus, Queen has had immense success with classic hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Will Rock You”. It can be argued that Elton John has become a much bigger star who remains relevant today.

What was Elton John’s first No 1 hit?

Elton John’s first No 1 hit was “Your Song” from his second album, which came out in 1970. It was a global success, peaking at number 8 in the US and topping charts worldwide.

It also reached the top of the UK Singles Chart and Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart for seven weeks – making it Elton’s first chart-topping single! “Your Song” is recognized for its piano balladry style, as well as John’s emotive vocal delivery.

What made Elton John so popular?

Elton John has become one of the most popular musicians in history due to his unique blend of music, his showmanship, and his heartfelt lyrics.

His distinct piano-driven pop songs have captured the imagination of millions around the world and have made him a timeless icon.

Elton has been able to move between genres, infusing rock, funk, and R&B into his own brand of pop music with subtlety.

His larger-than-life performances create instant memories that fans can cling to for years to come.

He also connects with fans on an emotional level through deeply personal lyrics exploring themes such as love, loss, insecurity, and identity.

These elements combined have led many to dub him the true Rocket Man.


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