25 Most Popular Songs About Police & Police Brutality, Ranked

Most Popular Songs About Police & Police Brutality

Listening to the stories in these songs about police officers both positive and negative by a variety of artists. We’ve searched far and wide for the top most popular songs about police & police brutality.

1. “Mr. Policeman” by Brad Paisley

“Mr. Policeman” by Brad Paisley is a heartfelt tribute to the men and women in law enforcement who serve with integrity and courage.

It conveys respect for those brave individuals who dedicate themselves to keeping our communities safe. The lyrics recognize the sacrifices of those police officers and their families for their duty and service.

2. “Our Hearts Bleed Blue” by Jay Dirks

Jay Dirks’ song “Our Hearts Bleed Blue” is a tribute to police forces who put their lives on the line each day.

The song pays respect to those who serve, protect and sacrifice for the safety of others.

3. “Officer Down” by Hannah Ellis

Hannah Ellis’s “Officer Down” is a powerful and poignant song about the police.

The song tells the story of an officer who has been shot, in her attempt to protect the public from harm. The lyrics are complemented by beautiful acoustic guitar, creating a feeling of solemnity and sadness.

4. “Stay in the Fight” by Chase Curl

This is an inspirational song about police officers, encouraging them to remain steadfast and true in the face of opposition throughout their work.

The lyrics draw on meaningful themes around courage, bravery, and justice.

5. “Sleeping with the Telephone” by Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire’s song “Sleeping with the Telephone” is a folk-inspired country ballad about the fear of police presence in an oppressive and unjust world.

The music paints a vivid picture of the anxieties surrounding life as an African American in the Southern United States, especially when any wrong move could lead to an encounter with law enforcement.

6. “If It Wasn’t For The Badge” by Artie Rodriquez

Artie Rodriquez’s song “If It Wasn’t For The Badge” is an emotional tribute to police officers, celebrating their service and bravery in the line of duty.

The powerful lyrics describe the difficult yet necessary role that police officers play, with the hope that one day they will no longer be put at risk by their job.

7. “Highway Patrolman” By Johnny Cash

The lyrics depict the different paths each brother takes and the officer’s internal struggle with upholding the law despite their family ties.

The song speaks to the hard decision faced by law enforcement officers, who must balance loyal familial bonds with their duty to serve justice.

8. “Be Free” by J. Cole

“Be Free” by J. Cole is an emotionally powerful track about the injustices faced by African Americans at the hands of law enforcement.

The song conveys a powerful message of defiance, resilience, and determination in the face of racism, injustice and inequality.

9. “Cry No More” by Rhiannon Giddens

Rhiannon Giddens’ song “Cry No More” speaks to the heartbreak of being a person of color and facing discrimination and injustice at the hands of law enforcement.

Through her song, Giddens portrays the emotional pain of constantly living in fear as a result of police brutality.

10. “Formation” by Beyoncé

“Formation” by Beyoncé is a song that speaks to the issues surrounding law enforcement, shining light on controversial topics such as police brutality.

The single addresses the issue of police violence and racial injustice, with powerful messages about civil rights and standing against systematic oppression.

11. “Nothin New” by 21 Savage

This song highlights the systemic racism of police officers in America and the role it has played in society.

This song talks listeners to take a stand against injustice and points out that communities of color are disproportionately affected by police brutality.

12. “Power” by Rapsody ft Kendrick

This is a powerful and uplifting hip-hop song that talks about the unjust treatment of African Americans by police officers.

The song speaks to the ongoing struggles of black people and encourages them to remain resilient in the face of adversity.

13. “Dream Police” by Cheap Trick

The lyrics tell the story of two policemen who arrest people in their dreams and take them away to an unknown destination.

The song speaks to the power and authority of law enforcement officials, regardless of what is real or imagined.

14. “I Fought The Law” by The Clash

The song criticizes law enforcement, decrying the injustice inherent to laws designed to oppress people. It urges listeners to push back against authoritarianism and keep fighting for their rights.

15. “Sounds Of Da Police” by KRS – One

KRS-One’s song “Sounds Of Da Police” addresses the issue of police brutality and its impact on the African American community.

The song talks about systemic racism in police departments, how people are targeted for their skin color, and how violence is used as a method of control.

16. “F**K Da Police” by NWA

“F**K Da Police” by NWA is a powerful song that tackles the issue of police brutality, with lyrics discussing the unjust treatment of African Americans by law enforcement.

This song sparked discussion around police brutality and made clear that such abuses of power need to be addressed.

17. “I Shot The Sheriff” by Bob Marley And The Wailers

This song addresses the complexity of power, oppression, and injustice as expressed through police brutality.

The song serves as a protest against police violence and stands as one of the most iconic songs about challenging oppression.

18. “Cops Shot The Kid” By NAS (Feat. Ye)

The song uses hard-hitting lyrics to highlight the senselessness of officers shooting unarmed kids and flagrantly violating their rights.

The song also serves as an anthem for peaceful protests, calling on all people to rise up and challenge systemic racism in our society.

19. “Baltimore” By Prince (Feat. Eryn Allen Kane)

This powerful song talks about police brutality and the senseless death of African American men at the hands of law enforcement.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the anger and fear felt by individuals living in Baltimore after yet another young man loses his life due to a preventable tragedy.

20. “Black Rage” by Lauryn Hill

This song has become a powerful anthem of resistance in response to police violence, racism, and systematic oppression against black people.

21. “Hell You Talmbout” by Janelle Monae

The song pays tribute to African Americans who have been killed by police officers and chants the names of victims such as Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, and many others, who have sadly not gotten their justice.

With its fierce lyrics and defiant vocals, it serves as a call to action and an inspirational reminder that no matter how hard times get we must never give up in our fight for equality.

22. “Sandra’s Smile” by Blood Orange

A song about police brutality and racial injustice, “Sandra’s Smile” is a powerful reminder of the systemic project aimed at suppressing People of Color.

Performed by Blood Orange, the heartfelt single conveys a sense of courage despite coming up against oppressors, police included.

23. “Shots” by Vic Mensa

“Shots” by Vic Mensa is a song about police violence and systematic injustice experienced by some communities.

The song has become an important anthem for the movement to raise awareness about racism and police brutality.

With powerful lyrics and energizing beats, the song is sure to draw listeners to the urgent message behind it.

24. “Black America Again” by Common ft Stevie Wonder

The song speaks to the issues of racial injustice, poverty, and police brutality faced in Black communities as well as uplifting themes of hope, empowerment, unity, and faith.

25. “Don’t Don’t Do It!” by NERD ft Kendrick Lamar

“Don’t Don’t Do It!” by NERD ft Kendrick Lamar is a song about police brutality and its devastating impact on communities of color.

The song powerfully conveys the message that the systemic violence perpetuated by police must stop and encourages listeners to stand up against injustice.

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